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Old 01-16-11, 05:39 AM  
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I really wish my thread hadn't been moved. No one has responded since. It was off-topic for the thread it was in, and I noted it that way. I don't see why it was necessary to move it, and I wish that a couple of the responses had focused on my question rather than the forum it happened to be in. I had trouble finding the thread, and had to do a search for it. A bit heavy-handed on the part of the moderators, I think. I wasn't hurting anyone.
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Old 01-17-11, 09:44 PM  
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On Off Topic posts

Normally when we move threads, we contact the author. I couldn't do it in this case because PM and email are turned off.

We discourage off-topic threads. As part of that, we move threads to the appropriate forums. I left a redirect in General Discussion so that people could find it. We also periodically go through and delete off-topic threads (to save space). Since this is a topic that someone might want to search for in the future, it makes sense to keep it where it is not off topic (and where it will be easier to find in a search).

From the guidelines:
We do not like to police off-topic threads, but we strongly discourage them. . . . if you are thinking of starting a thread with OT in the title (or which should have OT in the title), please think twice, and remember that bandwidth is not free--VF has to pay for all those page views. In order to save space in our already very large forum database, OT threads may be removed once they are no longer active.
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Old 01-23-11, 08:18 AM  
Judith L
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A brand new Model D Concept 2 rower is $900 plus shipping (which isn't as much as you'd think).
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Old 03-03-11, 07:08 PM  
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My gym has these: but I'm sure they are anything but cheap.
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rowing, rowing machine

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