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Old 12-05-21, 06:15 PM  
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Originally Posted by Joni O View Post
I hate when the instructor equates modifying with being a beginner. Not many do anymore, but I still have plenty of workouts where that's said.
Exactly! When I started doing videos at home I hated that the modifier was a beginner so I would NEVER do modifications because I'm not a beginner! I'm glad instructors have changed their language about modifications and I'm happy to say that I now modify plenty of moves if I feel they are unsafe for me.
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Old 12-06-21, 05:03 AM  
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Travis Eliot says "Full effort always equals full victory"
It makes me feel good no matter what level I am on so long as I tried my best.
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Old 12-06-21, 06:49 AM  
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Iíve never been bothered if the word modify was used, I donít have a negative connotation. Usually, Iím just happy there is one. I mostly do Jessica Smith, and my impression of her attitude is that all movement is good. I canít remember what she says in every dvd, but Iíve never had the feeling that I was not as good because I did the modification.
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Old 12-06-21, 11:16 AM  
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Originally Posted by JackieB View Post
I guess from a VFer point of view, I didn't think about the fact that a lot of times the "modifier" is a heavy or older (more mature, ahem) exerciser.
That's one reason I like the pink-era FIRMs, because the person doing "lower intensity" is just one of the regular leads. There is, therefore, no particular stigma in modifying. That series tends to use the word "beginner," though they will sometimes say "if you're taking it lower intensity today, follow so-and-so."
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Old 12-06-21, 02:15 PM  
Jane P.
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I absolutely need to modify. I always have. When I first began exercising I could not tolerate any impact at all. I always followed the modifier if there was one, or came up with my own modifications.

One of my frustrations with Cathe is that there is no modifier altho she sometimes mentions things you can do to modify. I can do a lot of Cathe, but not everything.

The term does not bother me. There will always be exercises that are beyond my ability. However, I'm sure I would be more self conscious about this if I was in a live class, even tho I don't believe modifiers are 2nd class exercisers. The term should not be thought of in that way.
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Leo Tolstoy
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Old 12-06-21, 02:29 PM  
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I modify too, it doesnít bother me. If there isnít a background modifier in the workout, I do my own mods. Iíve been working out long enough and learned enough lessons through injuries & rehab, that I know my limitations.

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Old 12-06-21, 04:01 PM  
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Originally Posted by JackieB View Post
Thanks for all the thoughts!

I guess from a VFer point of view, I didn't think about the fact that a lot of times the "modifier" is a heavy or older (more mature, ahem) exerciser. The YTU workshop was more from the perspective of live classes...but interesting to think about.
I always hated when you could pick out who was going to be the modifier based on age or weight. I just hated the connotation that I need it because I am old and/or fat. I need it because I am injured or have an existing condition (or just plain hate a move) which may or may not be because I am old and/or fat.

I have no problem with the term modification. I don't have any problems with it. Also, please show the modification at the beginning of the move instead of the middle of it.
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Old 12-06-21, 08:46 PM  
Laura S.
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I'm fine with the word. I'm annoyed by those people dialing it in and not really doing their job. How many modifiers have I seen in workouts doing full jumping jacks or other jumps or high-impact moves? If you're going to be the modifier, then BE the modifier and make it worth the effort.

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Old 12-06-21, 10:14 PM  
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I never really thought about the use of the word "modify" in a negative way, but I see how it could be if it means something "less than."

I also find it annoying that the "modifiers" either don't do much different than the other participants and tend to be the oldest and/or heaviest of the group. And female. If there are any male participants, they aren't doing the lower impact/less intense version. I know Cathe takes some heat for not providing a participant doing alternative moves, but I'd rather not have a "modifier" at all than one who doesn't do it properly. I do see people in the Cathe Live classes doing their own modifications, either higher or lower impact/intensity, and she has been showing some alternatives in the later Lives at least. That's encouraging to me. Maybe she's more in tune with alternatives since she had to use them during her recovery.
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Old 12-07-21, 08:16 AM  
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I have no problem with the word modify or what the person doing the modifications looks like. As Laura S. said, what IS annoying is when someone who is obviously very fit is playing the modifier role when they clearly would rather not be doing that and they do the higher impact moves instead.
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modification, modification language, modifications, modifier, modifiers

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