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Old 12-03-23, 07:39 PM  
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Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Arizona
No, we have a one story ranch style. The only time I had stairs was when I lived in apartments on the second floor. It does seem like a good way to get exercise.
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Old 12-03-23, 07:42 PM  
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: New Jersey
Yes I have stairs. Both Big Bubble and I have knee problems. We weren't planning to stay in NJ that long so didn't think having the stairs would be an issue. Sigh! The next house will definitely be a one story.
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Old 12-03-23, 08:01 PM  
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Location: TX Panhandle
No stairs at my house. That would be a deal breaker for me.

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Old 12-03-23, 09:10 PM  
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: New Orleans metro area
I live in a raised house. Just to get in my house, I have 14 stairs.

You have to make a mess, sometimes, to clean it up.

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Old 12-03-23, 09:22 PM  
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Location: The Ocean State!
Originally Posted by Gams View Post
For those of you who have basements, are your washers and dryers in the basement? I worry about my dad going up and down his basement stairs with laundry. Hell be 89 next June.
When carrying my laundry basket downstairs to the basement, I've actually missed the bottom step. The laundry basket had been blocking my vision to the stairs, so it can be dangerous for the elderly or even middle aged!

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Old 12-03-23, 09:47 PM  
Kathy G
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: USA
I have stairs up to the bedrooms and down to the basement. I find myself holding the railing much more as I age. Im terrified of taking a tumble!
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Old 12-03-23, 10:58 PM  
fanofladyvols's Avatar
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Modify City, State of Fierce
Yes I do and I like to do all sorts of things with the stairs.

I used them for elevated pushups..the carpet on them works great!

I run up them as fast as I can as often as possible.

I walk up them sideways and alternate my lead start leg.

Sometimes I go up them two at a time.

The only issue is they do have a sharp turn and decline. Several people have visited me and I have to caution them or they'll fall. So I don't go down with any shenanigans 😂
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Old 12-03-23, 11:18 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
I have two sets of stairs. Our bedroom is up stairs. I don't mind going up and down. We do have a first floor bedroom so that is an option if the stairs get to be too much. We also have a staircase up to a bonus room over the carport. I go up there fairly often.
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Old 12-04-23, 02:05 AM  
Erica H.
Join Date: Nov 2001
Originally Posted by Kathy G View Post
I have stairs up to the bedrooms and down to the basement. I find myself holding the railing much more as I age. Im terrified of taking a tumble!
I have neuropathy and it's hard for me to always feel where my feet are due to numbness. I keep a tight grip on that stair rail and wish I had a rail in the shower because I'm always scared of falling.

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Old 12-04-23, 07:46 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: MI
Yes we have stairs but everything we need is on the main floor. My workout space is in the basement along with all our "extras" when we do a big shopping. So I am down in the basement everyday doing my workouts.

Otherwise I am on the main floor where our washer/dryer also is so no hauling that stuff up and down.

when we first moved into this house I wasn't so sure about everything being on the main floor but as the years have gone by and the body gets more aches/pains I am so happy to have everything upstairs.
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