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Old 07-14-10, 05:31 PM  
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Boston, MA
Chalene personality in CLX vs TurboFire

My sis is considering TurboFire, but hasn't ever done anything by Chalene in the past. I have CLX so can talk to her about that - is Chalene's "feel" similar when comparing the two series? Meaning, if you like her style in CLX, will you also like it in TF? Or is she too different in each to make that leap?

If it helps to know, sis is a HUGE Cathe fan. She tried P90X and wasn't thrilled with it. I honestly don't think she has any other strength or cardio videos outside of her Cathe collection, and she loves, loves, loves her Cathe.

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Old 07-14-10, 06:45 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: eastern sierras calif
I think she is simalar to CLX on CAFFINE SAY but not as HYPER as she use to be in TURBO JAM {in those she was fairly young and imature} I think she is like CLX its just MEANT to be a more HYPED up program. I am 58 and really enjoy it BUT I am not your AVERAGE 58 year old AS NONE OF US VFERS are!!!!
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Old 07-14-10, 06:48 PM  
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: East Bay, CA
I may not be the best person to reply to your question since I jumped around in CLX and preferred the cardio to the weights -- BUT I am a huge Cathe fan AND I love TurboFIre (and have done all the workouts at least once).

I think Chalene's personality is similar in CLX and TF -- and more subdued in both of these than in TurboJam. She is still fun, energetic and a little funky in TF, but she only busts a move every now and then! Cathe is more professional in her persona, but I think Chalene comes across serious enough in TF.

I personally feel TF is more intense than Cathe's kickboxing, including KPC (which I love), but I'm not sure everyone would agree with me. I think Cathe's 40/20 is more intense than Chalene's Hiit, but I've been mixing and matching Chalene's Hiit with Cathe's Hiit.

I hope others who know CLX better will chime in.
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Old 07-14-10, 07:19 PM  
Lisa C
VF Supporter
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Location: Chicago suburbs
I think Chalene's personality is very similar in TF and CLX. She is very encouraging in both. There are a few differences. She seems slightly toned done in TF, just because she isn't all blinged out , and is wearing more normal, but cute outfits. The main difference might be that she yells more in TF, and I don't remember her doing that in CLX. It is yelling for encouragement, and it is not a bad thing. She seems more energetic in TF, but that is the nature of the workouts. She also does 98% of the workout with the class, unlike in CLX, so that is different also.

The crowd is different too. I found the background exercisers in CLX very annoying, for various reasons. In TF, they do whoop a lot, but it feels more natural because of the way it was filmed and because there are so many people. There are times it seems a little contrived and it could eventually get on my nerves, but hasn't bugged me yet.

I use Cathe a lot, for both strength and cardio. With Chalene, I personally feel she is really suited for teaching cardio more than strength. She is clearly gifted with picking out music and choreography, and that is the real fun of TF for me.
Lisa C.
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Old 07-14-10, 07:28 PM  
Barbara P
VF Supporter
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Location: MiddletownCT
I love Turbo fire! I have CLX (but not TJ) and feel that her "feel" is similar, however - I feel that Turbo Fire is more like being in a live class, which I really like.
CLX is more like other DVDs with the background exercisers, but in TF, she is really, to me, more motivating.

I think there are some clips up at Mary's site, (the beachbody site for Mary). I got my set from her in about 2 days.

I am very glad I bought it.
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Old 07-14-10, 08:10 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
I have both sets and have done both. I feel her personality is similar in both but it works better in TF. In CLX, the "street" attitude just seems weird. In TF, it works with the general vibe of 1 - the routines and 2 - the rest of the class. I actually didn't like CLX but am loving TF...and, like your sister, I have all of Cathe's workouts and love her lots, too!

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Old 07-14-10, 08:39 PM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: San Diego, CA
I have both -- I like CLX, and so far I love TF. I find Chalene less annoying in TF -- perhaps because there's less "hands-on" attention to the background exercisers. There's a lot of fanny-slapping in CLX which I grew tired of.

There's also the "pumped up" music option on the cardio routines in TF -- with it pumped up you really don't hear much of what she says.

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Old 07-14-10, 09:38 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
I thinks she's more of a class instructor in TF and more of a personal trainer in CLX. Does that make sense?

Joan (JP44)
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Old 07-15-10, 08:33 AM  
Melissa C
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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Smile I agree with JP. . .

I have both CLX and Turbo Fire--Chalene's talk in CLX is more "pointers on good form" and tips on modification if you need it. Turbo Fire--well--let's face it, cardio is faster paced and a different type of intensity from weight training--so she talks louder! I only have the Fat Blaster workout from Turbo Jam to compare to TF--and I would say she's not as "manic" in TF. I think it's mainly because TF is higher impact and intensity; since she's doing the workout along with you, she probably tones down her talk so she can focus on her own exercise form.

I'm about seven weeks into CLX and so far the background exercisers are not annoying me--quite the opposite--I LOVE Donna (the 60-year-old blonde lady who can do pushups on her toes) and it does my heart good to see Jenelle pour out some serious sweat during "Burn It Off."
Melissa C
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Old 07-15-10, 09:39 AM  
Liz K
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: St. Louis, MO
I think your sister may like TF.

I am a huge Cathe fan and STS is my all time favorite series. 85% of my workouts are with Cathe. I tried CLX and didn't make it thru 2 weeks before I just couldn't take it anymore. I was ready to lose it. Chalene got on my nerves, some of the background exercises were on my nerves, etc., etc.,. Rarely does a workout series get to me like that one, but I couldn't get rid of that set quick enough. Gave it to my 21 year old daughter, who thought it was ok and did a rotation of it and passed it to another friend.

My 18 year old DD is also a home exerciser with me. She loves to dance and wanted to try TF, so we ordered it even though she didn't like CLX either.

Surprisingly, both of us like TF. My daughter is rocking it and having a great time. It not something I'd want to do everyday but once in a while it hits the spot. The music is a lot of fun and I think that's what does it for me. I plan on using the louder music option and that way I don't have to listen to Chalene as much. Chalene is very talented at picking good music and putting the moves to them, it's just that her personality is a little over the top for me at 6AM. I'd probably love her at Happy Hour on a Friday evenng though. I also like the different lengths for cardio and that was a selling point for me also. However, neither of us have tried any of the sculpting workouts so I can't speak to those.

Can your sister borrow a couple of the DVDs from someone and give them a try before purchasing the entire set? That would probably help her a lot.

Liz K
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