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Old 05-23-22, 04:33 PM  
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Question Hair Extensions

Since we are all kinda sweat buddies, hair has got to be a thing to some extent..whether it is or not, I felt to silly to ask on FB, so I am asking here, lol. About 51/2 years ago, I had really (for me) long hair, and it felt like such a part of my identity. I had to get it cut off due to a fusion where i was just unable to take care of it after (funny that I am saying this when I may have to have another surgery this year for more cervical and spinal surgery, ha!)
Have any of you gotten hair extensions/ Either the kind you do yourself (i can only do if really easy, and I'd have to be told what kind of cut to go with it, I got bad cut last time and it looks like a tent bob, she must have been busy because she knows I don't go for that) or preferably professional- but wanting to know the outrageous investment it probably is (noone ever says).
If so, please let me know all the details, would you do it again, the pros and cons in your book. I tried to look on youtube but its mostly cheerleader types that get them, not someone that is just trying to find ways to look like herself- or atleast someone semi-healthy in the mirror (i keep going with the philosophy that if I look fairly healthy in the mirror, to myself, I will feel healthier and therefore be healthier. If I can't do anything else in life I can do that and pray. So its not just vanity, lol....anyway, I just struggle to relate to most of them.

Just wanting all the info I can get. (and how does it feel and maintenance if I sweat a lot??)
Blessings!! (I feel so silly, but am hoping for thoughts)
Romans 5:5-9 No Greater Love!!

If You Argue for Your Limitations, You Get to Keep Them!

"Accept responsibility for your life. Know it is you who will get you where you want to go, noone else." Les Brown
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