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Old 11-05-18, 08:07 PM  
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Benefits of Step Aerobics

Just came across this article accidentally. It’s 2 years old. First time I read an article dedicated to this subject. Step is one of my favorite cardio exercises. I came across this type of workout in 2000 at a local gym. I remember attending the Step class weekly faithfully. Then got a Step after I discovered workout DVDs later on.

I enjoy following choreography, the cardio benefits and working my legs at the same time. I hope to continue stepping for years to come.

Benefits of Step Aerobics You Absolutely Need to Know

1. Cardiovascular Health
2. Musculoskeletal Health
3. Low Impact
4. Weight Loss
5. Mental Health
6. Leg Strength
7. More Efficient Metabolic Rate
8. Versatility
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Old 11-05-18, 08:45 PM  
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Great article! I had no idea an hour of step aerobics is equivalent to running 7 miles! I am also a lover of step aerobics so it's nice to hear all the benefits of it!

This is a timely article as I've been acquiring some older Firm BSS series workouts because I'm loving the step with weights. I did Ultimate Calorie Blaster today with Stephanie Huckabee and I'm happy with all the step in the workout (using the 6, 8, and 14 inch options as well as the incline). The choreography was easy to follow and my legs do feel worked!
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Old 11-05-18, 09:27 PM  
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I miss step. I can't do it just loads up my lower back. But wow, I loved it back in the day.

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Old 11-06-18, 05:23 AM  
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Thank you so much for this article! I have always felt like I got a better cardio workout with step than anything. For the past 12 or 13 years, I have mostly run for cardio and when I would throw in a step workout, my thought was that it was more intense than running I remember Kathy Smith saying the same thing that the article said about step being the equivalent to running 7 miles. I am ready to start stepping again! lol

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Old 11-06-18, 07:13 AM  
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Location: Michigan
Thanks for sharing! Great article! I love step and still do it frequently but miss that not too many instructors are making new step workouts.
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Old 11-06-18, 07:19 AM  
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Originally Posted by JackieB View Post
I miss step. I can't do it just loads up my lower back. But wow, I loved it back in the day.
This. I stepped a lot and as recently as last year, but it also aggravates my lower back and right hip - so sadly, no more step workouts for me. Too bad because I really, really like it.

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Old 11-06-18, 07:33 AM  
Joni O
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I always loved step, but now it kills one of my knees and doesnít do my lower back any good either.
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Old 11-06-18, 07:49 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
I love step, and used to be a step instructor. Unfortunately, it bothers my knees now and causes severe plantar faciitis flareups!
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Old 11-06-18, 08:43 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Colorado mountains, USA
If I havenít done a step workout in awhile, I have to start out slowly and build up, or it bothers a knee. So, just 10 minutes and just the bench and as my knee permits I increase the time and add risers, until I am doing an full workout with 2 risers.

My motivation is for endurance and strength for hiking.
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Old 11-06-18, 08:58 AM  
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I was in the best shape of my life when lifting heavy weights, regularly taking step classes and doing step at home with Kari Anderson and Jane Fonda.
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step, step aerobics, stepping

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