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Old 03-08-17, 12:03 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Because I did Piyo, I can now do.....

some of the moves I thought I should give up or maybe never master. And this is coming from a person who has been solely following the modifier. I have shied away from burpees, push ups, planks, and the list goes on. Now I feel like I can do those short segments in other workouts. Like Tracie Long, Firms, Fitprimes, etc. I still modify, but now I know how to do them safely, which makes all the difference in my mind set.

Has there been a method of exercise you've done, that has helped you with other methods? I know Classical Stretch is another one.

It's so funny,... I have these moments of being proud of myself as I'm doing modified triceps push-ups. I find myself smiling through the pain, because I convinced myself for so many years that I can't do them, and now I am.

I love hearing about methods that help achieve goals you thought you might not reach.
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Old 03-08-17, 12:07 PM  
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I am convinced that because I did KBKB workouts that I developed the core strength to do crow pose. Congrats on your accomplishments!
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Old 03-08-17, 01:41 PM  
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For the longest time I couldn't/wouldn't do toe push-ups for fear of a face-plant . After doing Barry's Bootcamp program with the oblong stability ball where you do push-ups with your feet on the ball, I somehow got over this fear.
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