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View Poll Results: Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?
Introvert? 45 75.00%
Extrovert? 2 3.33%
Depends on the situation. 13 21.67%
None of the above. 0 0%
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Old 01-24-21, 06:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by Messe View Post
Zoom is not a reasonable substitute ó if I want to see a screen filled with talking heads, Iíll turn on the news!

I loathe Zoom with the fire of a thousand suns.

Introvert here and staying at home has not been a huge adjustment for me.
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Old 01-24-21, 07:21 PM  
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Video calls and outdoor visits or walks are all Iíve got right now, so Iím going with that. I guess Iím not as much of an introvert as I thought as I do need some social contact.

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Old 01-25-21, 05:49 AM  
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I'm a definite introvert, though not an "extreme" one. (For example, I'd describe myself as socially flexible, and I've never felt what some people call an "introvert hangover," but ultimately being with other people tends to drain my energy, and I'd probably adjust very well to being physically alone.)

Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
I've never had a gym membership. I've taken group classes on and off over the years, but my choice is to work out at home.
I've never taken group classes, though not because of introversion.

I've had a gym membership for years (and may at some point consider other settings, such as a studio for something more specialized). I like using the gym mainly because it has equipment and other facilities; a home gym setup that would satisfy me has yet to be practical for me. I've never chatted with anyone at the gym and have never wanted to socialize there --nothing is "wrong" with the people there, but socializing is not at all a reason for me to use a gym.

My interest in home fitness (I really tend more toward "both-and" than "either-or") comes from versatility and other practical considerations--each setting has different advantages and disadvantages for me. My interest doesn't come from introversion as such.

If anything, my personality-based preferences even dampen my interest in exercising at home. I'm also "private" in some ways, and although I don't want to conflate this sort of preference with introversion, I can also see an overlap. I may get more of what I'll call "absolute privacy" at home, as fewer overall people would see me at home, but I get more of what I'll call "effective privacy" at a gym or other outside setting, as fewer people who "know me" in certain ways would see me at the gym. (In a similar way, I'm also not embarrassed about singing, but I'm much more comfortable singing, even by myself or as part of a small harmonizing group, in front of a large group of strangers than in front of a small group of family. My family isn't even especially dysfunctional. )
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Old 01-25-21, 06:04 AM  
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I am an extrovert. I get energy from people. I don't need it 24/7. I like listening to others stories and life experiences.

I hate Zoom meetings. I feel drained mentally and physically after one. Truly they hurt my head.
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Old 01-25-21, 09:15 AM  
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Originally Posted by DCW View Post
I am an extrovert. I get energy from people. I don't need it 24/7. I like listening to others stories and life experiences.

I hate Zoom meetings. I feel drained mentally and physically after one. Truly they hurt my head.
That's exactly how I feel after the zoom meetings!
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Old 01-25-21, 10:12 AM  
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I am an introvert. When all of this first started a lot of stuff was shut down here. I felt wonderful and was even able to lose 10 pounds easily. Once things started opening back up and we got back to more of a normal routine my anxiety started flaring up again. Of course I gained back the weight I lost. I do well on my own with my DH and some contact with certain friends. Too much outside stimulation with others causes anxiety for me.
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Old 01-25-21, 11:46 AM  
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I am definitely an introvert but I do miss quality time with my family and close friends. I can handle crowds if nothing is expected of me (I love concerts). I am finding it harder to grieve and mourn during covid, which I didn't expect. I'm not a big hugger but have discovered I do miss hugs from people I really care about. Hubby is working a completely unreasonable amount of hours (in the office) so I am alone way more than before (I am not working). I am so thankful to have my dog Cyric for company all the time. I miss time with my hubby.

I really miss our hiking and snowshoeing trips (these are in part due to his working so much and part bc of not really wanting to stay in hotels right now). I miss races. I miss concerts. I miss seeing friends (now that it's winter they don't want to sit outside to visit or even go hiking like I suggested). I miss going to church. And lately I have just been wanting to go wander around the mall and stores just because. I go out to get groceries and other necessities but being in stores and wearing a mask is very anxiety-inducing right now.

I love being home all the time with those few exceptions.
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Old 01-25-21, 11:54 AM  
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I'm an introvert and was already working from home when the shelter in place started so not very much changed, but I do miss taking my laptop to a coffee shop or the library for a change of scenery and people watching. My friend and I joke that we've been training for this all our lives.

The college thing is interesting. My godson is in his sophomore year at UC Irvine and opted to stay on campus even though his classes are online because his dorm is fairly empty and being near friends has made it much easier to focus, which is something he struggles with.

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Old 01-25-21, 05:50 PM  
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I'm an introvert. I like being with people and activities but than I need decompression time. Covid hasn't been too hard, but I am sick of it anyway.
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Old 01-25-21, 06:43 PM  
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Originally Posted by antbuko View Post
I'm an introvert. I like being with people and activities but than I need decompression time. Covid hasn't been too hard, but I am sick of it anyway.
Me, too, that.
I really like studio yoga classes; it's a "people" activity that feels safe and pleasant to me, and I have good friends there. During COVID I've gone to classes off & on, but when the numbers are bad/climbing, I take the livestream option. I find that livestream satisfies a little bit of my need for interaction, although studio is a whole lot better.

Rivercat mentioned missing coffee shops. I do, too. I like doing my own thing but having people around me (also, coffee; also, pastries).
- Laura

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