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Arrow Just The Workouts~SEPTEMBER 2021~*Everyone is Welcomed!*

September 2021

30- KCM Box Fit (Workout 2 Weights= 35 min.); Cathe Rev'd Up Rumble (Premix TS 4: Combos Only =26 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga
31- Yvette Fit #125 60 Min. - Killer Cardio/Strength/Core Workout; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches

This month I am going to ATTEMPT to loosely follow Cathe's September '21 Rotation. I hope I don't miss my YT girls too much, so I may sub Cathe's workouts with theirs if so. I am also going to insert more stretching throughout. Meditation and MFP recording daily.

1 - XT Tabatacize (Tabatas 1-5 + Core #1 Premix=55 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I don't think I ever did this workout all the way thru plus add on the core segment! I took a lot to my rebounder and I used my topper only. This might not have been a great idea after Yvette's toughie yesterday!! Hers was so much more fun for me and I burned almost 140 calories more than Cathe's (same time frame)...could have been I kept it more low impact but I kept Y's more lower too. Hmmm. And why the standing stretch in this? All I wanted to do was lay on the floor after the core work! Anyway, I do feel accomplished but now I need to wash my hair...wasn't planning to today, LOL. ETA: groceries/Mow Max (60 min.) Note to self: this is too much in one day for your foot issues! Icing now…
2 - Perfect 30 Pump (Upper Body/Upper Body Bonus/Extended Stretch Premix=42 min.); 10 min. of my Pull-Down Add-On Cathe's rotation called for P30 LB but I needed to give my LB a break! This is such a great UB workout!! So good if wanting to lift super heavy or just moderate weights and sometimes I slipped in an extra rep or two. For the upright rows in the Bonus, I did pull-downs plus I also added on 10 more min. of pull downs...4 sets/16 reps of over/underhand variations at 35#. I included this after the Bonus then I did the Ext. stretch last. I'm going to include this add-on after the UB workouts this month.//Foot is still sore--feels better when I wear walking shoes with my inserts. Vanity can't be an cute sandals right now. :/
3 - Perfect 30 Pump (Lower Body/Extended Stretch Premix=36 min.); Olivia Lawson (10 Min. Inner Thigh Workout); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches A good workout and it was over before I knew it! Replaced D/L's with Cheeva Squats (i.e. EBE2) and hamstring roll-ins with the ball. Added on Olivia's workout for additional LB work.
4 - XT All Out Low Impact HiiT (Floor & Step Premix=30 min. minus stretch); Perfect 30 (Mobility); Mady's Back Relief Pain Stretches Dust bunny in AOLIH - last time in 2017!!!! Great recovery workout but ugh on all the many close-ups of Amanda's assets. :/ Added on Cathe's mobility but needed Mady's stretch to accomplish that release for my back. At least it was nice working out with Cedie and Amanda this week (but could have done without so many body visuals, LOL!)
5 - Rest Day

6 - Boss Bands Total Body (TS#2 Upper Body=47 min.); 2 sets of Pull-Downs Add-On; add'l upper body stretches I liked this premix of this workout a lot without adding in the lower body work! However, this premix still includes some leg exercises combined with shoulders, so legs do get worked somewhat. I used the orange band for the w/u and both the blue and green bands together for most of the remainder of the exercises. No band for the p/u's, as I didn't want to make it harder on my wrists, and the green band only for the core work. I used the blue band only during the forearm curls (recovery) and just the green band for the triceps, but for the rest, I used the two bands together. That worked well and the resistance level and ROM was good since the only one over the head were the triceps. ETA:[Rereading all this, sounds like I hardly used the two bands for anything, LOL. There were pretty many exercises that seemed to work using both.] By the time I got to my pull-down add-on, my arms were fried and I could only do 2 sets instead of 4! My lower back was feeling it, though when I was done - and especially during the bicep segment. The two bands together throughout might be too much for my lower back issue. But at least I know I can use both for the majority of the exercises! Added on an extra UB stretch. Didn't burn many calories but it's a strength workout which usually doesn't burn as many but I sure felt it this time!
7 - Boss Loops Glutes & Core; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Great workout and again I used my pink medium band for the standing work, but today I used Cathe's green medium band for all the rest. I had to play around raising and lowering it around my thighs during the floor & core work and I felt it just fine! I think using this resistance will have a less dread factor for me than using my heavy band like last time. This is a really good one for fat burning according to my HRM. Just love the w/u and stretch!
8 - LIS Cardio Supersets (Cardio Supersets Express + Step + Rounds 5-8); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches This w/o was a dust bunny since 2016!!!!! I can't believe I let this gem sit on my shelf for 5 years!!!!! I had a blast, so much so, that I went back and did rounds 5-8 again! So basically, the 64 min. Cardio Supersets Extreme Premix. I don't think I ever did the Step segment (or don't remember it), thinking it was choreographed. It is basic step drills! Since I had done this w/o, I had rearranged my w/o area, so I wasn't able to do disc work on my thin carpet and only on my puzzle mats which don't slide well. So, today I thought I'd try the discs on my carpet and they worked great!!! Who knew? So cool to w/o with Lorraine again! I think I will be sore tomorrow since I hadn't done disc work for eons!! Maybe the energy drink I had beforehand had something to do with going back and adding on more?!! 500+ calorie burn with absolutely no jumping - woo hoo!
9 - LITE Bodyweight & Bands (w/u; Main Workout; Calorie Crush; no stretch=52 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Mow Max (2.5 hours-got caught up in trimming bushes/trees) Thought I would try this w/o with Cathe's new fabric bands but it didn't work too well and I didn't want to futz around trying different bands eating up my w/o time. I did use her green fabric band for the shoulders/tricep overhead work but that's all. I used my green & blue latex stretchie bands and my green tubing (which doesn't allow for overhead work). Also used my dark purple FW band. For the Calorie Crush, I did it almost all on the rebounder - exception when I got off for the snowboards but back on for the air jacks. I did mostly air jacks and tuck jumps on rebounder if I couldn't do the exercise Cathe was doing. I still like this band workout a lot and no hydrants(!) which is a plus in my book! Good w/o for having to perform Mow Max least I'm not exhausted before I even start!
10- Heather Robertson (Low Impact No Repeats Total Body HiiT - 40 min. sans stretch); ICE Low Impact Sweat (Blizzard Blast; Icy Core 2); Mady’s Back Pain Relief Stretches; ETA: 3 hours yard work/cleaning at DS’ condo. [I had to be at DS’ to let in a worker, so I just hung out over there (and worked!)] I was all set to do one of the cardios from LIS, but made the mistake of reading my emails…i.e... 2lazy4gym’s review of HR’s w/o, and that was that! At least I did something from LIS (but totally forgot that the Blizzard Blast is not low impact!!) I used my topper but I’m icing my foot now. I liked Heather’s w/o but a lot of up/down but I did like most of the exercises and surely appreciated the low impact and no repeats!
11- LITE PHA 2; Perfect 30 (Mobility) This PHA is definitely one of my favs and just right with 2 sets of repeated exercises. I like repeating them to get deep in each muscle group. My weights weren't as heavy as last time I did this one but I followed Cathe for most, going heavier on a couple in the 2nd round. The bad thing about this cooler weather is that the A/C doesn't run and my w/o area was super hot even with 2 fans...I was a sweaty mess when done! But turned the air back on since it's back to summer temps this weekend! [Side note: Still not sick of Cathe, folks! ;0) Very surprising for me. My appetite was very low this week...I think maybe doing less cardio and more strength (not necessarily weights, tho) may be my golden ticket?!! Scale was very kind this morning].
12- Rest Day

13- Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body (Mish Mosh Extreme #3 (includes 2 rounds of Bonus Abs = 59 min.); My Pull Down Finisher; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I usually do the shorter Scrambled Push Pull premix but I love this premix of giving me a break from the lifting with inserting a few of the abs after chest and after biceps. During the plank complex, my wrist was not allowing me full body weight, so I did elbow plank variations. I used the no music option and played my own music. Works shoulders last and they are more fresh, although I was done by the end! Mustered up enough strength to add on my finisher of 1 round of pull-downs @35# (under hand/overhand grips) and 1 round @45#. Love this workout (that got ignored since 2019) with all the finishers that get in there and how!
14- (Very sore in my UB today!!!) Lower Body Blast (no Bonus Leg Conditioning = 59 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Groin stretches I originally got rid of this one then in 11/20 acquired it again as a Daily Deal for the floor FW band work. Didn't think much of the floor work but today, I used Cathe's medium fabric band and that made all the difference. I had to take breaks! The standing work was a pleasant surprise...I remembered this one as being a heavy leg workout(?), it's more metabolic with cardio bursts and lighter weights. I really enjoyed this one (sans the low ends)!! During the step work in the w/u though, I felt groin pain (that subsided as I occasionally inserted groin stretches and as the w/o went on), but I noted I need more of a w/u without the step work!). I love how Cathe takes the time to stretch throughout...which is seldom done now in her newer offerings. Wow, if I wasn't doing her rotation, this one would have sat on my shelf probably another 10 years collecting dust (minus doing the floor band work recently). Love this rotation!! ETA: IDT Renew & Rejuvenate (Lauren- 43 min.) DH had to work late, so I had time to "put my feet up the wall". A last hoorah before my subscription ends tomorrow...a very relaxing class that uses a bolster and it felt great under my upper back. I didn't have my blocks nearby, so I used my foam roller to prop my feet & head on for the different poses. (I really like my foam roller and use it daily to roll my heel). I feel I got use out of my IDT subscription for 3/4 of the year before the horrible flare-up occurred and couldn't perform much power yoga for the past 4 months. They do have some great classes but I won't miss their stories or "self-help" talk too much. ;0)
15- Yvette Fit #19 Cardio & Core Workout=60 min.; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches The rotation called for Cardio Core Circuit but it is not among my collection, so this one seemed more doable anyway for my joint issues and actually was a great sub! It was a super fun class that uses the stability ball for cardio & core work, along with 5's, 8's & 10# KB & gliders. I found out my (rather new) smaller stab. ball works so much better with my low ceiling and my gliders worked doing them on my carpet (I just need to stand elsewhere to perform the exercises). <3 Very fun, sweaty, & non-stop class but still sailed by! Felt great to w/o with Yvette, dare I say!
16- *******365 DAYS OF DAILY MEDITATION!!!!******** Who knew I could do it?? LOL
Travel Fit; Perfect 30 (Mobility) I didn't even have the stats when I did this one I'm guessing around 2010! Great cast of Cedie, Lorraine, Deezie & Brenda. I didn't want to eat up my w/o time again trying to figure out if Cathe's new fabric bands would work with this, so I used my green stretchie. I did reach for her Medium fabric band during the overhead exercises cause my stretchie doesn't allow that. Note to self: I think I need to buy one of Cathe's green stretchies...mine is starting to stick together as it is OLD. I didn't even remember this w/o had cardio bits in it but is low impact. Still would be a good one for travel when just wanting to move a bit.//I am going to buy me a Diet Coke today in appreciation of my 1 yr. anniv. of meditation! I deserve it. (Doesn't take much to make me happy, LMAO!)
17- LIS Total Body Trisets (Lower Body Express=23 min.); Lean Legs & Abs (TS #2 No Core Premix=38 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga What I originally thought would be a dread-inducing workout (not a fan of LB Trisets), this turned out to be a great workout w/ my modifications! I did the shortest premix, LOL, but I added the BOSU for all the dreaded forward lunge variations and just touching down to my calf and worked out great! It made it more doable and likable for me...even better than the JFO option. I give myself an A+ for creativity as I think I only did the wall squat as intended, LOL. Adding on LL&A was an even better idea to add a little more balance challenge (love this one for great leg conditioning and balance work) and since my BOSU was already out, I used it for the forward lunge variations in this one too. Brought my workout to a little over 60 min. with my added stretch. Great lower body workout today and hit 2 dust bunnies in the process!
18- LIS Total Body Trisets (Upper Body Express=19 min.); Cathe Live #234 Strong Express Upper Body=36 min.; Yoga30For30 (Mobility) Doing TBT these past two days have just enforced my opinion that it'll probably be some time again before I reach for either of these...just don't take to the exercises at all, even the shortest premixes. Cathe's live workout is always a favorite to get in and get out with a fried UB!! This is the class that has the p/u and sit up frenzy at the end...I just did p/u's at once and held plank variations for the durations which is more enjoyable for me. Cathe totally fries the shoulders from the get-go so it gets harder as you go. Thankfully, she decreases the reps by the end. While I was doing the regular bicep curls, my R wrist would pop/click, so I knew I should probably do Lauren's Mobility class! It is one I don't mind laying on the floor and holding the poses long. I really need to do this one more often for an awesome therapy session for shoulders and wrists. Great UB workout & stretch!
19- Rest Day

