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Arrow Just The Workouts~~JANUARY 2022~~*Everyone is Welcome!*

January, 2022 Come join us for a fresh start to hopefully, a better year!!!!

So good to see so many of our MIA's back!! BUT still missing quite a few! :/ Luv2WO, thank you for your kind words! So happy you're back!!

Tallying up my instructors/series workouts of ‘21 inspired me to do a FAVORITE INSTRUCTORS’ ROTATION this month…should be fun!

1 - YvetteFit #158 (70 Min. Cardio/Boxing Combos - Multiple Muscle Groups); Mady's Back Pain Relief (BPR stretches) - Great workout to start off 2022 with! A Butt-Kicker, for sure. High impact/kickboxing/boxing/BW segment/FW segment/Core to sum it up! FUN - 526 cal burn. Feeling good!
2 - Two Birds Yoga (30 Min. Soothing & Relaxing Bedtime Yoga) Rest Day

3 - Cathe Perfect Pump (Mish Mosh #1-Upper Body/Lower Body=54 min.); Mady's (BPR stretches) My favorite Cathe weight workout and my favorite premix of my favorite Cathe weight workout! (Don't want to do it too often to get burnt out on it, though). Love this PHA-like format with 4 different UB exercises alternated with 4 different LB exercises all the way through. Just flies by while getting in a great weighted total body workout! 394 cal burn...not bad for a weight workout under an hour and I didn't even go that heavy!
4 - Level Up 108 (Balance/60 min./Travis); a few lower back exercises via Mady's BPR A timespan of 2 years has gone by since I did this one last and by golly, it seemed easier today! There are still poses I haven't perfected but I was able to remain in each modified pose longer this time around and my mind was in a better place during the times I happened to fall out of the pose. {Daily Meditation to thank?} Floating tabletop, floating pigeon, variations of half moon with arms interlaced behind your back all seemed easier. Pistol squats in a crouch on toes with one outstretched leg off the floor while hands in prayer or fingertips on floor--tough--it was manageable today, more so on one side, but still. In my 2020 notes I wrote that I probably won't do this one again b/c it was so this is progress!...(even if it was more due to mindfulness/calmness than the physical accomplishments this time around).
5 -Yvette (w/u); Heather Robertson FIERCE Day 4: Booty Builder/Glute Workout; Cathe's 100 Rep Challenge (Hip Thrusts); Mady's BPR stretches I thought I'd "dust off" a Heather workout - it's been some time! This was a great LB workout!! I love how she starts off with FW band work/floor work to warm up [exhaust?] the lower body muscles and then brings out the weight work. I used my pink fabric band and was a good choice for tension but had to move it up higher on my thighs for the ROM for the last leg lifts, etc. I used a 30# DB like HR (had to dust that off too!-took advantage of a good wrist day!) and did p/u squats/sumo squats in place of the D/L's. My lower body was fried by the end! Then, for a great "finisher", the 100 Rep Challenge (which was another dust bunny!), I used 32.50# (thank you, plate mates!) and took breaks with Amanda and used a pillow for my back today. Overall, a fantastic lower body fry session (393 cal burn) and I utilized 4 instructors today, w/ lots of dust bunny instructors/workouts/equipment...woo!!//Very Busy day w/ mom...groceries then a financial advisor meeting..oh joy!
6 - Treadmill 1.5 miles at a slow speed/low incline; Cathe's Perfect 30 (Mobility) I was trying to ease my severe lower body DOMS by walking it out! Didn't help really. Wow, I am SORE!! I'm sure it's mostly due to the 100 Rep Challenge...and using my 30#er which had been collecting dust!! My heel doesn't feel so bad now after walking which I was concerned about, too.
7 - Yvette Fit #134 (30 Min. Upper Body Weights/Core Workout); Cathe ICE Muscle Meltdowns: Biceps (3 sets); Triceps (1 set); Chest (2 sets); Shoulders (taken from TTM - 2 sets); Mady's BPR stretches=75 min. I thought I'd try this Yvette class...she works chest, shoulders and triceps only and uses the stability ball for core work in a circuit format. So a lot of up/down in this and it seemed her reps were really fast with the heavier weights. I went at a slower pace and sometimes I missed out on the first rep or two of weights AND core exercises. I probably won't do this particular class again unless I add on like I did today. Cathe's MM's are perfect for this reason; I just wish they were all on one dvd but I took the time to interchange the discs so I ended up with a great UB workout. I might as well give my UB some DOMS; don't want my LB to have all the fun, LOL. {Still sore in LB, btw. Unbelievable.} Ended with Mady's stretch and extra UB stretches. Great weight work!
8 - Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Total Body Cardio Kickboxing/No Repeat/Fat Burning/Kickstart Day 4); Michelle Briehler (10 Min. Back Toning/At Home Light Dumbbells/Improve Posture); Yoga30For30 (Backbends - Lauren); Mady's BPR stretches Olivia's cardio class has the :40/:15 format and was mostly standing cardio - a few burpee type moves that I used my step for; mostly k/b and lots of kicks! Easy to keep it low impact and I used my 2# wrist weights around my knuckles. Good one to get in a little cardio before toning. Michelle's class was a bit echoey, so I muted her and played my own music...easy to follow along. This is a high rep, low weight (I used 5#'s) toning workout for the back - rear delt work and rows mostly with superman variations. A few cardio moves are in between the toning segments and are easy to make low impact. A good add-on for the back. I stretched it out with Lauren's Backbend class - really love this one with all the back bends, King Dancer Pose, 1/2 moon, etc. This spinal mobility class felt great to strengthen and give my back a little more attention this week. After all that, I needed Mady's stretch to really stretch it out from all the back work today. Great w/o!
9 - Rest Day

