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Old 08-02-18, 08:58 AM  
Exercise Diva
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Suzanne Bowen Question

Hello. Well, I think I'm ready to move on from Barre3. Every month I, and I think many of their subscribers, look forward to a longer workout, and for the cost they are now charging ($29/month), I feel that we have a right to expect that. This month they posted a 10 minute workout, and from what I've seen in some of the posts, I'm not the only one frustrated with this. If they were charging $15 like they used to, I would have no issue, but there are too many sites that charge far less and put up more content on a regular basis. I love having a barre workout in my rotation, and one thing that I did really like about Barre3, in particular, is that their workouts offer a good amount of cardio work. I'm thinking of looking at Suzanne Bowen - I know she gets really good reviews here, but I get the sense that a of her videos are segments that you piece together (I might be wrong on that). I tend to prefer a whole body workout that I don't have to think about creating on my own. And, big question for me - do her workouts have a cardio effect?

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Old 08-02-18, 03:47 PM  
Exercise Diva
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Boston

With so many Suzanne fans here, I'm surprised there are no responses.
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Old 08-02-18, 05:32 PM  
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She does have some full body workouts and also some that are different parts of the body. There is a great variety so you can basically find one that you want to do that day. The website will let you sort by body part and type of workouts. Her challenges and pre-made plans have both full body, cardio, Hiit, and upper and lower segments depending on what you want to do.

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Old 08-02-18, 06:44 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2013
I keep my SBF subscription because I really like Suzanne as an instructor and what I know of her as a person. But in all honesty, I also enjoy total body workouts. I wish Barre3 wouldnít do so many exercises while bending their knees. I can see it causing problems in the future. Suzanne has more targeted workouts than total body. I can relate with you not wanting to have to string together workouts to feel you covered all your muscle groups.
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Old 08-02-18, 08:29 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Barre3 has a thirty minute new one for the month, too.

But I know what you mean. I like more of the 40 and 60 minute choices, too.

FYI they have streaming gift card sales several times per year, and it ends up being about half price that way. That is the only way I will do it; I wonít pay $29 per month for anything, much as I like Barre3. Everything is streaming now and one workout doesnít fulfill all my needs. And if Iím going to spend almost $100 for several sites per month, I might as well take live classes!

I havenít subscribed to SBF since last summer. At that time, I thought I would try it again, because I had subscribed for a long time but quit due to boredom and not as much new content. And there still wasnít a lot new from the last time. But it could be the content picked up and is different since then. I loved, loved her cardio segments. They werenít anywhere close to HIIT even when they are labeled that way, but they are were nice moderate cardio for me. I felt like the leg segments were often not as challenging as I wanted. But I love Suzanne and her vibe. I would go to her classes IRL if I could.
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Old 08-04-18, 03:26 PM  
susan p
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Suzanne has workouts that range from 5 minute "targets" to 15-20 minute "parts" type workouts, and 30-60m total bodies. She's really got a good variety of everything. She has workouts that definitely have a cardio effect, intentionally; some that have a cardio effect unintentionally; and some that don't really have a cardio effect at all.

If you selected thoughtfully, you could easily get in total body strength, flexibility, and a good bit of cardio using ONLY Suzanne. I don't, but you could. I tend to use Suzanne for strength and something else for cardio, unless I'm doing a BarreAmped Bounce. Those are irresistibly fun. And tougher than you'd think.
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Old 08-04-18, 05:41 PM  
fatkat555's Avatar
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Location: New Orleans metro area
I love SBF, but currently Iím not subscribed. I had streaming issues so Iíll probably resubscribe soon. I was also looking at subscribing to Leah Sarago. Since she announced she was doing streaming sheís posted a new workout each week. Most of her old stuff is what Iíd consider ďpartsĒ, and I do prefer total body. What I find with Leah is that her offerings are fairly advanced so putting two parts together for roughly 40 minuets works. Iím also looking at The Daily Method streaming. It looks pricey and the descriptions look like shorter segments as well.

You have to make a mess, sometimes, to clean it up.

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Old 08-05-18, 06:56 AM  
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Suzanneís regular barre workouts donít have the same cardio effect that barre3 does. I have a friend who says she is not putting up much new content lately, either, but I could be wrong about that. Het total body barre fire workouts are really good.
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Old 08-05-18, 09:21 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Yes, Leah Saragoís workouts have a cardio effect for sure, but you do have to string segments together for full body. Of her newer content with the weighted work, she has a couple of total body segments that you could do twice through for a longer workout, but there isnít a ton of new content just yet, and some of the older Ballet Body downloads are there but a whole lot are not up yet. I hope to see her put her DVDs on there, too.
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Old 08-06-18, 08:18 AM  
Exercise Diva
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Location: Boston
Thanks for all of your input. I think I'm going to pass on Suzanne Bowen for now - I really don't like stringing workouts together - I like to be able to hit the start button and go and not have to think about it. I did see that Barre3 replied to people's comments about the shorter content by promising to put out 4 new longer workouts over the next 4 months, which almost made me resubscribe, but I think I'm going to hold off for now - they've done this before and I find them incredibly pricey for what they offer. That's good information about Barre3 sales - I didn't know that they offered discounted pricing at different times during the year, so I'll keep an eye out for those. For now I think I'm going to focus on Essentrics for my barre work and throw in some rebounding for cardio - I've been interested in trying out a primarily Essentrics rotation to see what it could do for me in terms of fitness gains and some pain relief from past injuries that keep resurfacing. Not to mention that it will be a lot cheaper than subscribing to yet another site.
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