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The FIRM Basics series ( Fat Burning, Abs, Buns and Thighs, Sculpting with Weights): an excellent introduction to strength training and to this popular video series, these tapes stress proper form and classic weight training exercises. The routines can be made harder as you progress by increasing the weight. You also get short, aerobic intervals interspersed with the weight work. The Basics series are a little easier than either of the FIRM infomercial kits.

Kathy Smith's Secrets to a Great Upper Body and Secrets to a Great Lower Body give you terrific form pointers from one of the most professional instructors in the biz. These are videos you can really grow with as you improve.

Karen Voight's Karen Voight's Your Personal Best with Elle MacPherson is a circuit training workout that alternates sports style cardiovascular conditioning with strength training segments. The video has a terrific soundtrack and was filmed on a beach in Hawaii.

If you used to do strength training in the past but have gotten out of shape, also check out the intermediate/advanced recommendations for more ideas. If you know how to modify the workouts to suit your current level there are some great choices there.

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