10- Yvette Fit #155 (60 Min. Kettlebell/Cardio/Core Workout); Mady's BPR stretches I LOVED this one..super metabolic fun with lots of KB work - missed that lately! Not much k/b cardio - mostly hi/lo, BW work, KB's, and stability ball core work. This one was easier thanks to Yvette not up to her usual Energizing Bunny self just getting back from Cancun and possibly still fatigued? LOL Good for me! She picked up mostly 10# KB and since I had extra energy today and feeling strong, I mostly used my 15# and 25# KB's. The only time I used a 10# was for the overhead exercises - those lunge to shoulder hammers above head--whoa! Not sure my wrists/hands would cooperate with those but I made it! I also wore my 2# wrist weights which added to the fun. There were a few burpees throughout but were manageable using my step and I did the few horizontal jumps/j.jacks on the rebounder with tucks/air jacks. It ends with core work using the stability ball and a short stretch. Favorited! Great to get back to YF with this great workout - burned 500+ cal!! Side note: I had on my Holy HiiT t-shirt for the w/u then had to rip it off! Not used to so many clothes when working out even in winter! It'll be good for summer attire, though. :0)
11- Rest Day Just didn't want to change clothes and work out after an early morning hair appt.!
12- KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit (Workout 1/Raw Bonus=60 min.); Mady's BPR stretches Workout 1 is a circuit using weights and k/b for cardio. I did not know this---I was thinking it was just strictly a cardio workout! (She does include a cardio only premix, FYI). I used my 2# wrist weights for the k/b and I liked it for the most part; there are always a few moves of hers that aggravate my lower back in her workouts and I know to change up those next time again. I really liked the Raw workout - very fun! I just used my topper and the moves are more controlled than say, her Strength & Stamina step bonus. The hardest thing for me to learn, though, with Kelly's step is to step back onto the step with same foot after stepping down. Most all other instructors use the other foot (Yvette and Cathe both do), but my stepping is very limited as I don't really enjoy the choreographed-challenging ones. This practice is nothing new for KCM, but I just need to learn it that way when I do her step w/o's! Still a fun workout--366 cal burn for the hour; a good one for a lighter day and once again, Kelly offers lots of premix options!
13- Yvette (w/u); Heather Robertson FIERCE (Day 9; LB Strength/Unilateral Leg Workout - 44 min.); Olivia Lawson (20 Min. Standing Killer Leg Workout/No Repeat/DB Burn & Tone); Michelle's Yin Yoga These workouts were harder than I thought they'd be! I always feel the need to do an add'l w/u with HR or Olivia for weight work. I used my 25# KB (+4# wrist weight combo) for all exercises (easier to hold); HR is using a 25# DB. I was glad I read 2lazy4gym's review of this before trying it...I did not mirror Heather (when facing the camera) and knew (thx to 2lazy) to keep using the same leg for the 2 sets of exercises for each leg to really burn out the muscles! And THAT it did - yikes! Adding on Olivia's workout served as a nice finisher with more squat and lunge variations mostly. I think there was a squat/calf raise combo and I just did the calf raises since there weren't many in either w/o. I used my 25# KB (29#) again but towards the end I had to grab my 20# DB (24#), as I was ready to be done! Good little finisher. It has been awhile since I burned so many calories in just using weights although there was a little cardio involved in Yvette's w/u. 532 cal burn! I think these two workouts were a nice substitute for the 100 Rep hip thrusts..I just couldn't repeat that knowing the DOMS it caused last time!! Hoping I'm not as sore!! :0)
14- Cathe Live #365 Total Body Barre Intermediate-Advanced Live (58 min.); Mady's BPR stretches This was a fun, almost rehabilitative class with balance work and brain coordination using the small ball! The class uses light weights (Cathe uses 5's & 8's...I used all 8's), her small ball, mat, and barre. Those tricep pulses, though, I was wishing for my 5's - the reps kept going on & on! I was glad this class worked the upper body (I didn't need more LB DOMS, LOL), and lots of reps so it felt good when Cathe brought out the ball again to give us a rest from the weight work! There were even some hand strengthening moves with the ball - loved those for my hand ailments! Then around the 30 min. mark, she does floor core work, using one DB and the ball. A few p/u's, otherwise not much chest work; I did sub the plank work using the DB with chest flies with leg lifted in glute bridge which worked well (and used the same muscle groups). Then at 42 min. mark was the barre work using ball behind the knee. This had just enough barre work for me - I could never do a 60 min. barre class! This class would be easy to omit one of the segments when wanting a shorter workout. Using the ball was fun and gave me some brain work as well! 302 cal burn
15- YT (45 Min. Power Yoga "Inner Teacher" with Travis); Cathe's P30 (Mobility) I really liked Travis' class--very well rounded with balance, a great flow, strength, core, and a BOF exercise. There was an archery exercise taken from his IDT Archery classes as well. Mobility always makes me feel great when done and I always look forward to it - I couldn't fit it in until the end of the week and it was needed!
16- YT 30 Min. Power Yoga "Flow Master" with Travis This class is a sweaty one! Similar to the dvd Short & Sweet, it is comparable to the speed of those practices although the sequence of the poses are easier. I think what would've made it better for me was no music. Can't believe I'm saying this, as I always wish for music during my practice! But this music seemed a little distracting to me and I would've enjoyed it more with none. (I don't think I can turn it off anywhere?). Still a great flow with a cardio-effect and lots of Humble Warrior poses which I love!

