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To make cardiovascular gains, interval training is the way to go. Short work periods of very intense exercise alternated with moderate intensity "recovery periods" will make your heart stronger. At the advanced level, these videos tend to be high impact in order to elevate the heart rate.

Reebok's Intense Moves, starring Gin Miller, is one of the toughest interval workout on the market. Basic choreography and superb instruction from Gin allow you to give your all to the work intervals.

Interval Max with Cathe Friedrich is comparable in intensity to the Reebok video, but more choreographed. Those familiar with Cathe's work will recognize most of the choreography, but there is little break down of the moves in order to keep the intensity level high.

Karen Voight's Energy Sprint is slightly less intense, but the intervals are longer. Energy Sprint also contains some light toning segments and abdominal work.

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