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Old 05-12-22, 07:26 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
OT - To my Pen Pals

I want to apologize to my pen pals for not writing for the past month. I’ve had a string of issues come up that I’m trying to work through.

During one of our storms I had a large tree come down in the yard and take out part of my fence which prevents me from letting the dogs run in the yard. Also, having trouble finding someone to cut up the tree and haul it off.

On April 14th, I had my surgery and for the following 10 days I was in a lot of pain. Then found out the pathology report showed my cancer has turned more aggressive and spread so I now have to have more surgery and I’m scared and unhappy.

Next the water went out at my house - no water at all and I’m having trouble getting someone to come out and check my well/water pump. So every other day I drive to the local artesian well and haul water to my house.

Next my Jeep broke down. I took it to the Jeep dealership and told them there was something wrong. They claimed they couldn’t find anything wrong and I ended up driving it home one day and found smoke billowing out from the left rear wheel. Got it in to a different auto place who told me brakes are shot and caliper is stuck. Jeep dealership claims nothing was wrong with it when they saw it and this all must have happened AFTER they looked at it. So the Jeep can’t be driven right now and I’ve borrowed a Ford F-350 that is like driving a large house to me and gobbles gas like crazy, but I have a dog that has to go to the vet 3X a week, so I’ve been driving the “house” to town, like it or not.

Yesterday I got a text from my sister telling me that my mom broke her wrist and will be going to see an orthopedic surgeon.

I will be writing - I just need to get things under control a little.

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Old 05-12-22, 07:29 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2006
Oh, Gams. I wish I could give you a big hug and maybe run some errands for you. What a horrible spring you are having. I hope things sort themselves out quickly.
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Old 05-12-22, 08:31 AM  
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Location: New York
Thanks for the update Gams. Sending healing prayers your way.
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Old 05-12-22, 09:15 AM  
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Sorry to hear of all your recent troubles. That's a lot to deal with all at once! I was beginning to worry about you, as it's not like you to not write regularly! Praying for you, Gams!!!

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Old 05-12-22, 09:49 AM  
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OMG that is so much to have to work through all at once! hugs.
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Old 05-12-22, 09:51 AM  
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I am so sorry you are going through all of this.

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Old 05-12-22, 09:58 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Oh Gams, that is too much! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with scary health issues plus so many other things coming up at once.

I'm glad you chose to share your situation on VF. The more prayers and good wishes you get, the better. VFers have kind hearts.

I am still so very grateful for the Pen Pals Program that you started on VF! Don't worry for a second about writing.

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Old 05-12-22, 10:04 AM  
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Gams I'm not part of the pen pal group but I wanted to send you a {{hug}} and lift you in prayer.
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Old 05-12-22, 10:32 AM  
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Originally Posted by Diana3271 View Post
Gams I'm not part of the pen pal group but I wanted to send you a {{hug}} and lift you in prayer.
Same here. I'm so sorry you're going through so much, Gams. Praying for strength and peace for you, as well as help.
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Old 05-12-22, 12:41 PM  
Laura S.
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Gams - No apology necessary at all. What a string of things to go wrong. I hope you can solve some of the issues at your house so you can focus on your health and family. HUGS!

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