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Originally Posted by TinaT View Post
I just watched ICE MTB again and maybe that would be worth trying. What is S&S PHA?

"There’s no time for downtime and in this workout we set out to prove it! In PHA Training you’ll alternate from lower body to upper body with very short rest periods between exercises. The goal is to maximize blood flow between the upper and lower body while the shortened rest periods keep your heart rate up for cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits! In this workout you’ll do two rounds of six different upper and lower body exercises with each round being repeated three times. Every muscle group gets its chance to push hard, recover and then push hard again. The results will speak for themselves!"

Remember how Firm Cardio (with Heidi) and Firm Strength (with Pam) were described using the phrase "peripheral heart action"? That's what this workout is like. Some people think it's repetitive, but I love it.

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Thanks Julie. I just added it to my WL at the exchange. This month is all about weights, but super heavy isn't doable anymore with my joints. The 2 Cathe and some of the Kelly really do appear to be what I want to be doing.

I have tons of FIRMS, but I also know I can burn out on them. I use them all the time and need to let the cool off once in a while. So hopefully a little of Kelly and Cathe will help with that.
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