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Old 04-05-21, 07:33 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Eastern Oklahoma
Searching for a covid shot?

I live in a rural area and work at Walmart. Our store is periodically announcing over the PA that they have shots available without an appointment. If they open a vial (or whatever it is) they have to use it within a certain amount of time. If appointments donít show or there arenít enough appointments scheduled they open it up to anyone. Once you have your first shot they will schedule your second. This is how I got mine.

So, donít forget to check with your local Walmart to schedule or ... and I donít know if they have this ... ask to be called if an appointment becomes available. In my state, Walmart is not listed on the scheduling website (or so Iíve been told). They may also be posting on social media when they have shots available.
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Old 04-05-21, 08:09 PM  
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And check daily, too. I donít know how many times I checked with Walgreens with no luck and then all of a sudden appointments were available.
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Old 04-06-21, 12:34 AM  
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That's a great idea about asking to be called if an appointment becomes available. we live in an area where there are 2 CVS and a Walmart pharmacy nearby.

i posted the following in the other thread:
Originally Posted by bzar View Post
interesting story: a co-worker of mine was shopping at the CVS near his condo last week around 7 PM at night. he had just finished getting shot #2 via our employer at another site. over the PA system, the pharmacy announces "for anyone interested, we have extra covid vaccines - please come to the pharmacy right away if you need one."

because the vaccines come from the freezer and need to be administered within a specified window of time, they didn't want to waste any vaccine.
i also heard that the Pfizer version recently got approval on its kids<18 version in the US and they're setting up a roll-out strategy. all of the other brands are having success in the clinical trials with children and should be getting approval soon.

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Old 04-06-21, 05:33 AM  
Carol K
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Location: Chicago, IL
I work for an urban hospital and they contacted me to schedule an appointment, even though I don't work with patients. I'm assuming this is because not all front-line workers chose to get vaccinated and it wasn't mandatory. When my husband finally became eligible, I spent a week checking my hospital, all the pharmacies and, multiple times a day, with no luck. Then I discovered that the particular time of day made a difference with my hospital. Early in the morning and late afternoon there would be no appointments. But mid-morning, appointments suddenly appeared for that day only in the afternoon and evening. So he now has his first dose. But he doesn't understand why his co-workers in the suburbs were able to schedule an appointment a week in advance and he had to be ready to go that day.
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Old 04-06-21, 07:14 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Madison, WI, USA
The Walgreens near me refreshed appointments around 6 a.m. I happened upon it on accident. However, several other people in my area noticed it, too. I just went to Walgreens because that was the first available. My local Reddit had a lot of good tips on finding a vaccine.

I had signed up for my county vaccination site and my health care provider, too. A couple weeks after I had gotten my first shot, I got notification to make an appointment with both the county and my health care provider. I also got a notification from work that I could get one there the following week.
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Old 04-06-21, 09:59 AM  
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Location: Kansas
This is how I got my first Moderna shot. Called Walmart pharmacy and asked to be put on the cancellation list. They said it's amazing how many people cancel at the last minute so I didn't have to wait long to be called in.
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Old 04-06-21, 10:37 AM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Thanks, Deb!

I found my DH's appointment through Walmart!

I have yet to get mine scheduled, but my state finally opened eligibility up to everyone over 16, so I will be looking actively now for myself and my DD.

Great idea about the cancellation list, too!!

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Old 04-06-21, 10:45 AM  
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Location: Michigan
Meijer stores announce in the evening if they have extra shots that need to be administered. I am sure this is true for other places that administer shots.
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