17- Yvette Fit #92 (70 Min. BOSU/Back Circuits & Ankle Weights); Mady's BPR stretches; Michelle's Yin Yoga I found another BOSU gem on Y's site! Can't believe I missed this one from 2/ was so much FUN! Cardio using the BOSU (lots of burpees) and she uses it upside down in plank variations/held with outstretched arms/held up to ceiling etc. There was a move where Yvette is in plank with her feet on the BOSU and raises each arm. To keep my hands happy, I used the BOSU in plank and pulled out my sliders and did knee-ins which are much easier for my hands since I don't have to have body weight on just one hand. Worked well and sliders are probably even better core work for me. Then she includes circuits of back work (mostly one arm rows, renegade rows, and rear delt flies). I just did one arm rows (separately) for the renegade rows (too much for my hands in plank and I can go a lot heavier for standing one arm rows) and I used a 25# and 30# weight, and 10# wts for the flies. Those lay-over the BOSU then into a squat were a piece of cake thanks to Cathe's Mobility exercises! But my tucks were really lame for the lay-over the BOSU-squat-tuck jump! Hardly got air under my feet, LOL. I didn't have time to jump on my rebounder for those! The core gets worked REALLY well throughout the whole class then at the 55 min mark, she puts on ankle weights and does standing leg lifts and floor leg lift variations that also included more core work. Great endurance class with very few breaks! Favorited! 546 cal burn
18- Yvette Fit #2 (30 Min. Equipment Free Cardio Kickboxing); 2 Birds Yoga (45 Min. Vinyasa Flow For Immunity) I was just going to do Y's w/u but she kept going and going and didn't stop to stretch like normal before the w/o, so I kept going too! It's an easier one but still sweaty, and great before yoga or a weight workout to w/u the muscles and get some movement. The music is really motivating in this one and Y shakes her hips to the beat while doing speed bags and I did too which put me in a good mood! :0) Fiona's class was really a good one for toxin release and your lymphatic system is the target with the twists, etc. Not as many twists as in Travis' Detox workouts, natch, but still a really enjoyable class that made me feel fabulous and a good choice with all the sickness around. Fiona may not be included in my "favorite instructor" category since it's too soon to tell, but her classes really make me feel great! We'll see throughout the year if I stick with her.
19- Cathe's X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson (40 Min. Unilateral Leg Workout: HR12 WEEK 2.0); Michelle Briehler (Leg & Booty Workout/Band & Weights/Bonus Leg Burner=36 min.); Mady's BPR stretches; extra IT Band stretches This was another great Unilateral workout of Heather's but a little easier than her FIERCE Day 9 workout last week. There are 2 circuits with the :40/:20 format. She works both legs in each circuit, so I could mirror her today; and that's probably why I thought this one is a little easier as she doesn't burn out each leg before moving to the other. [ETA: I meant to say I didn't stay on the same leg like 2L4G suggests and like I did in last week's Unilateral workout...I think it does make a big difference, but i don’t think the exercises are set up the same way]. She uses 10, 15, & 25# wts.--I used 10# & 25# KB. For D/L's, I did one round weighted (10#) and one round unweighted 1-legged ones. Still playing it safe with the D/L's these days. For the Stand Up & Drive (in which HR kneels then stands--with DB's in shoulder press above head the whole time(!),I did 2 quick squats then shoulder press into knee drive....worked great cause I knew my knees would NOT like that kneeling/standing move w/ overhead press! Overall a good leg workout but it left me wanting a little more. Cue: Michelle's LB workout! This was a FABULOUS LB burner!! I love Michelle's term for the Booty Band: she calls it "Glute Loop", and I think it should be renamed this!! :0) It starts out with a couple weighted leg exercises (I used 12's) than she uses the glute loop for most of the remaining exercises (at least I did). There were different exercises working each muscle group with the glute loop, both standing and floor work and this is where this workout shines! I used my 25# DB for the thrusters. She takes off her loop for the Bonus Burner which is 5.5 min. but I kept mine on and got an excellent burn-out session. I find Michelle very motivating....her backgrounders? Not so much, at least the 2 in this one. It's filmed outside so that was nice seeing blue skies and everyone in tank tops! Awesome LB combo today! 548 cal burn
20- KCM 30 MTF Power Splits (Workout 1 - Upper Body); Michelle Briehler (Arms & Abs Workout with Weights/Bonus Arm Burner - 32 min.); Mady's BPR stretches/UB stretches Kelly's w/o is 20 min. of weighted exercises (3 sets of 12) of incline chest presses, skull crushers, seated rows, shoulder press, & hammer curls, then ends with a 10 min. boxing finisher. She goes at a controlled pace which I appreciated. I used 10's, 12's, 15's, & 20 (+ 4# total wrist weights). This is a no-nonsense short weight w/o and a good one used in a pinch when just wanting to work UB or as an add-on. I thought I'd try the seated rows again (not too sure how my back would react but Kelly's and Tammie's comments encouraged me)! I used 12's (keeping it lighter just in case)....I am not sure about my feet placement, Sammie keeps hers really close to the bench & bent more; I had mine further away with straighter legs and it felt better for my back. There were 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise with very little rest time b/t sets...I would've liked more. I really liked her boxing finisher and thought it was fun but I still had my wrist weights on so I didn't do the double punches (just 1). Pro: Kelly always gives the "abs in" reminder just when I sometimes forget! The music was pretty good - at least I didn't think I had to get up and turn on the music off option!! But mostly, just background music to me. Con: Like normal, Kelly doesn't finish out her combos before a transition...I always had to do one more rep on the "other side" to equal them. Don't know why this is so hard for her? This w/o could easily be used as a progressive weight workout which I think would be good, too. Michelle's workout was the "sister workout" to the lower body w/o I did yesterday. It includes 3 sets of 10-12 reps and mostly works bi's and tri's with weights but she does do p/u's in the core segment as well as plank work. I used 12's & 15's and 5's are needed for the core work. I did change up the last bicep exercises with pullovers and chest flies since I didn't realize there were p/u's later. I liked the core work - mostly done on our back & side. I took off my wrist weights for the 3 min. AMRAP Arm Burner at the end which included p/u's, squat thrusts w/ shoulder taps (I used my step), elbow planks alternating arms (I just held elbow planks for the duration). I counted 22 squat thrusts to wrap it up. That was a good little UB finisher and these two w/o's together was a good combination! I did need to stretch out my back good after all this.
21- Mady's BPR strethes; Cathe's P30 (Mobility) Mom had an early morning appt. I needed to drive her to.
22- KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit (Workout 1); KCM 30 MTF Power Splits (Bonus Raw w/o); Heather Robertson (FIERCE/Day 11: Yoga Fusion/Strength & Mobility Workout (19/36 min.); Mady's BPR stretches LOL, I thought I chose CF's workout 2 on the menu but I went back to check the time of the workout after I was done and I'm like, I didn't do those moves, LOL! I had picked 1 again, oops. (OLD AGE is setting in, haha). I really enjoy this workout, though!! Next I tried the Power Splits Raw workout which is tabata focused with 4 weighted exercises in each tabata. Including weights, I thought I would like it better than just cardio tabata exercises...nah, this will be my first and last time doing this one! I found the (mostly BW) exercises non-friendly for my wrists/hands and I modified practically every move. I used my step to modify for quite a few exercises, but I just didn't enjoy this one at all. It reminded me of a Beach Body workout with lots of unfriendly type moves (for me). :/ I also found the setting "echoey" and hard to hear the beeps when to transition to next move. //I did want to add on some yoga of some type and thought I'd try Heather's yoga flow...I found it harder than I wanted to work with more strengthening moves than stretching. And by the end of Circuit 1 (19 min.), I didn't really want to repeat the exercises again and stopped and added on Mady's BPR stretch. Ah well, you can't love 'em all! At least I really enjoyed one of my workouts today, but not the intended one!! :/ :/ :/ I think I'd better go back to bed! ;0)
23- Rest Day

