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Old 08-07-13, 06:45 PM  
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Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Continuity Omnicentric Questions Wrist Wrists

I'm now on 1.1.1O Level 3 Day 111-120 and she is not consistent with working out sides (Right vs left). It's a little annoying.

Also, when using the weights for plank moves, does that support your wrists more than just putting your hand on the floor? I want to support my wrists but sometimes my thumb or another finger keeps rubbing against the weight and I don't want to get a blister.
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Old 08-08-13, 09:41 AM  
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Old 08-08-13, 11:16 AM  
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When I had a wrist injury from too many pushups I had to modify all exercises that involve putting weigh on the hands in a flexed position (which is a lot fo exercises). On mod I did was use yoga blocks as a prop and then be in "elbow plank" on the yoga blocks. That worked well for a lot of exercises including the on all fours type lower body work in TA (some of it anyway). I sometimes did similar with the shorter half of my transfirmer step (and a yoga matt folded on top for cushioning). I also ended up getting pushup handles. I found it uncomfortable to hold weights they were a little hard but some find them good. I think the benefit of weights or handles is that you can keep your wrist in more of a straight position instead of having to flex at the palm to support your weight. When I was injured supporting my body weight even with handles or weights (as handles) was too painful so I mainly used the propping option. When I got stronger using a playground ball, ugi ball or stability ball helped--I hold the sides of the ball so my wrists stay in a straight line and they are gripping a softer surface. This is kind of tiring though as I also have to engage the muscles in the chest while holding the ball and there is even more core stabilizing involved (from a different angle than usual for planks or pushups, etc.)
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Old 08-08-13, 12:13 PM  
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For some of those moves I used a yoga block - had way more stability that way. I don't think the weights are about supporting the wrists because those moves require a lot of core strength, more so than wrist/arm/shoulder strength. Continuity 1.1 is way too early to start introducing those exercises anyway, IMO.

I just rewind and do the right side twice, on both legs.
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