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Old 12-05-16, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Vantreesta View Post
I make up rotations all the time that I either can't stick to or don't have time for. I have finally come to accept that it doesn't matter bc I enjoy it and now consider it a hobby. No more guilt!
Yeah, its amazing isn't it? How if you workout for fun, it's more fun? is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 12-06-16, 05:18 AM  
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This year has been a mess for workouts. I have traveled so much and mostly used bands for strength and walking for cardio. Occasionally making it to gym at home and away. I feel I have lost a lot of strength so I won't be doing this year next year.

In February I will be in my new home with a dedicated workout space. I intend to return to The FIRM with KCM and keep the walks and stretching. There will be a day here and there for oldies but goodies or something different or relaxing. My main challenge will be trying to not go too heavy too quickly and risk injury.
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Originally Posted by View Post
That sounds great - if that's a tractor butt, why wouldn't you want it? What exactly *did* Barre3 do to your butt that you don't want? Inquiring minds want to know!

As for 2017, I'm going to focus on really listening to and being guided by my body for what it wants to do, rather than coming up with fantasy rotations that I have no hope of doing, much less completing.
I think there was too much repetition of the same moves. Even though I took class from a variety of instructors, most of them tended to do the same thing, and because I build muscle easily, it wasn't a good result in the glutes.
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pancake a$$, resolutions, spongebob butt, tractor butt

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