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~ Beth ~
Join Date: May 2010
Edge Booty Extreme 1

Edge Booty Extreme 1

About Me: Age 45-50, intermediate exerciser, main form of exercise for the past few months has been PT exercises focusing on glute activation and core strengthening plus walking 30 minutes five days a week, purchased program to strengthen glutes and core for help with low back pain and hip stabilization.

My 2 Cents: I would not recommend EBE1 for someone new to exercise. While the exercises themselves are solid, the presentation is sometimes sloppy with little to no cuing and/or poor form, particularly in workout #3 (Single Leg Burnout) in the all fours and side lying floor work. Having said that, the workouts themselves have great traditional exercises that if formed correctly will provide a solid strength base to build on in EBE2 or other programs. I can't help but compare it to Supreme 90, which in and of itself is a great program if you can get past the sometimes less than optimal presentation.

The music is forgettable but not a deal breaker.

As an instructor, Ingrid Romero is just ok in these. I have not done EBE2 yet but think I will like her better in those workouts. Her form is actually good for most exercises except for the floor work in workout #3. I envy how deep she gets in lateral lunges. She annoyed me only a couple times, in workout #1 when she twice asks a background exerciser, "Are you challenging me?" The first time it was cute, the second time not so much. She has a little silliness to her at times, but it's not often and it's not a deal breaker.

In addition to the DVD containing the four lower body workouts, when you place your order you receive a link via e-mail to a PDF eBook that lays out a meal plan and suggested rotation. It also contains a list of warm-up exercises to active the glute muscles prior to each lower body workout, two upper body paper workouts, a 10-minute HIIT paper workout, and a paper Vacation Booty Express Workout (provides exercises for three separate days and suggested cardio length add-ons).

The suggested rotation is the same for all four weeks:
Day 1 - workout #1 - Booty Blast + 20 min steady state cardio
Day 2 - shoulders & back (paper workout) + HIIT 10
Day 3 - workout #2 - Booty & Core + 20 min SS cardio
Day 4 - chest & arms (paper workout) + HIIT 10
Day 5 - workout #3 - Single Leg Burnout + 20 min SS cardio
Day 6 - workout #4 - Booty Express + 20 min SS cardio
Day 7 - rest

Workout #1 - Booty Blast
Running Time: Approximately 15 minutes
Format: Alternating strength x 30 seconds and cardio x 30 seconds. According to Ingrid, the goal is to get AMRAP, but she also emphasizes form over speed.
Equipment: Dumbbells, optional mat for flutter kicks

1a alternating reverse lung
1b high knees

2a summo dead lift pop
2b 90-90 jump lunges

3a squat heel dig
3b moguls

4a low summo to step back
4b cheerleaders

5a alternating lateral lunge with reach
5b in and out hops

6a summo suitcase squats
6b football run

7a straight leg dead lift
7b genie taps

8a alternating curtsy lunge
8b rotational touch down jacks

9a squat center pivot
9b right oblique knee tucks x 30 sec
9c left oblique knee tucks x 30 sec

10a flutter kicks
10b burpees

Workout #2 - Booty & Core
Running Time: Approximately 13:30
Format: 30 seconds of work for each exercise, little to no rest between each exercise
Equipment: Mat, dumbbells

1 - kneeling step ups right leg
2 - kneeling step ups left leg
3 - scorpions
4 - plank jacks
5 - around the clock lunges right leg (with dumbbells)
6 - around the clock lunges left leg (with dumbbells)
7 - triceps dip and reach
8 - superman
9 - front lunge with chop (holding one dumbbell)
10 - groiners
11 - squat and alternating rear leg lift
12 - flick kick right leg
13 - flick kick left leg
14 - cheeva squat right leg
15 - cheeva squat left leg
16 - glute bridges
17 - single leg glute bridge right
18 - single leg glute bridge left
19 - glute bridge pulse

Workout #3 - Single Leg Burnout
Running Time: Approximately 19:30
Format: Targets one leg at a time: standing (5 exercises x 20 reps each); all fours (5 exercises x 20 reps each); side lying (5 exercises x 10 reps each)
Equipment: Dumbbells for standing section, mat

1 - front to back lunges (front + back = 2 reps)
2 - single leg dead lift
3 - curtsy to tap
4 - pistol squat
5 - lateral lunge to right
6 - warrior 3 hold x 30 seconds
**repeat on opposite side**

All Fours:
1 - straight leg lift
2 - rainbows
3 - bent knee glute raise (donkey kicks)
4 - bent knee crossover
5 - fire hydrant
**repeat on opposite side**

Side Lying:
1 - straight leg lift (abduction)
2 - straight leg circle forward
3 - straight leg circle back
4 - inner thigh lift (hold top leg up, bring bottom leg up to touch top leg)
5 - clams

Workout #4 - Booty Express
Running Time: Approximately 10:30
Format: Body weight only, two versions of each exercise performed for 30 seconds each, little to no rest between exercises
Equipment: None

1a squats
1b squat jumps

2a plie squat (reach for ground, come up on toes)
2b plie squat jumps with heel click (no background exerciser can really do these, and Ingrid walks around during most of the 30 seconds)

3a alternating front lunges
3b jump lunges

4a superman to plank
4b superman to plank with alternating knee drive

5a alternating curtsy lunge
5b skaters

6a single leg knee drive right
6b plyo knee drive right

7a single leg knee drive left
7b plyo knee drive left

8a alternating lateral lunge
8b alternating lateral lunge hops
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