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Erica - I actually just did check out one from the library. They had to order it, but I can atleast preview and try. I just don't like much barre 9seems to just hurt me) but I do sometimes like some that are more standing pilates oriented. I guess they are larger moves? I do have some of those and have some saved on youtube. Thankyou!!

Buffmama- i actually do follow her and have it saved. She had a lot of helpful info before and after surgery. Thankyou!

Sherry - just some of your sweet energy is all I need. <3

Bunnyhop - I own several and I may have some aging backwards. I will take a look. I haven't even looked since all this happened, because, again, I thought about those super stretchy moved and imagined my places opening. Bad vision, lol. I can probably atleast do some of the loose stuff and leg work. You are so right!! Thankyou!

Cattadict, HDW, and all you sweet friends (please forgive me if I couldn't specifically comment back), thankyou so much for your prayers, kind comments, well wishes, and friendship. Its all such a blessing. I truly love y'all

Here is a link to that post surgery playlist I am following in case anyone needs it (I will put it in first post as well):
Romans 5:5-9 No Greater Love!!

If You Argue for Your Limitations, You Get to Keep Them!

"Accept responsibility for your life. Know it is you who will get you where you want to go, noone else." Les Brown
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