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Step N Motion

e-mail: gocathe@voicenet.com
Web: www.cathe.com

Cathe Friedrich's video production company--sells Cathe's videos exclusively. NTSC format only, but PAL format supposedly coming in 1999. Step N Motion offers quantity discounts. The Web site includes video clips, form pointers, and an Ask Cathe Forum.

Reader comments about Step N Motion:

One thing I must say is that I have never dealt with such a customer service oriented company. Once I got a bad video, and it was replaced immediately -- and they never asked me to return the first one as proof. When the PS and Interval Max videos came out, I pre-ordered three of them. Before they were shipped, I asked if I could add the fourth video to my order and get a bigger discount. They immediately changed my order, credited my account, re-charged the new price and kept me informed via email every single step of the way. Chris Williams is a wonderful person!

Joni O

I have been very satified with their service. I love the volume discounts and the speed with which I have gotten tapes on a "regular" order (not tapes that are pre-ordered) has been lightening fast. I asked for PowerMax and StepJam for a Hanukkah present from my parents and my Mom had the same experience as me - the tapes were delivered 2 or 3 days after we ordered them!

Judy Potashnick

Excellent service and discounts. I sent an email requesting info. about an order and they replied within hours.

Pamela B.

Step N Motion works very hard to give you the best service and videos. They have great deals where the more you buy, the more you save. They send out flyers in the mail announcing new video's. They get the video's to you in a prompt manner. I've always had great customer service and never a problem. You can always expect new video's from Step N Motions every year. I used to preorder the new videos. If there is any news on the order, they post it on the Step N Motion forum at www.cathe.com. They also answer any questions for you online which is great!

Mandy Lee

I have ordered from Cathe twice and had one problem with one of the orders. One of the tapes was defective. I called customer service and was told that they would send out a replacement. Several weeks passed, and when I finally called back, I was told that they had received a bad batch of tapes and they would send out my new copy as soon as they got the new videos in. I finally received my new good video about a week later. I think that they should have called me or e-mailed me to let me know about the delay in shipment and why it happened.


Step N Motion is #1 in my opinion. They have a great quantity discount program and excellent customer service. One time I received a smashed video and they sent me out a new one, no questions asked, very promptly. They are excellent!



The shipping rates of Step N'Motion are outrageous for European customers : I wanted to order "How to get in shape for your wedding". Price of video : 19$95. Shipping : 19$ !!! For just one video ! I know this company gets rave reviews from VF but this is really a rip off. The customer service answered : "Well the prices we have to pay to the postal service are also outrageous !". Come on, I have been ordering stuff from the US, Canada, England, ... for years and this is a first !


What wonderful customer service. I sent them an email about a tape I had ordered (actually from GandR video). There were a few glitches with tracking, and when the tape ran long enough an infomercial popped on (Cathe's tape had been taped over this). They responded within five minutes and told me they would send me a new copy-- no questions asked.


Step N Motion is an excellent video source. Everything about Cathe and her business is totally professional. My only gripe (and it is miniscule) is that the shipment seems to be really slow to the West Coast.


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