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Old 01-27-15, 07:11 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Delaware, Ohio
My Yoga Works

Anyone have experience with this sight? Or a promo code?
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Old 01-27-15, 07:54 AM  
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Location: Dallas Texas Metroplex
Good site and they are adding instructors and content pretty routinely (660 vids at last check).

I recall on the FB page for Calvin that his discount code was MYWCALVIN. I have no clue if that still works or what it may entail. You may want to try playing around if that doesn't take and use MYW+"FirstName of Instructor"

I've since paired back my streaming subscriptions for 2015 and dropped MYW. I just had some personal events that warranted my downsizing. I have no complaints and I also applaud them for making some of their content FREE and accessible without a subscription!
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