20- RwH Low Impact HiiT 2; RwH Plyo HiiT 2; Bonus Abs 1; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I was just planning on doing her LIH but I had extra energy (that rest day did me good!), so I decided to add on her PH2. Had so much fun today! I'm embarrassed to say I didn't remember anything about her LH2, doing it last in 2018!!! It is such a gem! It was 2020 for PH2...I remember this one keeping my HR up for the whole workout just using my step mat. It rang true today fun, but I did change up the many power 7's with knee repeaters or high knees. Wow, awesome dust bunnies! 500+ cal burn - woo hoo and keeping it lower impact, too. Gotta love it!
21- ICE To The Mat (TS #4: No Floor Work=32 min.) This was a good one to do after my early hair appt. that didn’t result in any sweating. Another dust bunny bit the dust…last time in 2018.
22- LIS Athletic Training; Mady's Back Pain Relief stretches This is another dust bunny of waiting 5 whole years since I did AT!!! I always associated this one with somewhat of a dread factor with that cardio segment at the beginning.... fast forward another 5 years and adding a BOSU as a sub for the step, and presto! a brand new FUN non-dread-inducing workout!!!! Had a BLAST today! It worked perfectly since she just does athletic exercises and no flying over the step, etc. I also used it for some of the core work. I noted I can heavy up next time on some of the weight work---those squat presses were a breeze with the 8's! I did slow down my pace (and heavied up) for the rear delt flyes but did keep it lighter for the DL's as I did one-legged DL's with raised back leg. Fantastic workout!! Great calorie burn too (another good one for afterburn effects) and keeping it safe(r) for the joints!
23- My lower body is sooo sore today!!! Yvette Fit (w/u); YT Fitness__KayKay (50 Min. Full Body Resistance Band Workout...); Olivia Lawson (Full Body Resistance Band Workout=16 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; 2 hours Yard Work (beautiful, beautiful day!) I so wanted to continue with Yvette's workout, but thought I should follow the rotation and at least do a band workout! I couldn't face her Boss Band TB workout today, and KayKay's & Olivia's w/o's were a good sub for using the long bands. Thanks for mentioning this one, Jane, and what band(s) you used, so I wasn't 2nd guessing during the whole thing. I used my blue and green fabric bands which worked great. I even heard some Cathe music at one point! For a couple exercises on knees, I couldn't get my feet positioned in the band and put it up around my body and by the time I finally got positioned, she was about done! Luckily she does a 2nd set of most exercises, so I just grabbed my pink band and put it around my thighs which worked just as well, LOL. Another exercise was during Superman...I kept getting my ponytail caught in the band, LOL, so I just held the band out and up and down instead of bringing it back behind my head. But anyway, it was a goodie but I stopped at the HiiT finisher, haha, and added on Olivia's workout which was a nice little finisher in its' own way. It got into the muscles just a little bit more. During the biceps where Olivia does one arm at a time (she uses tubing), I just did both arms for one set then hammer curls for the 2nd set (hand placement & positioning makes all the difference!). So my arms got a double bonus there. I appreciate how these ladies take their time and concentrate on form using these bands. Good stuff! I am realizing with the band work, it's all about how you position your hands and feet to make it more or less challenging, choking up on the band, etc. I'm glad to find some YT workouts for practicing!
24- Yvette Fit #102 45 Min. All Out Cardio Kickboxing; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I had low energy this morning (not to mention SORE - I think from the band work & yard work) so maybe I'll get to Plyo HiiT 1 before the month is over. I was craving some k/b and this Yvette is one of my favorites on her site when wanting some k/b (that includes kicks!) and is both high impact and low impact which doesn't seem so taxing and is very doable. It is non-stop cardio that is just so much fun and fabulous for standing core work throughout until her water break at the 36 min. mark. More cardio then the last 3-4 min. are core & stretch on the floor. I had my 2# wrist weights on and my arms were feeling it today! Another gorgeous day!
25- Perfect 30 (Mobility); Yoga30For30 (Mobility) I listened to my body and needed some stretching neck/shoulders/traps are so sore from wearing my wrist weights yesterday during Yvette's class! Lauren's class really helped with that.
26- Rest Day

27 - RwH Plyo HiiT One (Premix 3 - first 1/2 of PH One & last half of PH Two=27 min.); RwH Bonus Abs 2; Stretch; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I like this premix a lot but have to scurry around very quickly to grab my topper when the PH Two premix starts in--no warning! I did the tuck jump frenzies on my rebounder. There is no premix to add on the abs or stretch, so this was my premix which timed out around 53 min with all...had to make it shorter, as I have to take my mom to an appt. soon as well as finish the cleaning I didn't get to yesterday.
28- Step Boss PHA 3; Extended Lying Stretch Only the 3rd time for this one...I used my topper and had to keep the weights lighter (my hands are really painful today), so nothing more than 15# for the sumo/D/L's. These exercises are really creative - lots of weighted functional fitness and I burned just as many calories using lighter weights (ok, maybe 20 less) than when I could heavy up the first time doing it. Overall, a great workout that keeps up your HR but it was a little disappointing not doing it as intended.
29- Boss Loops: Glutes & Core (Mish Mosh Premix 4: Double Standing Lower Body Strength with Low Impact Cardio (minus stretch); Five Parks Yoga (Quick & Deep Stretch Relaxation Yoga Class - 17 min.) OK, I found a gem of a premix for the Loop workout! LOVED this premix of doubling the standing portion and much so, that I will be trying the EXTRA Standing premix that is 67 min. next time!!!! May seem overkill, though, so I'll have to see. This premix was perfect at 40 min. (minus stretch), and the first time I used my pink medium band above my knees, and the 2nd time I used Cathe's green medium band above my knees. I also added my wrist weights the 2nd time around and added more upper body movements above my head...very easy to do and that made a big difference!! Totally makes it more total body and I love the fact that it's all standing since floor work sometimes has a major dread for me. This premix rocks and so glad I tried it!!! Erin's class was wonderful too...I am really missing her...she's still on break with an injury (I think), so revisiting her class was great. Feeling fantastic!
30- ICE Chiseled Upper Body (Mish Mosh Scrambled #2--mixes in core work from Icy Core 1=52 min.); Five Parks Yoga (12 min. Low Back Stress Release Yoga Class) This premix sort of takes the dread of this w/o away for me. Cathe is very innovative with her moves and with my lower back issue, I changed up some exercises (i.e. discus throw/some of the floor work) by adding in weight work. It is easy to go heavier in this - I used 5's (shoulders), 10's and 12's and when I'm doing extra chest and tricep work then intended, it adds up! Instead of the Bear Crawl Plank Walks, I did Bear Crawl walk outs then holding hovers with knees off floor. My quads are still feeling it an hour later!! It's good to be familiar with these YT instructors' exercises that I can sub Cathe's moves with and making it more challenging in the process! Erin's class was nice but Mady's Back Pain Release is still my #1 go-to for releasing tension in my back which I desperately needed after CUB! This w/o didn't burn very many calories, but I was in the FB zone for almost the whole workout today!! That's something!

Great, great rotation, and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe b/c I hadn't followed an instructor's rotation for YEARS?! Mostly, I think it was the format and doing more strength workouts during the month that eased my boredom and possibly gave me some decent, noticeable results (to me anyway)! Also, I achieved a milestone reaching 1 whole year of daily meditation when I didn't think I could do even a week!
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Week 8:

31- JM's Killer Body: Lower Body + Short Stretch.
01- JM's Killer Body: Upper Body + Short Stretch.
02- JM's Killer Body: Core + Short Stretch.
03- JM's Killer Body: Lower Body + Short Stretch.
04- JM's Killer Body: Upper Body + Si6: Slim & Limber. I used 8s for the first three circuits, and 5s for circuit 4. And DONE!!!!
05- A.M. & P.M. Stretch: A.M. Stretch.

SANS NOM ROTATION: 4 days on/1 day off. I'll be trying some virgins and revisiting some dust bunnies.

