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Crescent Moon
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I purchased mine here:


Rogue also sells a wall hanger for the Concept 2:


When I'm not using my rower, I simply roll it to the corner of the room and gently stand it up on its front end. This is not something I would advise if you have young children or a very active household, but it totally works for me. It's very stable standing upright and has never fallen over. I know Concept 2 advises against this method of storage, but I truly believe their greatest concern is the possibility of bodily injury should the machine fall.

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Originally Posted by FitBoop View Post

Jags, I was not aware that Concept 2 went down in price. I've been looking at the machines over the years and they were in the $700's not that long ago. So I thought the price increased.

Those of you who bought the C2, where did you purchase it?
I looked at the Wayback Machine circa 1997, but alas, no prices on their old web page. My rusty memory is even less reliable.

We paid $650 for the Kettler. We bought it from a fitness equipment distributor. The Concept 2 they were selling was listed at $1200, but they were negotiable. I think we had them down to $1000 delivered.

I'd be interested in reading not only where folks purchased their C2, but how much they paid. Maybe, I'll treat myself to an upgrade.
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rowing machine

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