24- Yvette Fit (#162 60 Min. All Out Cardio Kickboxing Class); Mady's BPR stretches This is very appropriately named! "All Out" for sure but my energy level was not near the "All Out" level this morning! I kept it lower impact and a good total body cardio class as my arms were feeling it with all the k/b moves and my wrist weights. The only equipment it uses are weighted gloves, gliders, ankle weights and a mat. I love how many KICKS are included in this one and just a few plank type moves. It felt tough since she doesn't take a break until the 42 min. mark---a good one for endurance. So funny, Yvette had a "wardrobe malfunction" so she cut the ankle weight and glider segments short. She just wanted to be done, I think, LOL! And by that time, I wanted to be done too! :0)
25- Cathe Live (#184 PHA 3=56 min.); YT (30 Min. Yin Yoga "Paradise" with Travis - 25/30 min.) Last time I did this awesome CL class was in '19!!! I don't know why I wait so long to repeat these gems! One of my favorite PHA classes that sails by. I love weight workouts that have zero cardio but burn lots of calories!! Three circuits of 6 exercises of alternating UB/LB exercises with little down time. I loved that I could go heavier than Cathe on a few today (mostly in the last circuit) and mostly used 12's, 15's, & 30 (1 arm rows, plie squats). I didn't drag out my BB - just my weights. I remembered to pause the workout to do the 2nd set of rear delt flyes that Cathe omits. For upright rows, I did pull downs in a squat...ha! I never thought about doing these simultaneously and loved the combination. I also used 15's for the hammers today - only doing 10 reps out of 16 but still...gotta celebrate the small victories and that is for my hand strength! Travis' class was a shorter yin, which meant holding the stretches for only 3 or 4 minutes and the stretches seemed just what I needed after my tightness from Cathe's w/o. For the first 5 minutes, I was checking on my laundry so I didn't do the breathing exercises. It seems I have better luck (i.e. enjoy more!) with these 30 min. Yin classes than the 60 min. classes. Great workout today!
26- Travis' Level Up (Vitality = 63 min.) One of my favs of this series - probably b/c it's one of the easier ones, LOL. It's well rounded with flow, balance & posture work - love that extended arm camel pose which is awesome and not in very many classes. And another plus, everything was a little easier to get into the proper pose and held longer, etc. which is always nice to experience since I've done this class last in '20. It makes me feel really good when finished (as well as my wrist). I might have to give props for a wrist wrap I found at Aldi's for $6!! Wow, if this really helps, I will be forever grateful to Aldi's (and even forgive them for not carrying my planners!! ). [Speaking of which, I found a planner at Walmart this morning!! And very similar to Aldi's format, in price as well ($8) too--woo hoo!!! I had no idea I'd find one THERE of all places]!!
27- Olivia Lawson (30 Min. No Repeat All Standing Dumbbell Workout/Cardio & Strength); KCM Body Design (UB Strength & Yoga Flow Premix=34 min.) Found a gem in Olivia's workout! UB/LB combo moves - mostly hitting shoulders, LB, & CORE! No cardio but using 12's & 15's, kept my HR up there for that cardio effect. This could be one of my favorite of Olivia's workouts! I tend to do her cardio mostly, so this was a great surprise how much my HR stayed up there. Lots of fun, creative & fresh moves - Loved! I bought KCM's BD during her $10 NY day sale...backgrounders are Marcus & Noelle and the 20 min. UB workout also contained some creative & fresh moves in this premix. She does a lot of 1 arm exercises, so 2 (3?) sets/10 reps for each arm mostly. For the 1 arm tricep dips (never!), I did k/b's with both arms. I used 5's, 12's, 15's, & 25# and did chest presses with 15's & both arms since there was no chest work in Olivia's workout. The yoga workout I knew going in would not be much to my liking, but I was too lazy to change out the dvd or search for something else on YT. Your typical sun sal flow with Kelly's "back" or "over" cues, LOL. Pro for this DVD: there are 17 premixes on this dvd!!! (A little overwhelming, though!) Con: She doesn't include the premix lengths for most!!!! UGH. Music is a driving beat mostly. 467 cal burn ETA: 75 min. Yard Clean up (Yay, got out there and now my yard doesn't look like a disgrace to the neighborhood, LOL!)
28- KCM 30 MTF Cardio Fit (Workout 2; Cardio k/b Premix=51 min.); Cathe's P30 (Mobility - TS Premix); Mady's BPR stretches I loved w/o 2!! This is hi/low in a circuit format with DB intervals. I used 8's - I think it'd be tough to go heavier with all the quick movements. I kept the j. jacks low impact, but followed Kelly for the rest of the high impact moves, and I thought they were very fun. Works arms, sh, chest, & back. There was only a couple moves where she skips the "other side" at the end that I needed to add on. :/ (This was my premix add-on - I don't think she has this choice of these two w/o's together from the menu? I thought they were a good combo.) I used my 2# wrist weights for the cardio k/b premix (taken from w/o 1). A good choice after a weight day using the 8's. 399 cal burn And to think I wasn't going to get this dvd originally! I like it better than PS!
29- Deepen Your Practice (Vytas - Gentle Balanced Flow = 61 min.) I thought I'd dust off this one today and it was wonderful!! Very gentle (for Vytas) but so rewarding! Each yogi has his/her own way of instructing and Vytas is one in a million with his awesome form pointers, IMO. I missed him and his straightforwardness. May want to revisit this set soon. Feeling Fantastic!
30- Rest Day

31- Yvette Fit #163 (45 min, HiiT BOSU Blast); Mady's BPR Wow - just wow! This class only uses the BOSU (gloves if desired), and you are one on one with the BOSU! Practically every move uses the BOSU, whether it be cardio, burpee type moves, holding it/lifting it for strength purposes, to jump on, or do core work! HiiT work at its' very best!!! Loved all the balance work in this too. A lot of times I was a beat behind Yvette - keeping it safe for me, but finished out with her every move. Favorited for an awesome HiiT class (and so happy it wasn't 60 min., LOL!!). I had down on the rotation to add on a short weight workout after this....ya, right!! Added on Mady's stretch was all I could do! :0) 479 cal burn

This was a very fun rotation---loved every minute of it! But looking over it now, it doesn't seem all that much different than my usual months, LOL! Maybe adding in Heather was new and more yoga which has really been beneficial, but a very fun month it was! Love all my go-to instructors!
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31. STS D21 M2 W3 - Back & Biceps + ZUMBA: 20 Minute Express. Mid-day: ZUMBA JTP: 20 Minute Express + Tracie Long Core Movement: Loosen Up, first 2 chapters, 10 mins. P.M. Yv2: SS

2021 - 322 Workout Days, 835 Workouts!!!

january 2022Ö

1. (S)BILLYíS BOOTCAMP: SOS - Sweating Off the Sizes + 10 mins of KS Bonus Stability Ball Workout. I heard one sad little firework go off about 10:45 last night. Perfect end to 2021. Kind of a blessing because normally the fireworks in the neighborhood are insane, rockets and booms that shake the house. Now that I think about it, I hadnít seen any pop up fireworks displays anywhere so maybe fireworks vendors got hit with the supply chain issue as well. P.M. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party Combo Mix Timesaver, 36 mins
2. (S) ICE: Metabolic Total Body + ZUMBA: Rush. P.M. Yv2: MYB
3. Recovery dayÖ LH Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge - Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation - Week 9 of 14

