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Old 10-01-20, 09:19 PM  
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Originally Posted by wendug View Post
i don't remember the title of the workout, but it was by Tamilee Webb. She alternated between step and abs/pushups. I think she was wearing a hat? Maybe one of the Buns of Steel workouts? Definitely from the 90s though.
I love Tamilee!!

In Buns of steel 7 Tamilee did a step workout where she was with two other exercisers and she was in an animal print. Loved that step workout!

She had a leg workout that was barre in nature where she wears a flip backed hat..Legs of steel. Excellent workout.

But I don't remember her doing a step workout with a hat. Hmmm...did I miss one

My first was Buns of steel 2 with Marsha Macro, then I went to Buns of steel 6 with Lynne Bricke, Tamilee's Buns of steel 7 and Keli Roberts Ultimate step. I did get Cathe's all step but got rid of that one because I thought it was crazy!

Tamilee and Keli were what I rotated until I joined gyms and took step classes for several years.
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Old 10-01-20, 09:33 PM  
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I'd done some Firm "step", like the moves in Volume 6, but I feel like my first real step video was Gin Miller's Step Reebok the Video. It was a revelation to me that an instructor would properly cue a move, and add an arm gesture for traveling moves, instead of blurting out something insufficiently descriptive, leaving me half a beat behind and scrambling to catch up.

I was soooo proud when I mastered that video, and still pull it out occasionally. It's good when I've been slacking off and need a fun, easy to follow cardio workout that leaves me sweaty.
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Old 10-01-20, 10:01 PM  
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Fun thread! I've enjoyed reading how everyone started with step. I'm pretty sure I started with Cathe's Step Jam that I ordered from Collage, which I ordered from an ad in Shape Those were the days!

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Old 10-01-20, 10:21 PM  
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Originally Posted by bex View Post
I had recorded the audio on my Walkman tape player, and I knew it so well that's all I needed.

I'm both proud of my dedication and embarassed at my nerdiness. But if anyone would understand, it's VFers.
omg, i taped The Firm Tough Tape (with Tracie Long) on an audio cassette too and brought it with me to the Disneyland Hotel fitness room!

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Old 10-02-20, 05:32 AM  
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For me it was Buns of Steel Step 2000 with Tamilee Webb that came with the purple step. I bought this in 1994 and the workout and the step have stayed with me ever since. I still do the workout here and there. I still use the step too, it comes in handy when I want a shorter step instead of using the club step.

I also tried Kathy Smith's Great Buns and Thighs not long after that, good workout but unloaded it after a while, her Power Step workout is my favorite, without the power of course.
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Old 10-02-20, 06:47 AM  
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Cher's workout with Keli Roberts

I still have the same step!
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Old 10-02-20, 06:54 AM  
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Originally Posted by Leela View Post
I still have the same step!
Same here! I also started with Cherís step workout :-)
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Old 10-02-20, 07:12 AM  
summer breeze
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I started with Charlene Prickett's It Figures show in the 80s and eventually went on to the VHS tapes she put out after that. Aside from various Firm tapes, I don't think I did other step workouts.
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Old 10-02-20, 08:41 AM  
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Love hearing about all these step stories! Brings back great memories. I started taking step classes at the gym and before we could take them we had to take instruction classes to learn the steps. I am really glad they required the training classes because it gave me a solid base and I never feared learning harder choreography in vhs workouts.

I think my first at home step workouts were what I taped on TV from Charlene Prickettís show. My husband built me a step out of wood (which was a recommendation Charlene made on her show - she even had a homemade step on the show with the measurements painted on it). I used that step for a LONG time and then finally bought the green step with the pink and grey risers. I believe my first purchase of a step workout was probably a Charlene Prickett workout and I likely got Gin Millerís first Step Reebok workout shortly afterwards.

Linda Was it you that used to have your daughter strapped to you in a harness when you did step at the gym? Such a cute, cute story!

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Old 10-02-20, 08:56 AM  
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Originally Posted by Karla25 View Post
Same here! I also started with Cherís step workout :-)
I loved it!
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first workout, first workouts, step, step workouts

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