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Old 11-16-20, 09:38 AM  
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Originally Posted by Carol K View Post
I haven't personally used a planner from NAPFA, but the advisors who are listed there are supposed to be fee-only planners not salesmen who work on commission, unless something has changed. I have been through the CFP education and I would only use a fee-only planner.
Carol, if I might ask,how did you like this program?
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Old 11-16-20, 09:46 AM  
Carol K
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Location: Chicago, IL
I very much enjoyed the program and it amazed me how much more disciplined I was in studying than I had been when I was much younger. But I never sat for the CFP exam, because to earn the credential, you also had to have a certain amount of applicable work experience within a specified time period of taking the exam and I was not ready to leave my fulltime job at the time. But since it's personal financial planning, it is all very useful information whether you make a career out of it or not.
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