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Old 09-10-21, 01:28 PM  
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Smile Had to Share some Wonderful

I am so beyond blessed and happy and grateful and all the things right now. Forgive me for not posting about it here, I did a little on FB, but its been a whirlwind- blessed for that as well. This all happened between mid july and now. I post so much, what seems to be whiny stuff, I also didn't want y'all to think I was just doing it again. But good things can happen, and this is also a wake up call for everyone to get checked reguarly.

Anyway, sorry, in Mid July they still thought I was too weak for a hysterectomy for all the fibroids and cysts I had. so (sorry, TMI) the were doing an IUD. She said, just because you are a weird patient (all the diseases, off the wall alien bloodwork, and cancer in the family), I am gonna do an endometrial biopsy. That portion came back positive for an aggressive (I think it was EIN A typical hyperplasia??) pre-cancer. I asked to wait til the end of October because I didn't want to ruin my FL trip mid October. They said it couldn't wait. I had the whole kit and caboodle removed, plus lymph nodes and dissection of those. They did find early stage endometrial/Uterine cancer. By short message I got from the nurse when the pathology came back a week later (sorry, had surgery August 30th), I thought chemo and radiation and all the goodies were coming next. All she had to go from was the paper- I just make up stories in my head and roll with the little info given. I lost my sister and father, so I was in shock, but seeing all that. The next day, the Dr called and confirmed it was cancer but they got it all out and no need for anything except check ups every 6 months on it now. (I did have the follow up appt today- she didn't even limit me much on exercise because I feel better than I have in a couple of years. I was terrified I wouldstart menopause that day, but I think the lowered estrogen (mine was very high) must be boosting the mood, and back pain gone, clearer head, more energy- even after surgery, restroom problems are gone for now, even blood sugars are a little better).
I am just so happy. I want to put up all the cancer awareness and survivor stuff, because i feel so blessed, but yet I feel guilty because mine was so fast, and atleast at present, I didn't have to fight like others are having to.

I am having to go slow on WO's and figuring out what to do. I have just been doing little walks around property and weighted gloves mostly so far, but found a yoga site on youtube that has a bunch of post abdominal surgery/hysterectomy videos, so will be trying those. Looking at pregnancy and elderly videos as well. (I did those type and treadmill after my last ovary surgery). want to keep it gone, so I am gonna upgrade my eating even more, trying a more anti inflammatory approach. If anyone knows good results from anything, I would love to know. And if I can be of help to anyone, not that I know anything, but am just too blessed not to, please let me know.

Bless y'all and love all of you! Thankyou for letting me post my happy

ETA: Adding that playlist for post abdominal surgery of any kind that I am following, loosly but just started daily:
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Old 09-10-21, 01:34 PM  
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You have such a good attitude. Continued good health to you and best wishes getting stronger again - that was an awful lot you had done.
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Old 09-10-21, 01:41 PM  
Erica H.
Join Date: Nov 2001
I'm sorry for what you've been through both physically and emotionally but glad it worked out so well! Thank you for the wonderful and positive post and I am thrilled that they got all the cancer out and you are doing well and don't need further treatment. Wishing you all the best!

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Old 09-10-21, 01:53 PM  
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Jeni, praise be to God! early detection and removal was on your side, and so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery.


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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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Old 09-10-21, 02:04 PM  
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so happy for you to have this outcome, what a scary experience.
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Old 09-10-21, 02:28 PM  
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Such wonderful news!!

THANK YOU for sharing it!!

Many happy blessings and prayers to you and your family
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Old 09-11-21, 01:41 AM  
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This is wonderful news, and I rejoice with you in your regained health. May God bless you with great health going forward.
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