4. LH Qi Gong: Day 4 + STS D10 M1 W4 - Chest, Shoulders & Biceps + Yv2: WISI (15 mins)
5. Yv2: WISI (2nd half, 14mins) + LIS Total Body Trisets - Lower Body Split + LH Qi Gong - Day 5 Lunchtime: Yv2: RIO
6. LIS: Cardio Supersets + SCOTT COLE: Disco Dojo (v) + LH: Qi Gong - Day 6. I enjoyed Disco Dojo, easy movement, perfect for boosting step count and lubing the joints.
7. STS D11 M1 W4 - Back & Triceps + ZUMBA JTP: 20 Minute Express + LH QI Gong - Day 7
8. (S) ZUMBA JTP: Cardio Party + LH Qi Gong - Day 8. P.M. ZUMBA: 30 Minute Cardio Burn + Yv2: SS
9. LIS: Athletic Training + LH Qi Gong - Day 9. P.M. Yv2: WISI + YT Aerobic Dance. Aerobic Dance was kind of weird, stood in the same spot the whole time, burned out my arms/shoulders/abs, and didnít really sweat at all but got my heart rate up. Got lots of steps though, which is why I tried it after looking at a short clip. I wondered if I could get a lot of steps while barely moving my legs, . Yes. Interesting. Is this new (to me) aerobics a result of minimizing covid risks? I didnít dislike it but not sure that I liked it either.
10. JAZZERCISE: Dancing Abs (v) + LH: Qi Gong - Day 10. I bought a used Dancing Abs from Amazon ($4.00). I really enjoyed it! P.M. Yv2: MYB, 15mins

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation - Week 10 of 14 (Recovery Week)

11. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party + LH Qi Gong - Day 11. Woke up rested and energized at my usual time so no rest day today.
12. rest dayÖ
13. CIZE: In the Pocket + LH Qi Gong - Day 12, Day 13
14. ZUMBA JTP: 30 Minute Express + Cardio Party & LH Qi Gong: Day 14. So, I rejoined WW on Monday and it has been eye opening and explains why I have only been losing about 3#ís a month. Iím ok with 3#ís but if Iím going to do WW for the next 6 months, itís time to clean things up. Iíve been eating my usual meals this week just to get an accounting of how much over Iíve been each day vs where I should be. Interesting!
15. CHRISTI TAYLOR: Pure Spice - Cinnamon. Snow, but not as much as predicted. Already melted from driveways and roads, pretty to look at. P.M. KH: Interval Party - Combo Mix, 36 mins
16. AMY BENTO-ROSS: Kickbox Surge + Yv2: SS

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation - Week 11 of 14

17. Happy MLK Day! STS D28 M3 W2 - Chest & Back, 40 mins + LH Qi Gong - Day 15, Day 16 & Day 17. Only did 2 sets of Chest/Back. Iím sure the STS mob wonít come for me. 2 sets was enough and for the first time 20 # dumbbells felt light. Always felt those in my wrist and forearms so itís nice to know that I have gotten stronger. Itís time to work on bridging to 25# dumbbells. P.M. ZUMBA JTP: Cardio Party + LH Qi Gong: Day 18
18. rest dayÖ
19. STS D32 M3 W3 - Plyo Legs + LH Qi Gong: Day 19 + Yv2: RIO, 11 mins. P.M. Yv2: RIO, 19 mins
20. Catheís Low Impact Step, 37 mins + LIS: Low Impact Challenge Step Circuit Bonus, 22mins + P30 Yoga Strength warm-up & Basics Mobility Shoulder Rolls/Squats Chapters, 10mins. P.M. Yv2: MYB, 12 mins
21. TGIF!!!STS D30 M3 W2 - Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps + LH: Qi Gong - Day 20 Lunch: Yv2: MYB, 18 mins. P.M. ZUMBA: Letís Dance
22. (S) TAE BO: Advanced + ZUMBA Advanced (v), 40 minutes. Another Zumba winner. I think this set was made specifically for the Latin market because Beto speaks Spanish the whole workout. There is someone doing short English translations, at the beginning of a routine, but I donít think it was necessary. I recognize some Spanish words but to me Zumba workouts are all about feeling the music ! Thereís an As Seen on TV stamp on the DVD box set, so maybe Iím wrong that these were created specifically for the Latin market. These older workouts seem to have more variety and are more intense. Love! It is good to have and will fit in with my many other Zumba workouts. I would love to know the early history of Zumba and how it grew and expanded over the years.
23. LIS: Cardio Supersets + LH Qi Gong - Day 21 + ZUMBA JTP: 20 Minute Express + LH Qi Gong - Day 22. P.M. Yv2: WISI
24. recovery dayÖYoga For Stress Relief - Start Your Day, 12 mins + PATRICIA MORENO - Cardio Yoga Burn, 15mins (v) + LH Qi Gong - Day 23 & Day 24. I had to do something to honor Patriciaís memory. Iíve enjoyed so many of her workouts over the years. I love how she transitions into sun salutations, way more fun, doing it in a flowing manner, at least for me. But then it got really hard, for me, downward dog into side plank, say what? I may do a few of her other workouts this week as well.

STS/LIS Undulating Rotation - Week 12 of 14

25. STS D19 M2 W3 - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, 39mins + ZUMBA BLITZ: Zumba Charge, 24mins. So, only did 1 double wave set per body part and it still took almost 40 mins.
26. LIS: Total Body Trisets Lower Body + PATRICIA MORENO: Kickbox Core Cross Train - Punches, 13mins + LH Qi Gong: Day 25 & Day 26. Kickbox CCT is one of my favorite workouts, good form pointers too, for engaging your core, beautiful scenery. I always loved Patriciaís smile, her positivity and the awesome form pointers she always provided. Iím going to do each segment of this workout this week and maybe use some of the segments as my core workout for awhile. The chapters are Punches, Core Energy, Kicks, Combinations & a Bonus power segment. P.M. Yv2: SS
27. (S) XTRAIN: AOLIH + PATRICIA MORENO: Kickbox CCT - Core Energizer, 25 mins + LH: Qi Gong - Day 27
28. STS D24 M2 W4: Back & Biceps + PATRICIA MORENO: Kickbox CCT - Kicks, 18 mins + LH: Qi Gong - Day 28 Iím really feeling my core today. AsSweet - Kickbox CCT is a great one to add to your collection, if you ever run across it. Each chapter is great as a finisher.
29. KATINA HUNTER: Interval Party + PATRICIA MORENO: Kickbox CCT - Combinations, 15mins + LH: Qi Gong: Day 29
30. LIS: Afterburn (Single 1-10 Premix, 32m) + ICE: Rockíem Sockíem Kickbox (awesome) + LH Qi Gong: Day 30. I also did a little of PM Kickbox CCT bonus workout, I lasted 3 minutes, realized that I didnít have the energy after RESE. The goal is to attempt the bonus routine once a week to see how far I progress. I focused on the form tips from KB CCT so RESE felt way more intense than it ever had. Love RESE!
31. recovery dayÖSCOTT COLE: AM/PM Tai Chi (v): AM, 34 mins

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker

Now: XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating/Peak Fit System 7/22/22 -
Peak Fit System: 6/3/22 - 7/21/22 *** STS/LIS 90 Day Undulating: 11/19/21 - 2/12/22 *** 6 Week Fusion XTRAIN: 5/17/21 - 6/27/21 *** Body Beast: 12/21/20 - 3/18/21 *** STS: 1/29/20 - 5/3/20 *** Fit Tower/LIS/ICE/ 90 Day: 10/29/19 - 1/19/20 *** XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating: 7/29/19 - 10/25/19
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I’d like to join again if that’s okay! It’s been awhile but I’m ready to track my workouts again. I think I’ll focus on the Barre3 challenge and Pilates by Lisa this month!

