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Old 05-08-22, 08:17 AM  
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Good morning and Happy Mother's Day! I had a low key day which featured an hour long nap on the couch after running errands.

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Old 05-08-22, 09:08 AM  
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For all of our mat maven mothers out there, hope you have a good day!

Pat, sounds like your low-key day was a good way to celebrate yesterday.

Pam, you've had a lot of social activities late - hope you enjoy the family visit!

Sandra, I think a birthday week is appropriate.

DH and I are going to the semi-annual big book sale tomorrow, but we're leaving this afternoon and spending the night at an inn along the way we've been to a few times before. Happy Sunday all!
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Old 05-08-22, 10:44 AM  
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Happy Mother's Day to Pam and all mothers who are celebrating today.

Yesterday was:
- ETV Ellen Ochs May 6 Class
- Karin Functional Anatomy Front Arm Line and Back Arm Line (2 very short segments)

- Body Groove DYHO #2
- HealthBarre Quick Total Body
- Long walk as it's a nice sunny day

Pat - Ellen has a nice variety of classes on her site. Hope you enjoy your one week trial.

Sandra - I had the dreaded 500 server error a few weeks ago. There doesn't seem to be rhyme nor reason for it, as it doesn't usually affect us all at the same time.

Beth - Sounds like a fun trip. Hope you find some new treasures. I'm looking forward to your new class this week. Thank you.

Waves to all! Have a wonderful day.

"Practice makes progress" ~ Sandra Hanna
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Old 05-08-22, 01:38 PM  
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Location: Arizona
Wishing Pat a Happy Birthday!
Hope your combined Mother's Day and Birthday bring you Good Times!
“Anyday we can get up and move is a Great Day!” Jessica Smith
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Old 05-08-22, 02:41 PM  
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Popping in to say hello, I’ll be back to chat tomorrow.

Happy birthday Pat!

Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate it….with their kids, or their mom, or remembering moms who are no longer with us.

Waves to all!

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Jim Rohn

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Old 05-08-22, 02:55 PM  
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Happy Birthday Pat!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 05-08-22, 03:03 PM  
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Happy Birthday Pat!

Hope your day is filled with , yummy and .

"Practice makes progress" ~ Sandra Hanna
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Old 05-08-22, 07:48 PM  
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Happy Birthday, Pat!

A Belated Happy Birthday, Sandra!

Best wishes to both of you for many years of happiness and good health.

Happy Mother's Day to moms of creatures with 2 and/or 4 legs.

I worked late all last week, but had a nice day yesterday, as DH and I went on a day trip to visit DS and DIL and met some of DIL's family.

Waves to ALL!
"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway." — Mother Teresa

"I've decided to grow old disgracefully." - Twigs
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Old 05-08-22, 09:12 PM  
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Happy Birthday, Dear Pat!!

Today was a planned rest day. Happy Mother's Day to the moms in this check in!

Sandra, I'm so sorry about the 500 Error snafus! Dang it, I want to hear what you had to say.

Beth, I hope you find some treasures at the book sale. Enjoy your little get-away!
Thank you for making your new video!
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Old 05-08-22, 10:04 PM  
Garrie A.
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Happy Birthday Pat!
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"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

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