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Old 11-13-21, 08:34 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia, CA
What have you Streamed & how would you Rate it?

I am very curious to learn what you've streamed (Paid;not youTube) and how you'd rate it out of 5.
(Apologies if this is repetitious of another thread).
Please add an asterisk * if you used the streaming service over 3 years ago. It might be very different now.
I'll go first if I can remember everything I've streamed, lol .... I'll just edit if I can recall any others! The laptop I was using when I did much of my streaming is very Dead!
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Old 11-13-21, 08:41 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia, CA
Cathe LIVE, 4.5/5 ... more lower impact cardio would move it to 5!
Cathe On-Demand, 4/5
Pilates Anytime, 3/5
Pilates on Fifth*, 3.5/5
Sleek Technique*, 3/5
Body by MM* (indie on Vhx), 2.5/5
The Yoga Collective*, 2.5/5
FitnessGlo*, 5/5
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Old 11-13-21, 12:11 PM  
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txhsmom's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: TX Panhandle
Lately -

Trifecta Pilates - 5 out of 5
Get You Healthy TV - 5 out of 5

In the past -

Suzanne Bowen Fitness - 5 out of 5
Bar Method - 4 out of 5
Barre3 - 4 out of 5

And I know you didn't ask for YouTube stuff, but here are a couple of my favorites anyway -

Senior Shape - 5 out of 5
Silver & Fit - 6 out of 5 (so many new workouts - free and no ads) - every day

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Old 11-13-21, 12:13 PM  
Registered User
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: Metro Detroit
Currently subbed:

Just Dance Unlimited, 5/5
Essentrics TV, 5/5
Mark Lauren On Demand, 4/5
Barre3, 3/5 (too fast paced and chaotic for this time in my life)
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Old 11-13-21, 12:29 PM  
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Pat58's Avatar
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Connecticut
Glo - 5 stars

Yoga With Kassandra - 4 stars despite loving it. Technically, the app is best on desktop, okay on phone, and a bit lacking on Roku.

Gaia - 3/4 stars. Very cheap, lots of variety, but some of the Gaiam routines are horribly transferred from old tapes to digital. Also a lot of weird content. When I quit, no new workouts or yoga were coming out, just talks on star people, aliens, etc.

Essentrics TV - 3 stars. I liked it until it began hurting my back, and the routines are repetitive. Developed dread factor pretty quick, except for one teacher.

Barre3 - 3 stars. Very nice program, great teachers, but the method is too fast for me and aggravates some issues and classes were mostly too long.

Pilates Anytime - 2 stars. It's similar to Glo but has so many classes I don't have the equipment for.
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Old 11-13-21, 02:06 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: West of Chicago in the Illinois Corn Belt
I dropped a few not mentioned because I was never using them. Mostly yoga streaming.

Essentrics-5/5. Overall for the price they offer a good selection. I am not a fan of some of their newer instructors but I can still access the ones I like and enjoy.

Ellen Barrett-5/5. She is consistent with adding new materials and you can't beat the price. I just like Ellen and most of the classes.

Peleton- 3/5. The classes, not the bike portion. I am not a fan of some of the instructors. They are very young which is ok, but they do a lot of floor/standing/floor again/standing again, bouncing all over the place. The service offers a good variety but I am not using it as I should.

Suzanne Bowen- 4/5. She had a good variety and I like her as an instructor. I dropped the streaming when she wasn't adding new content very frequently. I suspect this when she was dealing with personal issues.
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Old 11-13-21, 02:39 PM  
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JackieB's Avatar
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Minnesota
Essentrics TV---5/5 although i would agree with Izzy in that I'm not really enjoying the newer instructors that are featured. It's a great value, though, and the exclusive content that was filmed prior to 2020 is outstanding.

Ellen Barrett--5/5 I don't love all of Ellen's workouts but the price point is so good. I have some favorite workouts of hers that I think are worth the membership price and I love supporting her.

Barre3--3/5-as others have mentioned, it's a good program but I don't utilize it enough and it feels frantic to me.

Yoga International---3/5 I periodically subscribe just for Jill Miller's offerings.

Daily Burn---2/5 I did the free trial and a month because Ellen Barrett is offering classes there. It's a huge platform with other exercise genres but as a VFer we have been so spoiled with all the excellent instructors out there and I don't know anyone beyond Ellen on Daily Burn. I feel like I get my fill will Ellen's site.

Side note: if you find an instructor you really like and want more of them, see if they offer Zoom classes. I have several instructors I take classes from on the side, and i also offer my own Zoom Essentrics classes.

Certified Essentrics Instructor, Level 4---February 2017
Yoga Tune Up Roll Model Method Practitioner---December 2021

"Movement is a privilege. You don't have to exercise. You get to exercise. Visit a person whose mobility is severely limited, and you'll appreciate the distinction. Do what you can, count yourself lucky, heal yourself in the process." Essentrics Colorado
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Old 11-13-21, 04:45 PM  
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Pat58's Avatar
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Connecticut
PS, a side note - I also tried FitOn and Obe through WW. I do not care for either platform. FitOn's instructors are over the top exuberant and I found it annoying. Obe was just meh. YT is so much better.

I also tried Daily Burn which was very good - just not for me. Seems geared toward a more fit person - fast cardio, etc.
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Old 11-13-21, 05:21 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: IL
From what I can remember of my paid streaming sites, LOL:

Barre 3 - 4/5 (I really enjoyed this but it was a while ago, so not sure if I would love the classes as much now due to joint issues).

Cathe Live - 4/5 (LOVE her Live with the variety and vibe but mostly with the class behind her. I don’t even really notice the music!) Lately, though, I’ve just been purchasing her D/L’s…which is so awesome she sells these!!!

Les Mills - 4/5 (very good variety; excellent music. Pump and Combat…esp. those United Classes being my favorites, but I found myself not using it as much as I intended).

Inner Dimension TV (Travis/Lauren) - 4/5 (Very good variety for all levels, great music, great instructors and I did get my use out of it until joint issues occurred and most power classes weren’t manageable for me. So I didn’t renew. Can be pricey if you don’t utilize a sale price). (Yvette Bachman) - 5/5 (subscribed for the 2nd year…so much variety, good music, FUN workouts - she has very challenging ones and easier ones, so enough content for my liking but would definitely appreciate any Mobility workouts added to the mix! Very reasonable yearly rate ($69.99).

I’m sure there were other random free trials tried, but none I liked well enough to pay for a subscription.
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Old 11-13-21, 09:57 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2014
Cathe Live 5/5 Love it! I like her music and all the lower impact options. I don't even do DVDs anymore, just Cathe Live workouts!

Essentrics 3/5 mostly like everyone says, the newer instructors from the live stuff aren't great. But the exclusive content from Sahra, Sasha, Gail, and Meg are awesome!

Ellen 2/5 I tried it for a year and quit. I needed longer (30 to 45 min) newer workouts. The 15 and 20 mins ones weren't long enough. I also didn't care for some of her background exercisers. Also the cardio ones were fairly repetitive and kind of boring.
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streaming reviews, streaming services

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