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These recommendations are appropriate for levels from intermediate through advanced. If you are a beginner, look at our beginner strength recommendations. The workouts listed on this page do not necessarily offer as much instruction and form pointers as beginner level strength videos would. Intensity can easily be varied by adjusting the amount of weight used. Note that good strength videos will require a fair amount of equipment--at least several sizes of dumbells and/or a barbell. Some include stability balls or medicine balls as well.

Top picks by VF readers include Cathe Friedrich's strength workouts. They include Maximum Intensity Strength, a non-choreographed, no-nonsense 75 minute gym style workout with excellent form pointers and tips, her Pure Strength series, a 3-video set that concentrates on building muscle, her Slow & Heavy Series, based on the push-pull concept, and her Pyramid Upper and Lower Body workouts. If you have a DVD player, definitely get Cathe's strength videos on DVD--they offer programmed premixes and excellent chaptering so that you can customize your workouts.

The entire FIRM series is a perennial favorite of VF'ers. A list of the standouts that are popular with a wide range of people would include Tough Tape, FIRM Strength, and FIRM Cardio, Standing Legs, and Super Sculpting, Maximum Body Sculpting, and Super Body Sculpt. FIRM workouts are choreographed, and most include short cardio segments interspersed with the weight work. They often switch back and forth from upper to lower body work and some include compound moves that work both the upper and lower body at the same time. .

Cory Everson's Get Hard Arms & Shoulders and her Basic Sculpting series are also recommended for those who prefer non-choreographed strength workouts.

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