06- Pilates For Beginners with Kristin MacGee (dust bunny). I did the whole thing (60 min.).
07- Body Target BalanceBall: Upper Body (dust bunny). I am on recovery mode, so I will be doing gentle workouts for a few days.
08- Body Target BalanceBall: Abs (dust bunny). This one was quite challenging, and there was one move I couldn't do at all, so I stuck with the first version.
09- Body Target BalanceBall: Lower Body (dust bunny).
10- Rest day.
11- Gilad' Sculpt & Tone Workout (virgin) + Short Stretch. It was more challenging than expected, and not 60 minutes but close to 70 minutes! I used 8s for lower body, back and first round of biceps (had to drop it to 5s), I used 3s for the shoulders, at first I thought it was too light, but I soon was glad they were 3s and no 5s! I used 5s for the rest, and I could have probably used 12s for lower body, I might try it next time. I loved the workout! My upper body was on fire, and I was feeling those leg extensions by the end.
12- Gilad' Step Aerobics (semi-virgin ) + Short Stretch. Awesome workout! Simple choreography, yet interesting and fun, I love it!!
13- - - 18- Nada. I haven't been able to workout since Monday, I got an eye infection on Sunday, and on Monday it was worse, I feel tension on my eye if I do too much effort, so I decided to rest, hopefully I will get back to it soon.
19- 3-in-1 Total Body Fitness with Desi Bartlett (dust bunny): Cardio + Stretngth & Flexibility (dust bunny.).
20- The Tone Every Zone Walk (dust bunny): Upper Body + Lower Body & Fast Walk (dust bunny).
21- KS' Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner (virgin): Workout 1 + Workout 2 & Cool Down Stretch. Fun workout!
22- Unplanned rest day.
23- KS' Lift Weights To Lose Weights (virgin): Upper Body + Lower Body + Abs & Si6: Slim & Limber. LWTLW was more challenging than I thought it was going to be after previewing, I used my foldable bench, for upper body I did track 1 lighter weights and reached failure a few times. For LB, I did track 2 (weights plus ankle weights), Abs was a crunch galore, the good thing with Kathy is that she always work the back as well. Great stuff! My only complaint is that during the leg lifts she did more reps on the second leg.
24- Kari Anderson's Go Step (virgin). Easy choreography, yet fun and I got a nice little sweat going, I liked it.
25- Rebound Fitness' Hiit Rebound Compilation 1: Power Bounce (virgin) + 23 Minute Total Body Stretch (My Own). For PB you grab 1-3 pounds dumbbells after the warm up and you don't put them down until the cool down stretch, toning exercises include bicep curls, shoulders press, chest press, side crunches, punches and others, all while still bouncing, so you get your cardio and tone all at the same time. I only used 1 pound soft walking weights, since my biceps were still very sore from LWTLW, but next time I think I will try it with 3s to get a little upper body burn. I liked it, it was a nice workout that got me sweating for sure. It is 27 minutes long.
26- Rebound Fitness' Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline: Beginners Rebound Progression (virgin) + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. Nice workout, I did the more challenging version of each exercise and I got a great workout, my legs were burning during the first circuit, I also liked the one leg balance exercise, at the end we worked the core, exercises included: crunches, crunches with legs extended and bridges, this was repeated three times, then back work with bird dog exercise, first arms only, then legs, and then arms and legs, all this was done on the rebounder, it ended with a two minute standing stretch which was on the floor, and water breaks included!
27- Rebound Fitness' Hiit Rebound Compilation 1: Power Bounce + Fit Bounce Pro Mini Trampoline Workouts: Balance Core & Strength (virgin). I used 3s for PB today, and it was definitely more challenging. BCS was good, there were quite a bit sun salutations that flowed into deep squats (goblet squats) and one leg balance with torso twist, others exercises included windmills, chest and hamstring stretch in windmill position, one leg deadlift, tree pose (balance challenge), downdog with leg lift, core work in plank position (hands on the rebounder, feet on the floor) towards the end, and then back to the rebounder for a four minute stretch. Nice workout, the rebound add a bit of instability so it makes everything a bit more challenging, I liked the instructor as well. This workout is 44 minutes long.
28- Rest day.
29- Unplanned rest day.
30- Unplanned rest day.
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"Happily we bask in this warm September sun, which illuminates all creatures" – Henry David Thoreau

1 - A four minute office stretch from FitOn (WW app); 15 minute lunch walk; Lee Holden's original Qigong for Low Back Pain; 5,315 steps.

2 - Nothing formal; 4,852 steps.

3 - Pre-walk fluid stretch routine for hamstrings, low back and quads; 25 minute lunch walk; my own yin practice for front body opening; beach walk; 8,712 steps.

4 - Yoga with Kassandra 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch for Beginners; walk to fort and back; 6,379 steps.

5 - Spent the day using the UFYH method to accomplish a lot of housework chores broken up with reading breaks; 4,923 steps.

6 - Another day lolling about reading with bouts of food prep and tidying up; 2,343 steps.

7 - SeniorShape Fitness Yoga & Pilates Mat Workout; YogiBethC Come On Get Strappy; Kassandra 10 Minute Yoga in Bed; 3,589 steps.

8 - Jason Stephenson Pain Relief Guided Meditation; Margaret Richard Good For You segment 2 - tris, bis, hamstrings, glutes and quads; Jessica Richburg 20 Minute Full Body Yin Yoga; 4,830 steps.

9 - Rodney Yee's Desk Yoga: Stress Relieving Back Stretches; 15 butt bridges; pre-walk stretch warmup; walk at the casino; 7,070 steps.

10 - Kassandra's 10 Minute Yoga for Gut Health plus morning affirmations; Jessica Valant 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners; 20 minute lunch walk; beach walk in the evening; 8,333 steps.

11 - Kassandra's 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Total Body Stretch plus morning affirmations; 4,858 steps.

12 - Bird's yoga in bed plus Kassandra's evening yoga affirmations meditation; 3,990 steps.

13 - 15 butt bridges; Jessica Valant 10 Minute Quick Core Workout; 25 minute lunch walk; 30 minute evening beach walk; Kassandra 20 Minute Bedtime Yoga; 9,131 steps.

14 - Kassandra's 10 Minute Evening Yoga Stretch plus Guided Chakra Affirmation Meditation; 5,229 steps.

15 - Lee Holden original Qigong for Neck and Upper Back Pain; Ellen Barrett Cardio Core download; Yoga Ranger Restorative Yoga for Upper Back, Shoulders & Chest; Kassandra Guided Chakra Affirmations ~ 4,185 steps.

16 - Ellen's Upper Body Blast download; evening walk around neighborhood; Kassandra 10 Minute Yoga in Bed plus chakra affirmations meditation; 6,569 steps.

17 - Kassandra 10 Minute Morning Wake Up plus morning affirmations; Margaret Richard Good For You segment 3; 4,248 steps.

18 - Lee Holden Qigong for Digestion; Kassandra 5 Minute Morning Affirmations Meditation; walk at boardwalk; hike at osprey trail; GYM for 20/15 recumbent bike and arc trainer plus 50 step ups; 9,750 steps.