AnMrsDe - I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you are doing okay and that 2022 is a good year for you and your family.

1. PBL New You Side Lying Leg workout, Ultimate Ab Burner
2. PBL May Makeover Refined Legs workout, Stress Free Stretch Routine

PBL Fit and Focused Challenge

3. PBL New You Butt Firmer, Body Band Burner Workout, Essentrics PM Stretch
4. PBL New You Abdominals, Spring Into Summer Standing Routine, Two 15 Minute Leslie YouTube walks during day
5. PBL Fit And Focused Arm Workout, Amazing Arms Open And Release, 22 min Leslie walk YouTube
6. PBL Fit And Focused Legs With Band, Core With More Workout, 15 min Leslie Happy walk on YouTube
7. PBL New You Redefining Upper Body, Butt Blaster Workout, Upper Back Stretch Routine, 30 min outdoor walk
8. PBL New You Leg Toner, Everyday Essentials: Classic Abs, Poise & Strength Arm Workout, 25 min outdoor walk
9. Leslie 2 Mile Walk - YouTube, PBL New You Flexibility Flow
10. PBL Fit And Focused Arm Workout, Strong And Defined Leg Workout
11. PBL New You Abs With The Band, Amazing Arms Shoulder Sculpt Workout, 25 min walk outside.
12. PBL Fit & Focused Leg Workout, Strong and Defined Core
13. PBL Fit And Focused Back Butt And Triceps, No Frills Workout
14. PBL New You Strong Abs, Essentrics 10 min Leg Toning, Stress Free Stretch Routine
15. PBL Fit And Focused Legs With Band, SIS Core With More Workout, 30 minutes Leslie walks on YouTube.
16. PBL New You Stretch With Band, Love Your Legs: Butt Booster, 25 min walk.
17. PBL Fit & Focused Leg Workout, May Makeover Core Workout
18. PBL New You Arm Shaper Workout, Alaskan Triple A Workout, Ballet Beautiful Mat Stretch
19. PBL Fit And Focused Core, Fast & Firm Butt Workout, walk outside
20. PBL Fit And Focused Arm Workout, Bend And Flex With The Band, walk outside
21. Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor, PBL Fast & Firm Upper Body, walk outside, PBL Upper Back Stretch Routine
22. PBL Fit And Focused Back, Butt and Triceps, Slow Burn Ab Workout, 20 min walk
23. PBL Fit And Focused Stretch Routine, YouTube Sidekick Series
24. PBL Fit And Focused Back Butt And Triceps, Rapid Results Workout, Walk outside, Essentrics PM Stretch
25. PBL Fit & Focused Leg Workout, Power up Your Powerhouse, Walk outside, Essentrics PM Stretch
26. PBL Fit And Focused Complete Body, Graceful Flow Stretching Routine, Essentrics Shoulder release with Gail
27. PBL Fit And Focused Core, Instant Butt Lift workout, walk outside
28. PBL Fit and Focused Legs with the Band, Burn And Firm, walk outside, Essentrics Pain Relief with Sahra
29. PBL Fit And Focused Arm Workout, Crunch Time Workout, walk outside.
30. PBL Fit And Focused Stretch Routine, Spring Into Summer Leg Sculpt, walk outside.
31. Essentrics Live Workout with Gail (1/19), Butt workout with Meg, walk outside
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Join Date: May 2002
Location: Connecticut
~~~ FEBRUARY ~~~

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

1 - Annual New Year's Day beach meditation/walk; LWR Advent Calendar Day 16, 2,000 steps Walk At Home; YWK Yin Yoga for Serenity; 6,898 steps.

2 - GYM for 15 treadmill and 45 weight machines + dumbbells; short beach walk; YWK New Year Intention Setting Yin; 5,352 steps.

3 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 17, 8 Minute Standing Pilates; Day 18, 10 Minute Standing Glutes; YWK Evening Yoga Challenge Day 6, Yin Yoga for Sore Muscles; 3,320 steps.

4 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 19, Low Impact for Healthy Weight Loss; Kate Vantucci Yoga Neck Release; 5,921 steps.

5 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 20, 20 Minute Walk and Tone; Day 21, 8 Minute Standing Abs; YWK Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Intuition; 7,136 steps.

6 - Chris Freytag 10 Minute Beginner Walking Workout; YWK Evening Yoga Movement Day 7, Evening Stretches; 5,904 steps.

7 - Total rest day, meditation and reading binge; 1,336 steps.

8 - GYM for 15 treadmill and 55 weight machines and dumbbells; my own yin practice; 6,571 steps.

9 - Shakti Warrior class 10, Seal the Deal; YWK Liver & Gall Bladder Yin Yoga; 2,325 steps.

10 - Nothing formal; 4,030 steps.

11 - Nothing formal; 5,003 steps.

12 - Jessica Valant Pilates Back Pain Relief Exercises; YWK Monday Morning Gentle Stretch plus daily meditation; 4,264 steps.

13 - Ellen Barrett WW 10 Minute Walk; Sarah Beth Full Body Stretch Standing Yoga; YWK Morning Yin Yoga for Hips plus daily meditation; 5,610 steps.

14 - My own yin and PT blend; GYM for 20/20 treadmill and recumbent bike; 7,284 steps.

15 - YWK Day 3, Wednesday Morning Yoga Twists plus meditation; 2,268 steps.

16 - My own pre-gym yoga/PT routine; GYM for 15 recumbent and an hour of weight machines plus static lunges and step-ups; 5,552 steps.

17 - Bellyfit TV2 class 12 - Rebel Rising; Unplugged 1909; 4,846 steps.

18 - Lee Holden Qigong for Back Pain - lying face up; YWK Restorative Yoga for Aching Joints; 4,937 steps.

19 - Nothing formal; 4,080 steps.

20 - Jane Fonda's Easy Going Workout plus PM Relaxation from her AM/PM Yoga for Beginners; 5,479 steps.

21 - Ellen Barrett Fat Burning Pilates; my own restorative supported fish and bridge; 5,244 steps.

22 - A premix from Bernadette Giorgi's Attitude, parts of the weighted ball routine and mat work; Lower Balance section of Yee's Core Centered Yoga; 3,229 steps.

23 - GYM for 15/15 treadmill and recumbent bike; YWK Heart Opening Yin; 5,273 steps.

24 - LWR Advent Calendar Days 23 and 24, 7 Minute Cardio Abs and 7 Minute Winter Wonderland Adventure; Margaret Richard Perfect 10, workout 1; Yee's Core Centered Yoga, Back Balance; 5,695 steps.

25 - 20 minute lunch walk; my own yin practice in the evening; 7,217 steps.

26 - Weight Loss with Natasha Mohan - 10 Minute Walk at Home; my own restorative practice after my massage; 5,073 steps.

27 - Kathy Smith's Matrix Power Walk and the yoga stretch/cooldown; 7,272 steps.

28 - GYM for 20/20/20 stroll on the treadmill, recumbent bike and arc trainer; Kassandra yin yoga for hamstrings and hips; 7,472 steps.

29 - ShovelMax; my own restorative floor yoga; 5,690 steps.

30 - More ShovelMax and stretching; 5,454 steps.

31 - Total day off, didn't even go to work or wear FitBit.
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January 2022!!!

Jumping back in!!

