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Old 02-27-21, 07:34 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: State of wonder
I bought the cardio UK one and it wasn't a pressed dvd. I guess it is an on demand dvd and the guy was offended that I called it a bootleg.
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Old 02-27-21, 08:00 PM  
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Location: rogersville,Tn.
Thank you! I appreciate it
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Old 02-28-21, 11:24 AM  
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Location: Ohio
Those are really excellent. I'm glad I managed to snag both over the years, considering how expensive some copies are now, apparently! I have a VHS version of Heidi's and a DVD version of Pam's. These are both in the library set. What's funny is they were both excerpted on a lot of mid-era official FIRM releases, and everything past that initial release of them as "Variety" was under the FIRM brand. So if you find copies that are FIRM-branded instead of Variety, go ahead and snag 'em; maybe the premium price for them as "rare" is only under the original brand.
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Old 02-28-21, 04:25 PM  
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To the OP...I am sorry to hear yours were ruined in a basement flood. That really stinks, hope you are able to get a hold of these somehow. It's too bad they are at such insane prices.
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firm, the firm

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