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Old 02-21-21, 10:01 PM  
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Originally Posted by KarenJo View Post

ETA Also Charlene Prickett's were slow and controlled.
This made me smile because when she had her TV show back in the 80s, I thought it was fast. LOL Oh, how times have changed.
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Old 02-22-21, 08:50 AM  
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Originally Posted by Mopsy View Post
I've been using my step with walking workouts for the pace and simplicity. I find I get a better workout by simply going up up down down than by shuffling and stomping. I do mix it up with moves like side steps and horseshoes, but still pretty basic.
I love this idea.
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Old 03-02-21, 05:46 PM  
Paula N
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I tried this new channel today, and while I don't know the BPM, it certainly felt like it was a bit slower pace than a lot of other current step workouts:

I was able to comfortably add an extra step of risers and still keep up. The choreography was not overly complicated (no moves I haven't seen lots of times in other videos), but she did pack a lot of variety into it without repeating the moves endlessly.

I have only tried one video so far, but it looks promising.
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slower step workouts, step, step workouts

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