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Old 05-25-22, 08:26 AM  
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MetRx-180 Rotation - Tired of Looking So I'll Ask

I have searched but haven't found answers.

The guide that I have with my Met-Rx 180 gives the Phase 1 rotation as:
Day 1 - Conditioning 1
Day 2 - Cardio
Day 3 - Conditioning 2
Day 4 - Conditioning 3
Day 5 - Cardio
Day 6 - Cardio
Day 7 - Rest

I am wondering if I have a mis-printed guide, or if two total body workouts in a row is intentional. If intentional, does anyone know the purpose?

I can ask Frank Sepe on Facebook, but I'd rather see if anybody else here has done the Phase 1 rotation as listed above and found it to be a good thing, or simply just knows that this 2-in-a-row plan is a good thing for some benefit.

I did Conditioning 1 and 2 last week but then went out of town. I couch-potato'd Conditioning 3. From what I did and couch-potato'd, this doesn't look to me like what The Firm does with Tortoise and Hare workouts.

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