1. Yvette Fit #135 60 min Moderate Impact Weights and Cardio I liked this but didn’t love it. Not sure why, it had a lot of kickboxing moves which I like but it didn’t seem to fly by like most of Yvette’s workouts do. I’ve really lost a lot of strength and fitness over the past year and I need to work to get it back. I can do the workouts but I’m sore after and my stamina is definitely lacking. I’m also struggling with plantar fasciitis in my left foot so I’m trying to be mindful of impact and not do it two days in a row. I do love the stretch with the strap!
2. Heather Robertson Fierce Day 1 Arms and Shoulders Yesterday was really a bad foot day. Maybe it was the Yvette workout or my work shoe choice but my heel was really bothering me all day. Today I opted for an upper body workout and choose this after reading the GD thread. Great basic workout that anyone can make their own. Three sets each of biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Repetitive in the best way, I really felt it during the third set. Choose your weight and rep speed. There’s a minute finisher after each section, next time I think I would do a core exercise. It’s 60 degrees here which is unseasonably warm, tomorrow we’re expecting 8-12 inches of snow!!
3. Fierce day 2 legs + Caroline Girvan 4x4 abs I did the last two Heather workouts with my husband, he really enjoyed how straightforward they are. I know my legs are going to be sore tomorrow even though I went light with the weights. I didn’t even use any weights for the lunges. Caroline’s abs were just 4 exercises- crunches, crunches with leg push outs, heel to heel touches, and scissor legs. 45 sec each with no rest. It adds up especially when your abs are as weak as mine!!!
4. Fierce day 3 Chest and Back and 10 min Ab workout Chest and back was only 40 minutes including the w/u and stretch but it really packed a punch. Three sets of chest or back for 40 sec/10 sec rest followed by a bodyweight exercise. Very little rest in this workout and it added up quickly. I did a lot of pushups on my knees!
18. Cathe Live #378 Warrior Kickboxing 2 I really enjoy a Cathe workout when I’m feeling stressed. She definitely brings that comfort zone feeling. This was a fun kickboxing workout that went by pretty quickly! It felt like a very intermediate intensity workout which was perfect for me today. It clocks in at 52 minutes, the last 10 minutes is core and Cathe does a standing stretch before going to the mat for the core work. For the heavy bag work in the middle I held 2 lb weights in addition to my weighted gloves, that really helped with the intensity. Since there wasn’t a ton of impact in this my foot has felt pretty good all day too.
19-20. Rest I need to come with something I will actually do after work on my 9-5 days. It’s hard getting up early in the dark to workout but it’s hard finding the motivation to workout when I get home. I just would like to get one workout in.
21. Cathe Live #379 Superset Circuit I enjoyed Cathe’s latest workout! 2 lower body exercises, two upper body exercises, and then two core. Cathe kind of messed up with the first couple circuits. She intended the two upper body exercises to be the same body part but the first two circuits alternate chest and back. Made absolutely no difference to me. I did get sweaty doing this workout and my heart rate was elevated throughout, but it’s all strength and no cardio. I went one lighter than Cathe on some of the exercises and just did the push-ups on the floor instead of putting my feet on the bench. This was a fun full body weight workout.
22. CL #367 Cardio Kickboxing and Core I liked this one too! I especially like core work using the mini ball and that there are kicks in this workout. Again, not a lot of impact in this one which is great for my foot. I used 2 pound weights plus my gloves for the bag section.
23. CL 366 PHA Supersets 2 This was very similar in structure to Superset Circuits without the core supersets. There are a couple of core sets at the end. It’s a little shorter at 45 mins which was perfect for today. Liz If you did and enjoyed Superset circuits give this one a try too. I didn’t get super sweaty but it’s a little chilly in the basement now. I did enjoy this workout and I’m glad I resubcribed to Live. It feels a little fresh to me because it’s been a while. I really feel out of shape right now but these are great for conditioning. Today I was happy to do all 12 push-ups without feeling like I had to stop. I just have to get through a few weeks of feeling like this. Next month core!!!
24. Naomi Joy 30 min low impact cardio HiiT + Annie Concept Starter 1/24 I need Naomi’s rebounder workout with sneakers, usually i go barefoot but last time I did a rebounder workout my foot complained. I just worked through the 15 sec breaks to make it a steady state workout. I wouldn’t label this HiiT but I liked the moderate intensity and the arm engagement. Annie Concept is a streaming service that I signed up for over Christmas. It is a total ripoff of Tracy Anderson streaming, except for the price and the fact that Annie seems very sweet. Starter is the shortest/easiest workout at 35 minutes or so. It’s those weird freestyle arms and some creative mat work using ankle weights. There’s a nice [[/B]relaxing meditative vibe to this and it ends with a nice stretch.
25. Yvette Fit #26 – 60 Minute – Cardio Kickboxing/Heavy Legs Workout My foot has been feeling good this week so I thought I would tempt fate with an Yvette. The last one I did was an Yvette step and I was hurting a lot more after that. I also only did a monthly membership because I wasn’t sure how I would tolerate these workouts. I did this one before and I knew that the impact wasn’t crazy and so far my foot feels fine. It’s not 100% but it doesn’t feel any worse. It was nice to do a sweaty cardio workout with a leg focus. I used the same weight as Yvette and I think she goes a little slower on her reps than Cathe. I just feel like I can really go full range.
26-27. Rest Still can’t get in the groove of a 9-5 day with a workout.
28. Yvette Fit #25 Cardio Kettlebell Work (43 min) I did this until Yvette breaks and stretched on my own. I was running out of time and struggling! I kept up but wasn’t sorry to cut it short.
29. Cathe live #278 PHA 2020 + 1.5 of shoveling I don’t think I’ve done this live before and it was great. Really flew by and I felt like it hit all the bases and got my heart rate up. It was funny to hear Cathe talk about how great 2020 was going to be. Really cracked me up! We got snow and a lot of it (for us)! There were drifts and it’s super cold out there so I did not enjoy myself. The only plus side was that it was so windy that it was easy to clean the cars off.

