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CIA's Philadelphia Workout Video

with Greg Twombly

This is a 1990 high/low workout put out by CIA, but it doesn't have a number designation like the later CIAs do. It's led by Greg Twombly. I like the high-impact in this workout, but he is not as accomplished with his choreography as he is in later videos. In fact, this one is somewhat repetitive. It does keep your heart pumping, though, and is great for those calf muscles, if you can handle high-impact. The music is also very good and includes vocals.

Some parts crack me up, but Greg isn't trying to be funny. At one point, he yells, "NOW BE CAREFUL OF MY CUEING!" What he means, of course, is he's going to make a change and you're supposed to listen, but it sounds like he's warning you that his cueing is dangerous. I get a kick out of that every time.

I rank this workout as a B or B- in today's "market." In 1990, when there weren't many "real" workouts available, I'm sure I would have given it an A. Just shows you how times (and instructors) change!

Instructor comments: This is a younger, longer-haired Greg wearing "normal" workout clothes. It's interesting to see how both he and his choreography have changed over the last several years.

Annie S.

This is Greg's first Philadelphia Workout going back to 1990. For an older workout, I caught on to the moves the first time, since Greg uses some of the same combos in his newer videos. Mostly high impact, he incorporates his usual jack combos, kicks, lunges, grapevines, "baseball diamond" move, with good music, including Karen's Power Packed soundtrack. He has four girls in the background, referring to them as his "girls." Toned down outfit and longer hair and a nice tan, Greg didn't disappoint me. Breaking down the 60 minute video: 5 minutes warm-up; 25 minutes hi/lo (mostly high); 9 minutes cooldown; 4 minutes abwork; two sets of push-ups; 10 minutes of floor leg work - outer, inner (no weights); stretch. Not bad for the older days, and I will do it when I want a quick workout. I am glad CIA re-released their older tapes, because they are mostly "old fashioned high impact" aerobics, though not for everyone.

Instructor comments:

maryann parker

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