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Artist of Eyes
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Originally Posted by Breezy Trousers View Post
Ha! You're kind, AofE. Frankly, I'm not crazy about mine and my husband couldn't care less (though he thinks it's hilarious when I wear yoga pants while we're running errands after class because he can tattletale on things I'm oblivious to). For me, being at the right weight makes for a great rear view, more so than doing all the fanny lifter, deadlift, squats, kettlebell, barre exercises etc. in the world. I store weight in that area, kinda like a camel. Those exercises just lend some gentle tweaking once I get to a size 4. In fact, if I wore a size 4 blue jean right now, I'd be so into this stuff, I'd probably have to join Fanny Lifters/Deadlifters Anonymous. The problem is that I don't get to see my butt as often as others do, so it's hard to muster any ambition for it. (That's okay, though. There are things like world hunger to worry about, too ... )
A Camel! LOL!!

Wasn't it Gin Miller that said "If you're going to have a Big Butt, have a GREAT Big Butt!"

I grew up in an area that bordered a large urban area. When I was kid I remember hearing women wanting to lose weight but never in the butt, they wanted it bigger. It was something that I think influenced me to have Butt-Love for my Bubble. I don't store it there like a camel, I store evenly throughout my body, but to feel it all round and awesome, makes me smile regardless of what size and how much space it takes up. I thank the ladies with the Bubble Butt-Love for teaching me this as a child. As long as I can bounce a quarter off of it, size is no issue.

I loved the part in Cathe's Low Max where she would do the slap-clap; show it some love, baby! But now I'm really off topic here!
"Ladies put some full-fat ranch on your salad. Have that slice of cheesecake. Then go for a walk and kiss your loved ones and dance around your house in your underwear. Life is good." Anonymous

" We have to embrace who we are today. We have to say, this is me, and I can live a wonderful life today." FitBoop

"Walking is Man's Best Medicine for Life" Hippocrates

"Of all exercises walking is the best." Thomas Jefferson

"Thoughts come clearly while one walks." Thomas Mann
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