19 - GYM for 15 recumbent bike, incline chest presses, high rows, leg presses, calf raises, 50 step ups and some barre-ish plie stuff on the step; walk around the neighborhood; OBE Bed Time Stretch; 7,375 steps.

20 - 20 minute beach walk; Kassandra 10 Minute Yoga in Bed plus chakra affirmations meditation; 6,076 steps.

21 - Nothing formal; 4,886 steps.

22 - Shakti Warrior 3 - Free Flow, Allowing and Letting Go; Yoqi Qigong for Autumn; Kassandra Yin Yoga for Low Back & Posture; 4,603 steps.

23 - Kassandra 10 Minute Morning Stretch for Beginners plus 5 Minute Morning Affirmation - Positive Thoughts; 25 minute lunch walk; Amy Stubbs, Quick and Effective Core Work Pilates (YWK); Kassandra 10 Minute Evening Full Body Yoga Stretch; 6,148 steps.

24 - Margaret Richard Good For You segment 4; beach walk; Kassandra Yin for Sleep; 5,274 steps.

25 - YWK 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch; Morning Clarity Breathwork with Rob; GYM for 30 minutes recumbent bike; 5,070 steps.

26 - My own pre-walk yin routine; 20 butt bridges; beachcombing walk plus walk at college campus; 7,864 steps.

27 - YWK 10 Minute Gentle Morning Yoga for Beginners plus morning affirmations; 4,041 steps.

28 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin - Wake Up & Stretch, plus morning affirmations; 20 minute lunch walk; GYM for 15 treadmill, chest presses, leg presses, seated rows, peck deck, deltoid pullbacks and lat pulldowns; 8,125 steps.

29 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch for Beginners plus affirmations; Lively Ladies Low Impact Cardio Workout for Seniors; YogiBethC Lunch Break Yoga; Shakti Warrior 4, Power Up - Feeling the Fire Within; YWK Restorative Yoga for Aching Joints; 6,884 steps.

30 - YWK Guided Morning Meditation; Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch plus Mantra Meditation; Mirabai Holland Moving Free Cardio level 1; Winsor Flat Abs Pilates, Definition; 6,121 steps.
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Location: The hot desert-aka AZ
I will be following Cathe's Boss Bands & Boss Loops Low Impact Rotation. It's been quite some time since I've used DVD's for my w/o. I will still insert some cycling as well.

1. nothing
2. Boss Bands Total Body
3. X Train All Out Low Impact Hiit
4. 2.58 mile walk
5. LIS Afterburn
6. Boss Loops Glutes and Core
7. Spin with Lars Rapido #2 30 min ride
8. PHA 3
9. nothing
10. Lite Metabolic Blast
11. SSoD Run to 21 60 min ride
12. Lite Cardio Party
13. Boss Bands Glutes and Core
14. nothing
15. Ice LIS
16. Lite PHA 2
17. Joe Alvarado Ride the Ridge 30 min ride
18. Boss Bands Total Body
19. Perfect 30 Low Impact Hiit
20. Boss Bands Glutes and Core
21. Cyber Cycle #1 35 min ride; Strong and Sweaty UB only premix
22. 2.3 mile walk; Ripped with Hiit Low Impact Hiit #1
23. Time 2 Train #6 45 min ride; Boss Bands Total Body UB premix stopping at Chest (I was spent)
24. 1.70 mile walk
25. Fit Split Low Impact Cardio Metabolic Conditioning
26. Cycling Sophie Rock Your Body 60 min ride
27. nothing
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001

1 - Met-Rx Cardio Tactics Workout 2
2 - Met-Rx Definition Workout 1
3 - Met-Rx Definition Workout 2 + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1202
4 - Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge 4 - Combo 3, Combo 4, Combos 3&4, Power-Ups
6 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Vol. 2 - #1 + DWTS Ballroom Buns and Abs - Paso Doble
7 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Vol. 2 - #2 + DWTS Ballroom Buns and Abs - Rock'n Abs
8 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Vol. 2 - #3 + DWTS Ballroom Buns and Abs -Argentine Tango
9 - Gilad Step and Tone
10 - Patricia Walden Yoga for Beginners
23 - Dancing With The Stars: Sizzle & Groove Latin Dance - w/u, Sizzling Salsa, c/d + Minna Lessig 1 Minute Workout Total Body Toning - Level 2 Lower Body 24 Minutes
24 - Dancing With The Stars: Sizzle & Groove Latin Dance - w/u, Samba Fusion + Minna Lessig 1 Minute Workout Total Body Toning - Level 2 Upper Body 42 Minutes
25 - Dancing With The Stars: Sizzle & Groove Latin Dance - w/u, Paso Fire, c/d + Minna Lessig 1 Minute Workout Total Body Toning - Level 2 Abs 20 Minutes
26 - X-Factor:ST - Week 1 + J.J. Gormley Yoga For Every Body - Beginners 20 min Preparing for Meditation
27 - Jenny Ford Coast to Coast: Hawaii + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1210
28 - Greg Smithey Original Buns of Steel
29 - DWTS: Latin Cardio Dance
30 - X-Factor:ST - Week 1 + J.J. Gormley Yoga For Every Body - Beginners Hips Knees Ankles & Feet
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Location: South Jersey
September 2021!!

