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Old 10-18-05, 01:38 PM  
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Making up for lost time: KickButt/FitPrime - What was the verdict? Do I need them?

Did you all love or hate these? I'm still on the fence about trying them...
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Old 10-18-05, 02:45 PM  
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I don't have the KickButts so I can't comment on them. The FitPrimes are beautifully produced, among the best production values I've ever seen. The set is reminiscent of the old FIRM mansion but with some rather bizarre elements like flickering firepots. The music is non-descript but pleasant jazzy type stuff.

Keli Roberts and Heidi Tanner are great instructors, of course. Melissa Grill who leads the lower body workout is just okay. Be forewarned that Tamela Hastie *really* mugs it up for the camera in a rather obnoxious way.

The FitPrimes are solid beginner/intermediate workouts that are about the same level as the old FIRM Basics, the BSS1 & 2 workouts, or ones by Kathy Smith & Tamilee Webb. Pump and Lean have a very similar feel to the FIRM Cross-trainers Cardio and Strength but are less intense. These are probably my favorite of the set, though I also really like Upper Body Burn.

Depending on your current fitness level, you may not find the FitPrimes challenging enough. I would definitely recommend Pump, Lean, and Upper Body Burn to someone looking for a solid but less intense workout though.

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Old 10-18-05, 02:48 PM  
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I just traded for Upper Body Burn, so I'll let you know! But there are some nice, detailed reviews on all of these (at least 1-2 for each).

Btw, welcome back!
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Old 10-18-05, 02:51 PM  
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*waves Hi* to Toaster & Claire!!
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Old 10-18-05, 03:19 PM  
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I never bought fitprimes, but did get the entire set of Kickbutt from the ya-ya swap when they came out. The production is amazing, the music is great and the picture is crisp, but as far as workouts....intermediate at best. To me they were the dumbed down version of the original workouts with way too many equipment changes and too long transitions. Going from one segment to another took too long and my heart rate would completely drop. I tried the workouts twice each and sold them on the same ya-ya swap I got them from and never ever had a seller's remorse or deisre to reaquire them again. This is just my opinion and I am sure there will be lots more, but if you are looking for the "classics II" - these series come out short.
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Old 10-18-05, 03:29 PM  
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I love Kickbutt Strong Bear - tough, fantastic workout and Keli is so much fun. I also felt hard worked after Push Pull, especially since I went very heavy with the weights. I re-bought the original Crunch Time because I heard they took out a some of the upper body work in the Kickbutt Crunch Time and I didn't think there was a lot to begin with. Floor Burn held no interest for me - didn't care for the original; Steamin Cardio is not that Steamin. I never acquired Fast Cheetah - not sure I've missed anything if Steamin Cardio is anything to go by.

Of the FitPrime's, I only held on to Metaboost and Pump. They're nice for days when I don't have a ton of energy. I never tried Lower Body Burn - the reviews didn't sound like there was much "burn" involved. Upper Body Burn could be made rather tough, but it was uneven; reminded me of FIRM Upper Body Split.

End verdict: it's nice having some but no regrets about not having all of them.
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Old 10-18-05, 04:43 PM  
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Location: Peoria, IL
Definitely intermediate. In fact Metaboost reminded me alot of Total Sculpt Plus Abs for some reason. Maybe the pace of it or something. The workouts are worth having, but not advanced level at all.
- Melissa
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Old 10-18-05, 06:18 PM  
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I think they have their place amoung the intermediate group and for lighter days for advanced. Each has some form of the 4 disciplines, weight, cardio, yoga, pilates.

Production value "bar" has been raised by these. The quality is unbeatable right now....but bottom line, it's the workout that counts most. So, if you have a huge collection, you probably won't miss them, but otherwise I don't think it hurts to add them to your collection either.

I was pretty much, "clear as mud".
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Old 10-18-05, 06:23 PM  
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I just looked at all of the clips again, and LEAN is looking kind of good to me. I 'think' I can live without the rest. (I think)
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Old 10-18-05, 06:36 PM  
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Welcome "home", stranger!

Glad to see you back, GymRatt!

I only saw two of these, thanks to a lovely VFer who loaned them to me (one was Metaboost and I think the other was Flex Posture...aren't they on the same dvd?). The production and color are amazing, beautiful. But the odd touches like the firepots might not distract you. The workouts left me cold unfortunately. Not as challenging as the original Classic Firms, IMO. OTOH, both workouts showed (quite clearly) one exerciser doing the routines with mundane household items, just in case you don't have the usual workout toys. I thought that was a great way to show a newbie how they could still do the workouts without all the cool stuff...until they can get them I have no interest in spending my money on these and no more time doing them...which is a shame as I was hoping for great things from the Bensons.
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fitprime, tamela hastie

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