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Old 12-05-23, 02:28 PM  
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I've never lived in a house without stairs. The two houses I grew up in didn't have basements but had a second floor. After we got married we briefly lived in a second floor apartment then a duplex that had two stories and a basement. Our bedroom and the only bathroom were upstairs, the washer and dryer and shower (just a pallet with a shower curtain around it!) were in the basement. The first house we bought was a tuck-under so from the front door you had to go up or down stairs, the entryway was just the landing. Laundry was in the basement there too. Our current house is just one story with a basement. Laundry is on the main floor so hubby almost never goes to the basement but my gym is down there. There is also no way to get into our house without going up 2-3 stairs. I have never minded stairs but when my mom was diagnosed with ALS and eventually had to use a walker it did make me see the downside of stairs as you get older and/or have injuries or mobility issues.
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Old 12-06-23, 12:13 PM  
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Yep, 2 story, bedrooms upstairs and laundry in the basement. I don't have any issues as of now navigating them and up/down several times a day. In addition to the laundry, workout space and litter boxes are in the basement. If I don't get a formal workout in some days I figure at least I'm getting some exercise.
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Old 12-06-23, 12:33 PM  
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Yes and laundry is on the lower level.

I would love to have one level.

But I guess the stairs are aging me BACKWARDS right?

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Old 12-06-23, 01:36 PM  
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Our house has stairs. Our bedroom and laundry room are on the 2nd floor. I curse every time I walk up those stairs! I'm 68 years old now and can walk up the stairs with no problem but I have concerns about the stairs as I get older. A friend in the Barefoot and on the Mat check-in told me that a solution would be to get a stair chair lift installed. I suppose we will do that if we need it at some point. It's cheaper than moving to a single story house.
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Old 12-06-23, 01:49 PM  
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My new (to me) home has the laundry on the 2nd floor. I've never had that before. It is really convenient! In the ground floor apartment I moved from, the laundry was outside on the patio. I got to bother the spiders and a gopher snake came to visit one day.

There is a powder room downstairs. My neighbors have the same floorplan and converted theirs into a full bath with shower. I can get a sofa bed maybe for downstairs.

I did think about the stairs situation when looking at this house. I love it so much, I'll do whatever it takes to live here. I'd look in to one of those stairlift things if I start having issues.

I have a relative who lives in a 3-story townhome. There are three flights of stairs. She's had two knee replacements *and* a hip replacement. Yet, she has never said she wants to move somewhere with one story.
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Old 12-06-23, 03:27 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I'd look in to one of those stairlift things if I start having issues.
A friend of mine rented one when she was having some knee surgery. She loved it so much, she kept it. It wasn't so much for going up and down the stairs (like to use the restroom), but it came in really handy for carrying things between floors. Now she just puts the laundry on the stairlift and up it goes!
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