1. Fitness_kaykay 50 min Full Body Resistance Band workout This workout is done 45/15 style, no talking. The instructor says she uses a medium band but it doesn’t look like a fabric band like Cathe’s. I used mostly the heavy fabric band, but I needed the medium for some exercises just for range of motion. I’m curious how it would feel with a heavier latex band. It wasn’t super sweaty until the end when she does a round of 8 tabata burpees. I subbed a couple rounds of jump squats in there to mix it up and breathe. This would make a great travel workout and I thought it was intermediate except for the burpees.
3. Yvette Fit #131 60 min bosu/boxing kettlebell combos (30 min) + Barlates Dynamic flow Lengthen I was really running out of steam with both of these workouts today. I made through 30 mins of Yvette, I stopped after the second kettlebell circuit. I’ve been working on a different way of eating and I definitely think it makes me want to work out at a more moderate level right now but I’m hoping I’ll get my normal workout energy back soon. I feel good and have plenty of energy all day but I feel like my body is asking for more moderate exercise.
4. 3 mile walk + Kaylie Daniels 30 min Energizing pilates Beautiful weather this week! I had a nice fast walk and followed it up with a pretty tough pilates workout. No equipment, and it had a tough bridge section at the end that I had to modify. This workout really fired up my obliques and hamstrings. Really felt them the next day.
5. KBKB Body Legs I was in the mood for Dasha. I do really enjoy these workouts and they really give me pleasant hamstring DOMs. They never feel like I’m killing myself doing them but I work up a nice sweat. I’d like to do these the next couple of weeks but not everyday.
6. KBKB Body Arms Nice shorter workout, I wanted to get out for a walk but I was busy with errands and stuff. Hamstrings are still a little sore.
7. Tonique Spain Whipped (40 min) I’m not sure why I decided to do a Tonique this morning but I figured I’d do an easier one at my own pace, which wasn’t as slow as I thought. I had a nice dinner last night so I needed to put that energy to use! I really struggled with staying in downdog so long. I used my Bosu when Sylwia switched legs. It was still challenging, it actually felt harder to balance but a bit easier on my shoulders. Hoping to get a walk in this afternoon.
8-9. Rest
10. Olivia Lawson 30 min intense full body no jumping & no repeat and 10 min savage ab workout I did add some jumping jacks and push-ups. Nice for a day when I don’t want to jump.
11. Rock em Sock em Kickbox
12. Yvette Fit #119 45 Minute – Moderate Impact Cardio/Plank Walkouts Mashup Great shorter Yvette and she goes to 43 minutes before the stretch. She says moderate but there’s plenty of jumping in this and a few slider plank/thruster moves toward the end. This felt hard for me today, I was wearing weighted gloves until the 30 min mark and finally ditched them. Yvette said she burned 400 calories so I was probably at the 300 mark.
13. Peloton 45 min yacht rock 9/5/21 So halfway through my work day on Sunday I felt a lot of heel pain. Probably PF from my old workout sneakers. They’re really old, pre-COVID. I just wanted to do something simple today that wouldn’t hurt my foot. I have been intimidated by spin workouts since I’m totally out of spin shape so I didn’t turn on the cadence app and just went by how I felt. Honestly, I don’t even like yacht rock, but it’s a fun ride. Jen played the pina colada song too, which I totally like. Makes me feel I should spin more and just enjoy myself on my own terms.
14. Peloton Leanne H 30 min new wave ride 7/29/21 + Heather Robertson 10 min Abs + Pamela Reif 10 min stretch I’m really enjoying spin without the cadence right now and really these 30 min rides are over before I know it. I’m still plenty sweaty and out of breath but I’m just making the workout my own. Wanted to add on some Abs and a stretch. The Pamela stretch was really beautiful. It was on a dock in what looked like the Mediterranean.
15-16. Rest
17. Strong & Sweaty RUUB I went one weight lower than Cathe for everything but back. I had to go lower than that especially since that’s the first body part she works. I’m okay with that. It bothers me a bit that I’m not as strong as I was this time last year but my life feels a little different now too, work is more demanding takes up a little more time and energy. Also, I do think the amount of exercise I’ve done has made it harder to maintain a lower weight. I feel like I’m experimenting right now, but I feel really good during the day with how I’m eating right now, my energy doesn’t wane midday but I also don’t feel like doing any super intense workouts either.
18. Olivia Lawson 30 min No jumping HiiT (39 min) + Pamela Reif 10 min Bombastic Booty Olivia’s workout was kind of in a superset format that repeated the exercises once but it didn’t feel repetitive. I held 2 lb hand weights for a lot of the standing exercises and did regular jump rope and JJs. I tacked on Pamela short lower segment that uses a firewalker band. She might look like a YouTube makeup tutorial but her little segments are tough. Looks can be deceiving.
19. 3 mile walk + MadFit 15 min Booty Burn Beautiful morning today! I tacked on a little extra workout when I got home and it was a nice mix of standing and floor work. It was very hard but I felt like I did something.
20. 3 mile walk I wanted to do a home workout of some sort after but I had to run some errands. I was very busy and on my feet all day.
21. PBL Live #26 Signed up for a month of Pilates by Lisa. Just wanted to focus on core work. This felt a bit easier than her shorter targeted workouts but it had a nice stretch factor to it. I got 3 vaccines today- the flu shot and the Tdap booster in one arm and Shingrix in the other. I really went for it. So far no side effects except for sore arms The Shingrix arm is more painful than the other one but nothing really awful.
22-23. Rest
24. PBL New You Complete body w/weights just a quickie today
25. Sculpt Society 30 min sculpt 1 + PBL Stretch w/ band
26. Sculpt Society 50 min full body 1 and 6 min stretch
27. 3 mile walk + PBL Sexy six pack and just 5 minutes more stretch
28. 3 mile walk + Sculpt Society 30 min sculpt + PBL Spring into Summer Stretch and Release So sculpt society is a little Tracy Anderson like, I think she might even be a former TA instructor, Megan Roup. It’s light weights and Tracy like moves for upper body then floorwork on one side. Then Megan does Abs before moving onto the other side. She might do some planks and finishes with arms again. No stretch at the end so you have to add one in. I did one with lunges and planks with the slider. Megan offers ankle weights if you want more and the first one I did used a firewalker band around the thighs. There’s some dance cardio in some, nothing complicated but I’m not really a fan. I’m really enjoying these, they’re as hard as you want to make them but don’t wipe me out.

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Location: British Columbia, CA
Sept 2021

