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Old 05-02-21, 03:26 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
The strength of the bungee makes a huge difference in the feel of the bounce.

I originally got really strong bungees for my Bellicon, but replaced them so the bounce was less firm when the first set wore out.

Here's a link to the Bellicon page talking about how to choose the right strength for your needs.

I don't know how other models compare.
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Old 05-02-21, 04:22 PM  
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Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
The strength of the bungee makes a huge difference in the feel of the bounce.
Sure it does. I got extra strong bungees (I'm well under 200lbs) and for me, the bounce is still too soft. Maybe the ultra bungees would make a difference, but they're not cheap and I just don't want to invest any more money in it.

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Old 05-02-21, 09:54 PM  
Gale K.
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Originally Posted by Ricka View Post
Hi Gale. Can I ask if you have foldable legs version, or screw type? How much space does your bungee take for storage?
I have to correct myself; I have the 44" Bellicon. I have the foldable legs and am glad I got them. I mostly store it just tipped on its side, but there have been times when I move it to another room and the foldable legs make that easier.
I have the strong bungees, which I replaced after 3 years. I have had other rebounders in the past but not a Jumpsport, so I can't compare with that one. I hear good things about them, though!
If you are on facebook, AngieFitness TV has an active rebounding page with lots of discussions about different rebounders. A lot of them like the Leaps and Rebounders brand (including Angie).
Gale K.

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Old 05-14-21, 04:31 PM  
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Just adding to this discussion to mention that the rebounder talk on VFF lately inspired me to get the support bars for my Bellicon, and I'm glad I got them! Really like having a bit of something for support.

Also thought I'd mention that the Bellicon GO models come in pieces that you assemble. Not foldable, but I'd assume it comes in a smaller package than the complete circle models.
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Old 05-14-21, 06:39 PM  
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My first rebounder was a folding model and I feared for my physical well being every time I folded or unfolded it!

My current rebounder is the small Bellicon with folding legs. Glad I caught it during one of Belliconís sales since I donít use it much. I have a hard time clicking with rebounding workouts.
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bellicon, jumpsport, rebounder, rebounders

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