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Old 03-08-20, 03:13 PM  
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Originally Posted by alisoncooks View Post
Yes - it's kind of like YouTube. Free but with commercials and often slow loading. I'm not sure if it's all legally acquired content...
Gotcha, thanks!
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Old 03-15-20, 07:21 PM  
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Originally Posted by summer breeze View Post
I think Winsor Buns & Thigh Sculpting fits the bill nicely. Either one, with or without the band. Margaret Richard also does a lot of floorwork in her workouts. Various ones, I can't think of specific titles but most of them do.
Did this one today and was really happy with it.

Originally Posted by AnMrsDe View Post
I know, I I'm saying it again! (But I wasn't the one who said Winsor B&T first this time, LOL!!) You know I SWEAR by this workout for my hip issues! Also, ad nauseam AGAIN , this Yin Yoga has all the exercises that my rheumatologist/PT instructed I should include for my hip bursitis in 2016. (Michelle Goldstein's Yin Yoga):

(In place of the forward bends at the beginning, I do bridge since this class doesn't include it otherwise). And, it's easy to mute and follow along with your own music that I like to do...Michelle talks a lot!

ETA: As you know, Cher, from being in the same check-in, I am also using Total Body Solution with Debbie Siebers since my lower back issue, and that has really been helpful too, in my DIY therapy, LOL. Don't forget to include those psoas stretches which are really helpful for hip and lower back pains, IMO.
That's for the bringing the Yin Yoga to my attention - really nice practice. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Old 03-17-20, 11:45 AM  
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Originally Posted by buffmama View Post
Did this one today and was really happy with it.

That's for the bringing the Yin Yoga to my attention - really nice practice. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
You're welcome! It's one of my favorites and so glad to know it's helping keep my hips pain-free in the process.
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Old 03-17-20, 11:54 AM  
little bird
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Old 03-17-20, 12:54 PM  
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Oh, my gosh. I'm so weak and you gals are a bad influence. Thank you!

I just ordered from Amazong Patricia Friberg's workout and the Supermodel Series workout. Just when I thought I was moving away from dvds to streaming I'm sucked right back in. LOL
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Old 03-17-20, 03:47 PM  
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I got the Jillian Hessell DVD. Thanks for the recommendation. I couldn't get anything streaming to run since I'm rural and everyone was on line plus we finally had heavy rain and even snow. I did find a VF review that listed the moves and I've owned some of Jillian's DVDs in the past so I think I'll like this one.

It will be useful now that my exercise class has been cancelled and I'm supposed to be sheltering in place. No local case of COVID-19 yet and I'm well stocked with essentials, including books and exercise videos, so I can check this one out soon.
Karen Jo

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floor work, floorwork, lower body workouts, patricia friberg, supermodel series, tamela hastie

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