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De-virginized KCM's Powersculpting on LIFT DVD...

I've had this Kelly Coffey-Meyer DVD for years and years and have never mustered up the courage to do the Olympic Lifting segment -- I know I should try it... Anyhow, fast forward to this past weekend when I jammed my little finger on the hinge-side of our kitchen door so it's now the most swollen, bruised up appendage ever. Clearly no yoga, kettlebells or heavy dumbbells for me, so I dug through my copious collection and settled on doing Margaret Richard routines, maybe a Jari Love DVD or two (that requires courage too -- lower weighs but crazy high reps!) and dusted off LIFT. With my injury, I can comfortably grip 5 lb and 8 lb dumbbells and can grab 10 lbs for a bit (but not for too long!)

I did the Powersculpting segment with 8 lb dumbbells till the later part where Kelly indicates one should drop to lighter weights so I grabbed my 5 lbs dumbbells then. All I can say is WOW . She packs a great workout and amazing music into 33 mins! I am usually not a fan of compound moves but these were done in a controlled manner without fancy coordination required. The only modification I did was to substitute back lunges for forward lunges.

I then tacked on another workout -- Light Dumbbell Cardio Sculpting from her Body Design DVD -- and wasn't anywhere near as impressed. I used 5 lb dumbbells but found this was too taxing on some shoulder-heavy moves and too light for others (and as with this kind of workout, no time to switch weights). It also had a bit of impact that was hard to modify. This is kinda a shorter version of Powersculpting but nowhere near as good and the music was faint too
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