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Strong & Sweaty - Boot Camp: Cathe Friedrich (2016)

Strong & Sweaty - Boot Camp

Step - team were on 8"
Barbell - quite light, Cathe used only 20lb (9kg), so set it up and leave it.
Dumbbells - pairs of 8, 10, 12, & 15lb (3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7.0kg)

The Set:
Large space with brickwork looking like the paint is wearing off, view of a city with hills in the distance from a high vantage point - set well behind the arched windows so the parralax effect makes it look more realistic. Couple of ferns, potted trees, & weights racks. Pale timber-look floor. Bright, light, spacious.

The Team:
With Cathe are Jai, Nicole, Brenda, & Amanda. All have black knee-length tights with pink wide waistband paired with either a pink singlet or black crop top. Cathe is all in black, but her shoes are pink.

The Workout:
The workout is cardio & weights combined. There are 6 rounds with each round consisting of
cardio, moderate intensity, a single/simple exercise (see breakdown)
lower body exercise
combined upper/lower exercise (the 'metabolic' moves)
upper body exercise

Breakdown: Main Workout
(43:58) Total Duration

(3:48) Warmup
(36:42) Workout
_____(0:22) Intro
_____(5:59) Round 1
__________(1:04) Plunge Lunges (Cardio)
__________(1:57) Elevated Lunges (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:41) Static Lunge & Front Side Raise (8lb D-bells)
__________(1:17) Bicep Curls (15lb D-bells)
_____(5:16) Round 2
__________(1:11) Wide Box Jumps / Plyo Jacks / Power 7s (Cardio)
__________(1:29) Marching Sumos (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:20) Front Swing Overhead Press (10lb D-bells)
__________(1:16) Pushups
_____(6:31) Round 3
__________(1:33) Squats in a Box (Cardio)
__________(1:59) Cross Back Lunge Sumo Squat (10lb D-bell)
__________(1:25) Single Leg Deadlift with Front Raise & Upright Row (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:34) Dips (20lb B-bell)
_____(6:06) Round 4
__________(1:29) Squat Thrust / 2 Plank Jacks / Box Jumps (Cardio)
__________(1:19) Squat Toss (10lb D-bell)
__________(1:30) Rear Lunge (2 Triples / 4 Singles) (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:48) One Arm Back Fly & Reverse Fly (12lb D-bells)
_____(6:14) Round 5
__________(1:28) 2 Straddle Jumps (Cardio)
__________(1:38) Side to Side Toss Lunges (12lb D-bell)
__________(1:37) Cross Over Top Clean & Press (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:31) W Curls (12lb D-bells)
_____(6:14) Round 6
__________(1:20) Swim Lunges & Peak Lunges (Cardio)
__________(1:43) Diagonal Front Lunges (20lb B-bell)
__________(1:53) Pullovers & Chest Flys (12lb D-bells)
__________(1:18) Kickback Planks (10lb D-bell)
(3:28) Stretch

Breakdown: Bonus Abs
(13:09) Total Duration
_____(1:12) Roll Downs
_____(1:48) Reverse Crunch & Pilate Presses
_____(1:47) Side Plank Elevated Toe Taps
_____(1:28) Side Tap Oblique
_____(1:12) Rope Climb
_____(1:03) L Position Leg Circles
_____(0:54) Weighted Sit Ups (8lb D-bell)
_____(0:53) Sit Up Twist (8lb D-bell)
_____(0:58) L Position Pullovers (8lb D-bell)
_____(1:54) Plank Complex

