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Old 02-07-22, 07:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
Linda, there is a music on/off option.
Thanks, Kim!
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Old 02-07-22, 09:28 PM  
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They sound good, now I wish I pre-ordered!
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Old 11-11-22, 01:10 PM  
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So I'm really late to the party here, but I finally bought KCM's PowerSplits since I've been trying to do heavier weights lately.

Um, so I can sum this up quite briefly: I did the lower body split with finisher on Tuesday and am still too sore today (Friday) to do anything other than light walking. Holy heck, what was I thinking? I used 20 lbs like KCM and had no idea that I'd still be this sore days later.

BUT I really did like how quick it was and I really enjoyed the music. I don't generally do slow and heavy, but I'm kind of leaning into it now.

I may get to the CardioFit next week (if I'm ever not sore again!).
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Old 11-15-22, 04:15 PM  
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There is something about Kelly's workouts that make me sore every time I do them! They must be super effective for me. I enjoy them, but don't stick with them long enough to look for results. I really should.
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Old 11-16-22, 12:08 AM  
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I still had the shrink wrap on Power Splits until the end of October when I decided I needed to try it. I've done the lower workout 4 times (?) and I've been sore each time. I just did it again this morning, using 25s for one set of squats and deadlifts, 25/15 for another, 15s for the rest, and I'm already very sore. (Hubs was using the 20s so I had to make do)

I was skeptical about the seated rows, afraid it might hurt my back, but so far so good.
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Old 11-16-22, 12:24 AM  
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Thank you for the reviews

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Old 11-16-22, 04:59 PM  
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I'm expecting one of these in a trade and I guess I'm looking forward to it as I had a dream I was telling Kelly how much I really like Lean Body Circuits.
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Old 11-24-22, 08:50 PM  
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I finally did the Hi/Lo and weights workout 2 on CardioFit -- absolutely loved it! I can't believe I initially wasn't interested in these. I mostly followed the low impact modications and I thought it was pretty creative and I was really sweaty at the end of 30 minutes. I also really liked the music and thought it all flowed really well.

I'm hoping to try the workout 1 (kickboxing and heavier dumbbells) soon. I'm really glad I picked up these workouts! I think they're some of her best.
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Old 11-27-22, 08:44 PM  
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I did the cardio only premix of CardioFit a few days ago because I'd done weights the day before and needed to give my muscles a break. The boxing and hi low chapters alternate, so there is just a little down time, but not long enough to bring down your heart rate. I had a nice, little sweat going. The next day, while doing a JS fusion workout, I realized my obliques were sore from Kelly's workout.

I'm still doing Power Splits twice a week and it hasn't gotten any easier.
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