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Old 02-09-20, 11:04 AM  
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I have an Urban Rebounder but I haven't used it much because the springs are squeaky and the surface is kind of hard. Considering the JumpSport 200 bc I'm not positive I will use it enough to justify a more expensive one. Some of the reviews mention the cords wearing out, have users experienced that? Also some people complain that the bounce is too soft and it can't be adjusted - thoughts on this? Thank you.
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Old 02-09-20, 09:55 PM  
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I have a jumpsport, and have had it for probably 9 or 10 years (maybe longer?) the cords are fine. I went around and tied another knot in each cord to make the bounce tighter. You can easily tie the knots wherever you want. I don't use it every day, but have gone through many months where I use it a LOT.

My only problem I have with it right now is two of the legs loosen up when I bounce on it, so after I use it I have to tighten them up again. Also, I HATE the petal mat. The petals will trip me up if I'm not careful. Other than that, it's like brand new!!
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DBW...I sent you a PM.
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