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Greg Twombly Interview

Greg stars in:

WNK: What CIA videos do you currently have in the works? Any interesting workouts to look out for?

GT: CIA 9902, Kickbutt Combat and CIA 9903, Boot Camp.

WNK: How long does it take to shoot the average, two-hour CIA video? How long does the editing process take?

GT: It takes me 3-4 hours to shoot a two-hour CIA video. If I was filming it for a client, it would take 4-5 hours. The editing takes about 3-5 hours. All of our rehearsals for the videos allows us to shoot the videos fast. By shooting the videos in its actual workout format, this speeds up the editing process.

WNK: Talk about your own teaching preferences. You seem to prefer hi/lo to step aerobics. Is that true?

GT: Yes, I just love being able to utilize the music and the people in the room to have a good time and sweat. The step gets in the way. However, I have come to enjoy teaching step.

WNK: Do you still teach classes in a studio or club in addition to your conferences and seminars?

GT: I teach a couple of classes a week. I do not present any more because of the demand for videos and production.

WNK: What trends are on the rise in fitness clubs? Will we see them reflected in future CIA videos? What fitness trends are on the way out?

GT: Spinning, Group Training, Kickboxing, and Cross Training Classes are in. I have produced all videos for them. I'm working on new videos that will keep these classes interesting. Sliding is out.

WNK: I know that group fitness instructors are CIA's primary market. When did you realize that many non-instructors were buying the videos to use for their own home workouts?

GT: We realized this very early. My second set of videos, The 2000 Series, were shot in workout format. This was due to the market at Collage Video.

WNK: Do you have any advice for talented instructors who would like to shoot their own exercise video some day?

GT: Become a continuing education provider, present locally for experience, and present for any of the major conventions, then give me a call.

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