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Old 12-08-20, 06:27 PM  
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my first experience with Kelly was a miss - i tried Bootcamp and it seemed disjointed and too funky.

fast forward - i found NYC at a library book sale, and i was so impressed with it.

when i decided to try more KCM, i did a search of threads like yours and took note of which ones were mentioned the most and i used the short list as my initial wish list. this was the short list:

Muscle Definition
Circuit Burn
Cardio Blast
Solit Sessions

katmom suggested that since i liked NYC, i might like The Shape of Things to Come (Complete Cardio Sculpting). she was right!

after that, i acquired many more. the last one i got was Build & Burn - a VFer let me try hers (thanks Nelly G!) and i decided to get my own set. it's a 2-disc set.

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Old 12-09-20, 08:44 AM  
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You got some good recommendations here. I will chime in. Of her most recent ones, I really liked Strong and Lean and Cardio Sculpt Overload. They both would fit the bill with low impact (with a minimum of modifications). Cardio Sculpt Overload does not fit her usual 30MTF format - it is one 30 minute workout w/3-4 extra sets you can tack on at the end to make it longer, I think @50ish minutes. It is a great cardio workout w/minimal impact. I like Strong and Lean for the variety - barbell (you could sub DBs), dumbbell and tubing.

I would also put a vote in for her circuit workouts - Lean Body Circuits is my favorite. One of the circuits is cardio and she does some high impact but she has a modifier showing low. There is a ton of versatility with this one in the premixes - i.e., only lower body or only upper body, etc.
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Old 12-09-20, 09:32 PM  
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My favorite is Amped Up Cardio -- I only do low impact now and I find it quite easy to modify. Lots of variety and options with this one, plus great music!

I also really like Strong and Lean, and Cardio Sculpt Overload. Both are pretty low impact with lots of options.
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Old 12-10-20, 09:56 AM  
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Originally Posted by SueT View Post
Thanks so much for all your responses, everyone! I hope Kelly has her usual New Years Day DVD sale. I want to buy the DVDs I don’t have yet!

It took me a long time to get back to Kelly’s workouts. I had to build up my knee strength slowly. After my knee surgery, I would try doing lower body workouts with weights, which always aggravated my knee more than helped it. I finally swallowed my pride and realized I had to do the movements with no weight or very light weights, and now both knees are much better. Doing Kathy Smith’s Project You workouts was a good way to do that. I tried Essentrics and Classical Stretch, but the plies seemed to aggravate my knee more.

So now I’ve been doing Kelly’s workouts with lighter weights than in the past, but at least I’m safely getting stronger!

Thanks again for all your responses!

Hi I am using lighter weights with Kelly also and building myself up slowly too. I have a old left shoulder injury where I can't really lift too heavy weights.I am really enjoying and liking Kelly a lot.She has very good workouts.
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Old 12-10-20, 12:00 PM  
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Not necessarily a new offering, but I like Trim Down. Boxing intervals with traditional and functional weight work. She is by herself, if that makes a difference to you. Low impact.
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favorite kcm, kcm, knee surgery

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