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1007 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464-9934
Web: www.firmdirect.com and www.firmbelievers.com
1-800-THE-FIRM 1-800-843-3476 (where available)
1-803-881-6583 FAX
e-mail: comments@firmdirect.com

Sells FIRM tapes and equipment only.

Reader comments about the FIRM Direct:

I am not impressed with The Firm for getting money back. I am still waiting for a credit to my VISA from last May! Someone was to get back to me and never did, I just gave up and will never deal with them again. They also charged me about $17 for that supposed free video you get when you buy another video, which is what I sent back and wanted a credit for, but never got. The whole thing was just a disaster.


If I need a FIRM video, I don't order from the Firm. Their service isn't that great and the shipping is slow. I love the FIRM video's but their customer service isn't that friendly either. You just don't know what to expect from the FIRM. The only item's I have purchased from the FIRM is their FIRM equipment( Tall Box). I had to wait a LONG time for it to arrive. So if you order form the FIRM, make sure you have tons of patience.

Mandy Lee

The Firm's customer service stinks. You could call them and speak to one operator and be told one thing, then call back again and speak to a different operator and be told something different.


The FIRM customer service is getting better. Cathy Sovde at the FIRM is on the firmbelievers list and regularly responds to consumer questions and issues. She also posts specials to the list that the general public doesn't always know about... My tactic: if I order from FIRMdirect, it's for a special deal and I tell the operator that I got the info off the list from Cathy Sovde. It helps to drop the boss's name!


Pokey, pokey, pokey. I dread having to order from FIRM Direct. If they didn't have a superior product, I wouldn't. I've ordered a tall box, barbell, videos etc from them over the years, and the delivery of these items has always been slower than molasses. Everything everyone has said about their phone reps having multiple stories has always been the case whenever I call them, and we're talking 10+ years now. It almost seems like the Bensons don't really value customer service much, and that's sad. Other companies manage to do it.

Sue Wegmann

The FIRM offers lots of high quality videos and exercise equipment. The prices are not the best, but their products are definitely worth it.

I've ordered twice from the Firm, and I hope I never have to again. Both times I have had major problems, from long backorder delays to terrible customer service. This last time they overcharged my account, and after I spent an hour getting it straightened out (they didn't believe me until I faxed a copy of my credit card statement), they didn't even apologize. I'm still waiting for one video to arrive, which I'm afraid to cancel because I don't want to talk to "customer service" again. It's really too bad...the videos are so great, yet they treat their customers so poorly...

Linda H


I was surprised to see the negative comments about their service. I've ordered tapes from them twice, and received them promptly and without any problems. Maybe they've improved. I do think their prices are inflated though. I wouldn't order from them unless it was something you couldn't get anywhere else.

Kerry Prendergast

I was surprised to read the complaints about FIRM direct. I have ordered most of my FIRM tapes through FIRM direct (either online or by phone) and never had a problem. In fact I was told that my last order would take 2-3 weeks and it arrived in 4 days!


Customer service isn't very good, the operators are somewhat brisk and uninformed. I'm fairly certain they hired a company to handle their service calls, the operators are as inspired as can be for minimum wage. My major complaint is not being told when a tape is on backorder, a frequent problem with popular tapes in their series. Their standard answer for a backordered tape is 4 weeks... which can be as long as 10 to 12 weeks.

Rebecca T.

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