1 - The Yoga Room - Yoga for tight Backs; a little massage ball rolling
2 - Garden+Shovel Max; Lively Ladies Shape-up cardio; Cathe Pf30 Flow MM#2
3 -no Workout/less than one hour sleep
4 - Cathe FitSplit LI Cardio/Meta C Meta C 1st premix ..didn't quite make it through all the cardio portion, hopefully next time; Aalaya Pilates Spinal twist flow
5 - Walk through hilly park to look at sculptures/art; Lively Ladies Energy Boost Walk; quick side Floor-work add-on
6 - Lively Ladies 2 Mile walk & Daily Stretch; quick Pilates wall add-on; Late night neighbourhood Walk
7 - Rhoda Sommer full body Supersets; Late night Neighbourhood walk; my own quick standing core add-on
8 - Guy Friswell (Doyogawithme) Slow Flow for Strength; Garden+Shovel Max; Lively Ladies LI Cardio
9 - Cathe ICE BootCamp Upper+Abs only, stretch quite inadequate so added on my own stretches especially for arms + shoulders; Rake Max; Short Late night neighbourhood Walk
10 -Nothing
11 - Lively Ladies Total Body tone; added on two sets of squats with circle band.
12 - Cathe ICE LI Cardio 1; Late night neighbourhood Walk
13 - Rhoda Sommer targeted whole body Strength + cardio conditioing
14 - Lively Ladies sweaty Cardio; Alicia Jones slow Standing Abs (2/3rds of it. Very unfocussed lately).
15 - Lively Ladies Happy walk; 6-week Sweat off Lower Body Bodyweight (did 4 of the 5 rounds.)
16 - Cathe FitS KBox BC KBox only premix; Short Late night neighbourhood Walk; couple sets of incline Chest flys
17 - Rhoda Sommer PHA combos+Abs (skipped over the extra abs, enough in main w-o!); Lively Ladies Power Walk
18 - Gentle Pilates with the Ball w Lisa Hubbard; Lively Ladies walk+Tummy toning (nearly coming to the end of my free trial with Pilates Anytime and decided to cancel. It's too costly at this time, even though they have tons of valuable videos & I'm not using it more than once every 6-7 days).
19 - Rhoda Sommer full body Compound Strength; added on my own calves burnout
20 - Lively Ladies cardio w-o
21 - Cathe Pf30 PfHiiT premix of LI Cardio+Pyramid; Full Moon Yoga flow
22 - Late night Neighbourhood Walk (still warm outside); Cathe WB Lbody w-o
23 - Cathe WB Core-Calves w-o
24 - Cathe WB Back-Cardio w-o
25 - Nothing
26 - Cathe WB Upper body (mostly tubing); Lively Ladies muscle soreness Walk
27 - Cathe LIVE Iron Legs
28 - Rhoda Sommer Beginner KickBox which was a sweatfest for me; hamstrings/Stab ball add-on
29 - Maura Barclay/Exercise TV No Sweat Yoga; Lucy Wd-R short standing Core
30 - Cathe LIVE Jabs & Kicks more or less confused with the combos 70% of the way through, so finished along with the video, but doing tabatas on our HiiT Bike. Usually enjoy Cathe kickboxing but it was complicated this day.
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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - Ellen - Serene Strength; Jessica Valent - Arm workout w/ resistance band; Jessica Smith - 6 Mile Mix - Upper Body Mile (plus warm-up, cooldown and stretch)
2 - Prevention Fit In 10 - Total Body Tone, Lower Body Section, Prevention Flat Belly Yoga - Bonus Workout (15 min); outdoor walk
3 - Lively Ladies - Fun and Sweaty Cardio; Annie Pilates Physical Therapy - Sciatic Nerve Floss
4 - Lively Ladies - 20 Min Strength & Cardio; Relaxing Cool Down and stretches; outdoor walk (long-ish)
5 - Lively Ladies - Full Body Sweaty Cardio, Daily Stretch and Cool Down
6 - Lively Ladies - Full Body Dumbbell and Bodyweight; Every Day Stretches for Improved Flexibility, evening outdoor walk
7 - Lively Ladies - 2 Mile Walk at Home, CocoLime Fitness - 15 Min stretch hamstrings & hip flexors, outdoor walk (evening w/ doggie)
8 - CocoLime Fitness - 30 Min Total Body Workout, evening walk w/ doggie
9 - Lively Ladies - 20 Min Energizing Workout, Trifecta Pilates - 25 Min Foundation Workout; evening walk w/ doggie
10 - Ellen - Fusion Flow
11 - Outdoor Walk, Ellen - Upper Body Blast
12 - Outdoor walk, Ellen - Yoga Mat Work
13 - Ellen - Power & Balance
14 - Lively Ladies - 25 Min Energy Burst, Yoga w/ Bird - Everyday Yoga to Feel Your Best, Robin Long - TBL - Pilates for Better Sleep
15 - Lively Ladies -Trim & Tone Butt and Thighs, Yoga w/ Bird - 10 Min Stretch, Hips & Low Back, evening dog walk
16 - CocoLime Fitness MIT - # 7, Coga # 3
17 - Jessica Smith - Core Control, 15 Min Relaxation Section - Yoga Fusion Fix
18 - Lively Ladies - Improve Strength at Home, Relaxing Cool Down and Stretch; short dog walk (hot)
19 - CS 1210, The Balanced Life - Quick Full Body Pilates Workout; Dog Walk, Ellen - Affirmative Flow & Yoga Mat Work
20 - CS 1211, The Balanced Life - 5 Day Challenge Day # 1 - Back and Core; lunch walk w/ Golden, Lucy Wyndham Read - 15 Min Daily Workout, Yoga w/ Bird - Hips and Low back stretch
21 - CS 1212, The Balanced Life - 5 Day Challenge Day # 2, Energizing Pilates, Lunch walk w/ Golden
22 - CS 1213 The Balanced Life - 5 Day Challenge Day # 3 - Posture and Balance; Silver & Fit - Advanced Mixed Format w/ Keli Roberts
23 - CS 1214; evening walk w/ DD
24 - The Balanced Life - 5 Day Challenge Day # 4 and Day # 5; dog walk at lunch
25 - Outdoor walk (Short ish), Jessica Valent -Full Body Foam Roller; dog walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra - 10 Min Morning stretch
26 - Outdoor Walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra -20Min morning yoga flow; dog walk and mall walk
27 - Gina B - 80's Diva 1,000 step walk, Jessica Valent - Lower Body Blast, Yoga w/ Adriene - Yoga for Stress relief; dog walk at lunch, Pahla B - August Playlist Day # 6 - Power Walk
28 - Pahla B - Fit Body Class - 40 min - cardio/strength; Jessica Valent - Head to Toe Challenge - Pilates for Back Health; lunch walk w/ Golden
29 - Gina B - County 1,000 step walk and Heart 1,000 step walk, Jessica Valent - Pilates Fun w/ weights; lunch walk w/ Golden and DD
30 - Grow With Jo -Walk the Weight Off Cardio Sculpt, Yoga w/ Kassandra -Morning Yin Yoga; Lunch Break Dog walk
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september 2021…

1. LITE: Metabolic Blast - I like that this is short but not sure I like going to the floor to finish the workout (thankfully, it was short). I also don’t know what Cathe was thinking with this first week of the rotation. Low impact, yes. Low intensity, no. Lots of challenging workouts with a cumulative effect by the end of the week. Glad tomorrow is a stretch/mobility day.
2. P30 FLOW Mobility Basics Stretch Timesaver, 20 mins + Flexibility & Strength Warm-up. I like the flowy warm-up in the Flexibility workout. The timesaver mobility workout is kind of choppy though. I thought I would sleep in, because I was so tired yesterday, but I woke up at my usual time feeling good.

Week 2 - Cathe didn’t list the workout times on her rotation. I miss that.
3. LIS: Athletic Training (dust bunny). The music is better than the music in Afterburn, for sure. After the warm up, the cardio burst on the step was very challenging. Basic but intense, and I wasn’t using a 10” step like Cathe & crew either. I used an 8” step and wanted to lower it but stopping was not an option. I was sweating like a soaker hose! I had forgotten that there’s a firewalker segment, too! Good stuff!
4. LITE: Cardio Party (Scrambled Calorie Crush Mish Mosh). Cardio Party Calorie Crush was a virgin. I had so much fun that I did the Calorie Crush & Stretch (19mins) again.
5. BOSS LOOPS: Glutes & Core + Candlelight Yoga: 15 min Yoga Energizer Workout (virgin). I’m enjoying the new Cathe’s more every time that I do them. Nice break from using weights. P.M. BODY GROOVE Delicious Dance - Bootylicious, 22 mins (virgin). Love, 5 stars, made me smile.
6. ICE: Low Impact Sweat + BODY GROOVE: Delicious Dance Flex & Stretch, 33 mins (virgin)
7. BOSS BANDS: Total Body Timesaver #1 + BODY GROOVE: House Party Workout #1
9. …rest day

