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Old 11-22-20, 04:22 PM  
Kathy G
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Originally Posted by gigi View Post
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Kathy! Do tell...what are the fabric hip circles????
They will be a Cathe product probably similar to these:

She talked about developing workouts for her product line as next. She didn’t really talk about a new workout set yet.

One thing she did talk about was what they went through to get STS made with NFL films. Wow, it makes me appreciate it even more because they could probably not make another one like STS!
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Old 11-22-20, 04:47 PM  
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Originally Posted by Kathy G View Post
One thing she did talk about was what they went through to get STS made with NFL films. Wow, it makes me appreciate it even more because they could probably not make another one like STS!
I think I remember reading somewhere once a long time ago that they determined after making STS that it would actually have been cheaper just to film each disc/DVD on its own vs. paying for expensive video editing to dice & splice reused content with new content on some of the discs. My memory is notoriously terrible though so I could be remembering wrong.*

*My memory is still good!

Found an SNM post on Cathe's forum about this:

XTRAIN Footage

All of the ten main programs will have totally unique footage. We will weave different segments from different DVDs into premixes on some of the other DVDs, but not into the original program. We will also film bonus video that will be used in various premixes on several of the DVDs, like our 100 rep challenges.

STS was a different animal. It was a linear periodization workout which was a 40 DVD set that was based on progressive sets each week. This meant that exercises were often repeated and at the time we felt there was no reason to re-film these repeated exercises since they would look exactly the same even if we would have re-filmed them.

What we learned after filming STS was it is way more expensive to edit repeated footage than it would of been to have just filmed them again. So, this is probably not something we would ever do again.

I think you will find XTRAIN to be an exceptional value with over 11 hours of original foootage, numerous premixes, bonus footage and detailed chapter menus.
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Old 11-24-20, 10:25 AM  
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adawn love that insight. I think that's why an STS 2 falls on deaf ears.

Kathy I have questions...

what was raffled? What mocktails were made? How did people take selfies?
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Old 11-24-20, 05:35 PM  
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Originally Posted by Kathy G View Post
The Cathe Virtual Roadtrip was AMAZING! So much fun! The four classes were perfect and I liked the breaks between classes so we had time to grab something to eat or drink and recover.

The second class “Low Impact HIIT Plus Legs” was my favorite but they were all fabulous. The Q&A on Friday was fun & informative. Cathe and Chris were amazingly gracious and answered all the questions thoroughly. She has some fun stuff coming down the pike with her new equipment line. . She talked about doing a workout with the fabric hip circles. Can’t wait!
I am jealous! I went to one many years ago (2008 I think? Wow. TWELVE years ago. I didn’t realize it was that long ago) and I would love to go on another one.

Thanks to you and everyone else for sharing what you learned.
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