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~~ January 2022 ~~

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 2 Self-Care Series

Cee - 40-4-40 one
Beo & Be Qigong - Day3 Self-Care Series

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 4 Self-Care Series
Taebo - ready to sweat

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 5 Self-Care Series
Cee - 40-4-40 two

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 6 Self-Care Series
Taebo - basic live 10
DAY 1 & 2: Kukuwa Alive in 5 | 30 Day Challenge

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 7 Self-Care Series
Cee - 40-4-40 three
DAY 3 & 4: Kukuwa Alive in 5 | 30 Day Challenge

Beo & Be Qigong - Day 8 Self-Care Series
Mr & Mrs Muscles - 10 minute Core Activation | No.68
DAY 5 & 6: Kukuwa Alive in 5 | 30 Day Challenge

intuflow joint mobility
DAY 7 & 8 Kukuwa Alive in 5

DAY 9 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Cee - 40-4-40 four

DAY 10 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Taebo basic 10

DAY 11 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Cee - 40-4-40 five
CDornerFitness - 30 Minute Mobility Stretch for Flexibility Routine

DAY 12 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Taebo live 8 minute workout

DAY 13 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Cee - 40-4-40 six
Taebo - original 8 minute workout
Taebo - inspirational workout

DAY 14 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Taebo basic 3
Taebo original 8 minute workout

DAY 15 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Tae Bo Express - Fast Footwork

DAY 16 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Joint Mobility
Cee - 40-4-40 seven

DAY 17 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Lee - qigong day 12
Taebo basic 1

DAY 18 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Ben - 7 minute mobility
Cee - 40-4-40 eight
Taebo - 8 minute original

DAY 19 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Lee - qigong day 22
Taebo - celebrity sculpt

Cee - 40-4-40 nine
Ben - hip mobility

DAY 21 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - 10 Min Yoga Stretch for Tension Relief
Taebo Gold

DAY 22 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - 10 Minute Yoga Full Body Stretch
Taebo Extreme 1
Taebo punch out

DAY 23 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - 10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch
Cee - 40-4-40 ten

DAY 24 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - 10 Min All In One Everyday Yoga Stretch
Taebo basic live 3

DAY 25 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - Yoga Stretches for Lower Leg Tension - Foot, Ankle, Shin and Calf Stretches
Cee - 40-4-40 eleven
Taebo basic 8
Tae Boģ Official Punch Out

DAY 26 Kukuwa Alive in 5
taebo 1
Sarah chair yoga

DAY 27 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Cee 40-4-40 twelve
Joint mobility

DAY 28 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Yoga With Bird - 10 min stretch

DAY 29 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Ben - 7 min mobility
Taebo exclusive workout

DAY 30 Kukuwa Alive in 5
Lee qigong day 7
Cee 40-4-40 thirteen
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Location: Arkansas
I am so ready for 2022.

January 2022


2 - Les Mills Pump and Burn
3 - Power 15
5 - Les Mills Pump and Burn
6 - Stretch 360
8 - Les Mills Pump and Burn

9 - Ellen Barrett Barre Conditioning
11 - Les Mills Pump and Burn
12 - Ellen Barrett Quick Cardio
13 - Les Mills pump and Burn

22 - Ellen Barrett Sleek Side Body

23 - Lift with Cee Sculpted Arms
24 - Ellen Barrett Quick Cardio
25 - Lift with Cee Sculpted Arms
27 - Lift with Cee Sculpted Arms

30 - Cee's Plateau Buster Week 1 Day 1
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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January 2022!

1 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 12/29/21 - 30 minutes; Pilates & Yoga with Katja - Let's Begin with Your Breath - 25 minutes
2 Rest Day
3 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Dwayne 1/3/22 - 30 minutes
4 Unintended Rest Day
5 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Penny 12/27/21 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 5 Minute Pilates Basics
6 Worked late
7 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Penny 12/17/21 - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Leg Workout - 10 minutes
8 Blogilates - Sleek Body Sculpt - 27 minutes; Pilates & Yoga with Katja - Gentle Wake Up Stretches - 16 minutes
9 Get Healthy U TV - Barre Strong: Lower Body Barre Workout - 30 minutes
10 Walk At Home - Walk, Run, Lift 20 minute workout - 20 minutes; Buff Bones - Quadruped bite
11 Walk At Home - Walk, Run, Lift 30 minute workout - 30 minutes; FitByMik - 20 Minute Legs & Booty Workout - 20 minutes; Buff Bones - Supine Band
12 Dog Walk - 30 minutes
13 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Taylor Toned - 30 Minute Barre & Pilates Class
14 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Penny 1/14/22 - 30 minutes
15 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Penny 1/15/22 - 30 minutes; Kait Coats - 2022 Love Your Body Pilates Challenge - Day 1 - 20 minutes
16 Rest Day
17 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine- 12/22/21 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - 20 Minute Pilates for Beginners Workout
18 Dog Walk - 35 minutes
19 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength Workout with Adita 1/18/22 - 30 minutes
20 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 1/19/21 - 30 minutes
21 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength Workout with Adita 1/4/22 - 30 minutes
22 Rest Day
23 Rest Day
24 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength Workout with Penny 12/31/21 - 30 minutes
25 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio Workout with Penny 12/31/21 - 30 minutes
26 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mindful Movement with June 1/15/22 - 30 minutes
27 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio Workout with Madeleine 1/5/22 - 30 minutes
28 Senior Shape - Cardio and Strength Workout - 34 minutes & 10 Minute Stretch
29 Walk At Home - Walk Run Lift 2 Mile + Lift - 40 minutes
30 Dog Walk - 30 minutes
31 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength Workout with Adita 12/28/21 - 30 minutes

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just the workouts, kcm power splits

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