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Old 10-23-19, 12:03 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2008
I got the idea of using the plain floor here on VF and it has opened the door to lots of workouts I thought I'd never do again. I like to do Cardio Step Mix starting out with the 4" High Step Topper and then start doing the segments on the floor after a few on the topper.
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Old 10-23-19, 06:50 PM  
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The old Gilad Step and Tone can easily be done on the floor. Also, there is a Jessica Smith step workout (on DVD) where one exerciser (her Mom) uses the floor instead of the step.
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Old 10-23-19, 07:00 PM  
Dorothy J
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I do most of my step workouts on the floor now. It makes a lot of old workouts usable again for me. A few I still use the step with include KCM Stepboxing (yellow cover) and a couple of old Kari Anderson step workouts (Classic Step & Body Tech). For some reason those don't bother me (intensity or impact).

Another "trick" I do is to do just 15 min or so of a step workout on the step, then the rest on the floor. Cathe's Step Blast and Gin Miller's Simply Step are two that I do this way. It moderates the intensity & impact while still giving me the fun of step for a bit.
- Dorothy

"You want to go into life feeling great, feeling strong, and as you get older, feeling even stronger!" Gin Miller
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