Core Foundations

Jeanne Anne Copleston
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Gliding Disks, Total Body Workouts

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Since other reviewers have already given a good breakdown of the exercises, I'll just post my impression of the workout. I've done this workout 3-4 times since I got it last week.

This is definitely a tough workout. These are real core secrets. JAC would probably make Gunnar Peterson cry!

The stability ball work -- in particular the sitting jacks -- was fun. I'm an intermediate exercisers, so those moves got my heart rate up a bit. In addition to the core work, JAC did a number of moves to focus on flexibility and range of motion. Doing those moves was where I had the most difficulty keeping up and understanding the moves. Like the other TLP workouts, there is a learning curve for some of the moves. However, the more I do this workout the easier the movements become.

It's too soon for me to show any visible results, but I have gotten benefit from Core Foundations already. My balance -- one of my weak areas -- is much better. I stand taller than I did before. I feel good, not wiped out, after doing this workout. It is tough, but I felt stronger and more accomplished having done this.

Even with the poor quality production (which I didn't mind much) this is an excellent workout. It very quickly became an all-time favorite of mine.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent instructor. Great cuing and form tips. Motivating without being annoying or too chatty.

Nikki J.


Equipment needed: stability ball, medicine ball (I use 4 lbs, JAC uses 8 lbs I think), and a paper plate.

The breakdown (about 45 min total):
warmup on the stability ball
stretching and squats with ball held overhead
alternating side lunges with ball
rotation series holding med ball while kneeling on stability ball
bridge pullover series
lunge series left side ("dips & mops")
pushups, mermaids & cobras on the ball
lunge series right side (more dips & mops)
prone pike series on the ball
cardio & lunge series with med ball
first plank series w/o the ball
hip series left side
hamstring series on the ball
crunch series
hip series right side
second plank series w/o the ball
swimmer/childs pose/tricep pushups
stretches & warmdown

I love this workout. It's tough, no doubt about it, but instead of feeling frustrated and defeated I come away feeling encouraged and strong. The workout moves pretty quickly so I keep my remote handy so I can pause and get into the proper position. It can take a few times through before you get exactly what she's talking about and the camera unfortunately isn't always showing what JAC is describing. The music is upbeat and fun, but frankly I barely noticed it the first several times because I was too busy trying not to die. There have been a lot of complaints about the dark, amateur set, but again, there are so many other things to focus on that I probably wouldn't have noticed if a dozen pink elephants had marched through the set!

I think my progress in this workout is more akin to yoga than to other strength workouts: some days I can do certain things, other days not, but I definitely notice an overall improvement in my body and sense of well being each time I do it. A classic!

Instructor Comments:
Great! Enthusiastic and encouraging without being annoying. She manages to say something inspirational at just the right moments.



This was my first w/o with a stability ball, and I love it!! For the first 3 w/os from TLP, there has been a lot of comments about how the set is not great looking, which it is not. For me, however, the quality of the workout more than compensates for any lack of set aesthetics. This w/o is tough, has great music and is only 45 minutes long. After doing it regularly, I saw improvements in my lower abs and especially noticed increased upper body and core strength. It has improved my quality of life as a full time working mother of a 6-year old son and 2- year old daughter. Even though the w/o is so tough, JAC makes it fun, and the music is excellent for the moves.

Instructor Comments:
Great personality with endearing quirky sayings. Very fit and healthy looking. Excellent form and makes the w/o look easier than it really is.

Belle W.


I think this is a good addition to anyone looking for an advanced stability ball workout. You also do some lunges and squats. I substitute the paper plates with paper towels (Bounty) which work fine on hardwood flooring.

This is a tough workout. Quite tough and I am pretty good on the ball. I have done this only once and had such a blast and even laughed at myself when the ball rolled out from under me or just away from me. I used a dumbbell rather than a medicine ball but I am going to purchase one or have one gifted to me soon via a birthday present. :) If you want some good solid core work this will give it to you. Did I mention already this is tough :)

Instructor Comments:
Great cueing. Friendly and upbeat!

Lori M


This is one of my all time favorite workouts.
It's tough and it will take time to work your
way through it. The DVD is well chaptered
and I often just use a few chapters a day. My
core strength has definitely increased from
using this DVD. It's very fun and I look
forward to doing it again and again.
Equipment used is a stability ball and a
medicine ball.

Instructor Comments:
Jeanne Anne is friendly and encouraging.
She's also incredibly fit and strong.



Lots of people will talk about the exercises so I will give my impressions.

This is one tough work-out but it works. I have done it 3 times this past week and I am already doing much better, maybe because I know the moves better but I feel stronger.

The core work is reminiscent of things Mindy Mylrea throws at you in Strength Express but there are also plenty of new moves. JAC also uses the paper plates for leg training in the way Mindy used them in SE. I feel like in some ways my misery with Mindy prepared me for this video.

All the stability ball work is great and I am a newbie to it. For the past year, I didn\'t buy one, I watched Cathe do the work and thought maybe one day. This tape forced me to try the ball and I realized I was in better shape than I thought.

Overall, a great video and I look forward to more from TLP.

Instructor Comments:
Very upbeat and likeable. Her arms are something I aspire to.

Michelle Reed