Week 3
10. RWH: Low Impact HiiT Two. Got up too late to drink my coffee before my workout and it showed in my energy output. Still worked up a ridiculous amount of sweat. No time to do anything else today.
11. BOSS LOOPS: Glutes & Core Mish Mosh #4 - Double Standing Lower Body Strength with Low Impact Cardio, 43mins. This may be my go to premix going forward. Two times through gets in there really good. Second time through I had to move my loop higher to lessen the burn. I’m going to use the floorwork & core as an add on to short cardio workouts. I do wonder why Cathe and crew have their loop so high up though. Is it because their loops are prototypes so they have more tension? I’ve found my sweet spot so all is good!
12. STRONG & SWEATY: Total Body Giant Sets - Before starting I was tempted to do a timesaver but I’m glad I did the whole thing. Used heavy weights too which felt great. Another sweaty workout.
P.M. CIA 2902 All Cardio Latino Xplosion - Quick Xplosion Mix (virgin). Carlos is one of background talent in at least one of Gay Gasper’s workout that I’m aware of. Mix consists of w/u, Athletic Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, Soca, Cool down (Hip Hop), Abs & Stretch. I skipped the abs. The athletic salsa has some squats and lunges but I skipped those and just did side to side steps to keep the beat. I liked this. Not Zumba level music but fun enough. Not a lot of break down but easy enough to pick up. A few sections of actual jumping but still moderate and easy to keep low impact. I like Carlos, he seems like he has a great sense of humor. I’m definitely going to do this one again. Adding it to the LGI8 stack. Categorizing it as steady state cardio.
13. P30: Low Impact Hiit. Good stuff.
14. rest day… Boss Bands Total Body was on the schedule but couldn’t force myself out of bed. I may add this to the end of my rotation. But… if I’m honest, I’m kind of tired of doing the new Boss bands/loops workouts. One more week. Ha. I go into the office on Mondays & Tuesdays so I should just go ahead and make these rest days. So busy! Ugh
15. FIT|SPLIT: Low Impact Cardio | Metabolic Conditioning (dust bunny). Long time since I last did this workout. Lots of things I had forgotten, nice little sweat situation.
16. recovery day… SI6: Slim & Limber (dvd virgin). I have S&L on VHS but I don’t recall ever doing S&L. I know this is one of ASAS’s favorite stretch. I like it a lot.

Week 4
17. Strong & Sweaty: PHAT Timesaver Premix # 3 (1A, 2A, 1B, 2B), 30 mins. Still sweating like crazy but not as grueling.
18. RWH: Low Impact HiiT One + COUNTRY HEAT: Trail Ride (virgin or dust bunny). Not sure if I have done this CH before, they all kind of blend together. I want to like these workouts but they’re kind of boring to me. Lots of step touching, watch me’s and basic moves. I bought CH thinking it was more dance that flowed like a dance aerobic workout. These are more like 8 count moves, done 8 and 4 times and then more step touches, watch me’s, repeat. I don’t even mind the country music but Amber and the format annoys.
19. BOSS BANDS: Total Body Timesaver #2 Upper Body, 46mins + TURBO FIRE: Stretch10 Class (virgin). Well actually, Stretch10 is 12:27. Lol. I really liked it and can see myself using it a lot. . Boss Bands Timesaver 2 still has a at least 10 mins of lower body work so this makes the perfect timesaver to get the flavor of the full workout. The back, bicep & triceps segments are really good. Jen is extra hammy in the biceps section.
20. X10 Low Impact
21. BOSS LOOPS; Glutes & Core Timesaver # 2 (no Glutes floorwork or core)
22. rest day…
23. XTRAIN: Super Cuts Timesaver First Part, 28mins. I couldn’t face doing the full workout. I have 1 more workout and I’m done with the rotation. Way too many back to back days doing similar workouts. I miss doing upper body splits. So, I think i will be doing the LGI8 next. P.M. ELLEN BARRET 7 Day Workout Challenge - Day 4: 15-minute Quick Cardio (virgin). Quick Cardio is just ok.
24. P30: Perfect Flow: Strength & Flexibility Timesaver, 20 mins. Wonderful!

25. rest day…
26. LITE: Cardio Party - Timesaver #3 (hi/lo only) + Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow (virgin). Lots of content on the yoga dvd. There’s three A workouts & three B workouts and a Pose Guide segment with detailed instruction on 23 poses.. I did the first A workout which is 38 minutes. Starts with standing yoga exercises for about 18 minutes. I really liked the standing part and how it flowed but some parts were too challenging because I’m not very flexible. I could keep up until all of a sudden a blanket appeared and the instructor went into a shoulder stand, (didn’t even think about trying that). After the shoulder stand, I was able to finish the workout. Seemed like a lot for the supposed easiest workout on the dvd. Great instruction though. I think, instead of looking for flowy stretching maybe I’m looking for gentle vinyasa yoga?
27. CIA2303: Step It Strong w/Keli Roberts, 52 mins (virgin). Interval stepping with weights. Fun, steady state step cardio. 4 step intervals followed by weight segments and then a 5th step interval which are all the step combos put together. The step segments are not too long, basic choreography. Uses one set of heavy weights & 1 set of light weights. I enjoyed it a lot.

1st step Interval

2nd step interval
alternating lunges on step with knee ups, then with shoulder presses
Deadlifts and deadlift/rows

3rd step interval - step is more lower body focused with squats off the ends of the step
side to side lunges with heavy weight.
side to side lunges with curl press
Lunge off step with bicep curls

4th step interval - again more lower body focused with hamstrings off the side of the step, over & overs with pulsing squats at the ends of the step, revolving doors.
lateral raises
Lateral raises with a one legged squat move.

5 step interval - all the combos put together and then a step cool down.

Slow & Strong Full Body, 25 mins. I skipped this part but I wanted to know what it entailed and if it would be useful for the LGI8 rotation. Verdict: As part of the complete workout, yes, but as a separate, stand alone weight segment, not enough.

Single arm rows and biceps curls and a front shoulder press move
Dumbbell flyes, then single arm dumbbell flyes with leg lifts
Pullovers, abs (reverse curls, ab curls, bicycles, long lever ins/outs)
Lower back, glute, hamstring combo move on step
Swimmers on step
28. rest day…

Look Great in 8 - Week 1: Circuits

29. ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + Burn It Up. These are really good workouts with really good music. It’s been awhile since i did these workouts but still not in the dust bunny category.
30. INTENSITY SERIES: Cardio & Weights (dust bunny). It’s been a very long time since I did this one. The circuits consist of a step segment, followed by a lower body combo exercise and then an UB exercise focusing on 1 UB body part. I used to hate the Buttercup song but after years of hearing it while shopping in Kohls and recently in that Geico commercial, the song has faded into the background. Love the Elvis song though.

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker

Now: XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating/Peak Fit System/Tae Bo/??? 7/22/22 -
Peak Fit System: 6/3/22 - 7/21/22 *** STS/LIS 90 Day Undulating: 11/19/21 - 2/12/22 *** 6 Week Fusion XTRAIN: 5/17/21 - 6/27/21 *** Body Beast: 12/21/20 - 3/18/21 *** STS: 1/29/20 - 5/3/20 *** Fit Tower/LIS/ICE/ 90 Day: 10/29/19 - 1/19/20 *** XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating: 7/29/19 - 10/25/19
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just the workouts, low impact series info

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