The DVD:
Pink is the colour-scheme. The main menu offers
Play (goes right to warmup of the main workout, no verbal introduction - that's done within the workout)
Chapters >
Warmup. Each individual exercise within the rounds has its own chapter. Stretch
Basic Premixes >
#1 Warmup + Round 1-6 + Bonus Abs + Stretch (56:14) Yes, there is just one
Timesaver Premixes >
#1 Warmup + Rounds 1-3 + Stretch (25:29)
#2 Warmup + Rounds 1-4 + Stretch (31:36)
#3 Warmup + Rounds 1-5 + Stretch (37:51)
#4 No Cardio Exercises (35:37)
#5 No Lower Body Exercises (33:59)
#6 No Metabolic Exercises (34:39)
#7 No Upper Body Exercises (35:22)
Mishmosh Premixes >
Extreme #1 (Double It) Warmup + Rounds 1-6 + Rounds 1-6 + Stretch (80:34)
Extreme #2 Warmup + Round 1-6 + Round 2 + Round 3 + Round 5 + Stretch (62:12)
Extreme #3 (Includes Bonus Abs Mixed In) Warmup + Round 1 + Bonus Abs (Roll Downs + Reverse Crunch & Pilate Presses) + Round 2 + Bonus Abs (Side Plank Elevated Toe Taps) + Round 3 + Bonus Abs (Side Tap Obliques) + Round 4 + Bonus Abs (Rope Climb) + Round 5 + Bonus Abs (L Position Circles) + Round 6 + Bonus Abs (Weighted Sit Ups + Sit Up Twist + L Position Pullovers Plank Complex) + Stretch (57:18)
Scrambled #1 Warmup + Round 4-6 + Round 1-3 + Stretch (43:44)
Scrambled #2 Warmup + Round 1 + Round 5 + Round 3 + Round 4 + Round 2 + Round 6 + Stretch (44:07)
Bonus Abs >
- Play
- Chapters (all exercises in the abs have their own chapter - see breakdown for the specific items)
Getting Started >
Directs you to the location of the downloadable user's guide which includes workout sheets to track your weights & has a link to the equipment list.
Audio Setting >
Normal Mix (Cathe's voice plus music)
Vocals Only Mix (Cathe's voice only and no music)

NOTE: There is no Mix/Match nor Workout Blender on the DVD - these options seem to have stopped being included at some stage. Perhaps use feedback was that people prefer premixes to making their own mixes with those kinds of tools (???) but you certainly could make your own using the chapters approach.

Me: 59, 4'10" (step height really matters), intermediate, enjoy complexity.

This workout is not fun. I won't comment on the music as others notice it more than I do, apart from to say that it wasn't memorable or joyous like that workout Cathe did with "Build Me Up Buttercup" in it. Most exercises are done to the beat, just a couple are done more slowly. The format of the workout keeps your heart rate elevated as the cardio is moderately intense, it drops for the lower body work, then is raised again - not as high - in the 'metabolic' exercise which is the combined upper/lower body one, then down again with the upper body exercise. Very few of the exercises were standard moves, which was a pleasant change - but they weren't annoyingly quirky or twisty either - didn't seem to be novel purely for the sake of novelty. She moves through the exercises very quickly - no pause-time to move the step aside to do the pushups, so have your remote ready if you hate missing the first one or two reps & I needed to pause to catch my breath after the straddle box-jumps in round 5. Had a sense of satisfaction having reached the end of the final round and she says "let's move on" so I knew the stretch was coming - relief as well - those plank/kickbacks were a hard finish - SO hard to keep hips level.

Not sure when Cathe began to put chapter titles on-screen with the weights she uses, but I REALLY like that aspect of her later workouts. I matched her weights for everything apart from biceps, I went with just 6kg (13lb) rather than her 15lb (6.8kg) and regretted that choice when they didn't last long. Could have gone heavier than the 20lb on the barbell - it felt too light every time it was used, even for the front raises. To get a cardio and total-body workout done in under 45min is hard, but she got it done. Legs didn't feel particularly well worked, but using a heavier barbell could see to that. Matching weights to the vid didn't fry any muscle group - nothing was thoroughly worked, but maybe heavier weights would see to that???

Overall - it did the job of getting everything (cardio + total body) done in under 45min - maybe that's why it felt a little hurried at times, to GET it under that 45min mark. Didn't love it. Didn't hate it. It's never going to be your strength or hypertrophy go-to, but would nicely fill a slot in a rotation or be one for when you are time-pressed and just want a bit of everything on the day.
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