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Old 02-14-21, 07:12 PM  
susan p
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Slower step workouts

Anyone who has been around VF for oh, 25 years or so, will remember that when step workouts first became popular, they were slower. Varying certification agencies recommended 120 bpm as the ideal step speed, with step height increase the way to increase intensity rather than speed. Cathe was the leader in pushing that envelope to 124 bom, then to 128 ( and if I remember correctly, didn't someone, not Cathe, go even faster?)

At any rate, I am struggling with those faster step speeds these days. Last night I did Gilad's step workout ( talk about a blast from the past!) and while I didn't bother to time the bpm, it did seem slower than many step workouts.

It felt good! I'm wondering what other slower step workouts, however old, might be out there that VFers are aware of?
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Old 02-14-21, 07:27 PM  
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I think a lot of Jenny Fordís workouts would be good.
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Old 02-14-21, 07:30 PM  
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I remember the early step workouts that Gin Miller did for Reebok were pretty slow and controlled - both the original and the circuit ones. The one taken from her exercise TV show was neither slow nor controlled. I didn't own any of her later step videos, but I'd guess they were at a reasonable speed, too.

Also Keli Roberts' step video, though that didn't make it to DVD, and the one Keli did with Cher. Kathy Smith's Step workout, Power Step and her Buns and Thighs Step workout were at the slower speed, especially Power Step. And Kari Anderson's old step workouts were at reasonable speed, though I still couldn't handle the choreography. She did step for one of the 29-Minute Workouts but that VHS was rare when it was new. It was simple and slow enough that I could do it.

Who did the two videos for AVIA shoes. Was that Gay Gasper? ETA, it's the two Step-n-Stones videos by Gay that I was thinking of.

ETA Also Charlene Prickett's were slow and controlled.

Sorry I'm not being very good with actual titles for most of these.

How many of these actually made it to DVD? Kathy Smith's did but they go in and out of availability. Keli's are on YouTube but in pretty bad quality.
Karen Jo

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Old 02-14-21, 07:40 PM  
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Gin Miller has posted several step workouts in her YouTube channel. Here's one with a BPM of 110!
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Old 02-14-21, 09:59 PM  
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I've been using my step with walking workouts for the pace and simplicity. I find I get a better workout by simply going up up down down than by shuffling and stomping. I do mix it up with moves like side steps and horseshoes, but still pretty basic.

Slower step workouts that I have include Gin Miller's Step Reaction(?) and Simply Step (which does have mambo pivots, but it's Gin, and it's fun). Kathy Kaehler's Basic Step Class has very basic choreography, but I find it physically challenging because it's constant stepping. I think the second half is faster paced.

On VHS I have Kari's Body Tech, Jay Blahnik's Step Revival, and Kari and Jay together did Classic Step. I think those are the titles. I'm going from memory.
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Old 02-14-21, 10:17 PM  
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Originally Posted by Gams View Post
I think a lot of Jenny Fordís workouts would be good.
I agree & she is so generous with her free workouts on YouTube.

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Old 02-15-21, 01:00 AM  
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i agree with the comment about Gin Miller: The Video especially.

Gilad's Step Workout and Step and Tone.
Step and Tone uses hand weights.

Kathy Smith's Step Workout is also slower paced. Her Fat Burning Breakthrough is moderate paced, basic choreography, but it is an interval/endurance workout. I can't recall if her Power Step workout is moderate.

Body Bar Strong Step with Sherry Catlin. it uses a body bar, but you can go without or use dumbbells.

i haven't done it in a long time, but Keli Roberts Real Fitness Ultimate Step is another one - is this one on youtube? i have it on vhs.

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Old 02-15-21, 06:33 AM  
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Kathy Smith's Great Buns & Thighs step is good. I too have been doing slower bpm step lately.

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Old 02-15-21, 09:22 AM  
Gale K.
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Angie FitnessTV has a lot of reasonable step on her youtube channel.
Gale K.

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Old 02-15-21, 01:11 PM  
Paula N
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The speed was a bit of a shock to me when I recently started getting into YouTube step workouts. I was so used to using my older step workouts on VHS and DVD, and I could quite comfortably handle them on two sets on risers. I had to bail partway through a live step workout yesterday because I could not keep up without feeling like I was going to trip over my step. I guess I could have dropped a set of risers, but by that point I was feeling a bit frustrated.

Originally Posted by yogapam View Post
I agree & she is so generous with her free workouts on YouTube.
Jenny Ford's step workouts are a comfortable speed, I find, and it is obvious she puts a lot of work into planning them. She is incredibly generous, and seems like such genuine and caring person.
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slower step workouts, step, step workouts

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