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Old 06-20-20, 08:01 PM  
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The FIRM Super Body Sculpt
KCM Cardio Pump
Core Secrets Training Camp
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Old 06-20-20, 08:24 PM  
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Originally Posted by bzar View Post
that's right - i forgot about that. RoFB just lacks the ab routine around 7 min. but i think you can do your own ab routine for 7 min.
Yeah, I have plenty of workouts with separate ab add ons I can use!
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Old 06-20-20, 08:52 PM  
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Originally Posted by Demeris View Post
Margaret Richards' Getting Better
This is a workout that never has any dread factor for me. Itís also one of my favorites :-)
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Old 06-20-20, 09:47 PM  
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Jessica Smith is probably my favorite, but it looks like you are doing those. I like her Get Strong dvd (ALOT) and the total body workout from the 1st Walk Strong set is a really good workout too.

I also LOVE the Push phase (2) from CLX, which is heavier weights and non-compound moves (like the Burn and Lean phases).
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Old 06-20-20, 10:56 PM  
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I like strength better than cardio, but some days I want something lighter. On those days my favorite is one of Jessica Smith's You Tube videos, Total Body Strength Back Friendly workout. It's around 21 minutes long. For me, it's effective with little dread.

Another one is the 17 Minute Total Body Timesaver on her Boost Metabolism dvd.
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Old 06-21-20, 12:58 AM  
Jane P.
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I like strength better than cardio as well. However, I don't like workouts that change between exercises too quickly. I like some set up time so I can get my weights ready, and really concentrate on the moves.

I like Cathe's upper body workouts (except for the million push-ups) but many of her lower body ones have too many pulsing movements or jumping around even when they claim to be low impact, so I often end up doing lower body exercises sans video.
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Old 06-21-20, 02:46 PM  
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Some of my favorite, no dread strength workouts:
  • MetRX strength workouts, phase one only. No repeat in exercises, but you have to go at your own pace. He's a little fast.
  • Nearly all of Jari Love's workouts
  • Cathe SuperSets and Push Pull
  • Cathe's 4DS strength workouts
  • Margaret Richard - anything

For me, no dread is about the following:
  • Length - my sweet spot is 45 minutes, but I've been known to go a little longer if the other points one the list are met
  • Music
  • Is the instructor likeable
  • Pace. Can't go too fast
  • Selection of exercises, to include whether they repeat an exercise too many times (3 sets of an exercise is just about my limit)
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Old 06-22-20, 05:46 AM  
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This is me also. I much prefer cardio to strength any day! For those days I’m really dreading (which is most lately ), I usually pick one of these:

KCM Workout #1 on Body Shop
KCM Pump part of Cardio Pump
Cathe Push Pull stopping at calves
Cathe Lean Legs & Abs (no Abs) or the Barre only portion
Cathe Original Boot Camp workout Upper Body premix (it’s only 10 minutes)
Cathe’s Basic Step Upper & Lower Body Add-one
Cathe LITE Body Weight & Bands
Cathe PHA 1 or 2 (one set of each exercise premix)
Kathy Smith Timesaver Lift Weights to Lose Weight
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Old 06-22-20, 08:05 AM  
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Location: Virginia
I like quite a few KCM workouts. I think as they are 30 minutes I can't really work up dread.

In the last month for some reason I have been picking up compilation DVDs with Kathy Smith Workouts. She has great form pointers and dread is about 0.

I picked up
*Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2 which has lower/upper/stability ball
*Super Slimdown which has Secrets to a Great Upper Body Workout, Secrets to a Great Lower Body Workouts and Peak Fat Burning
*Strong Sleek and Slim that has 80s workouts Weight Loss Workout, Ultimate Video Workout, and Ultimate Stomach and Thighs Workout

I will probably pick up a few more with the collage sale.

I also like Cathe fit tower workouts. They use bands and the fit tower and 0 dread for me.
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favorite kcm, favorite strength workout, no dread factor, strength workouts

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